What to Serve With French Toast: 20 Best Side Dishes

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What to Serve with French Toast

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If you ask me about what to serve with French toast, I’ll often tell you ‘bacon.’ But there are many other wonderful side dishes for French toast that you can try, and I’m going to take my time to list them out and discuss them in detail today.

From sweet fruits to salty sausage, maple syrup, scrambled eggs, peaches, caramelized bananas, fresh fruits, and orange julius, the possibilities are limitless. Because French toast is so adaptable, you can put anything from cheesy eggs and smoked salmon.

Now, let’s quickly learn about the best side dishes for French toast!

What to Serve With French Toast

French toast is an outstanding breakfast, and better yet, it’s a wonderful way to deplete stale bread.

Whether you utilize white, French, or sourdough, it’ll make excellent, sweet, and buttery French toast. And it’ll take you a little over 30 minutes to formulate.

And for a distinctive meal like this, you’ll want to combine it with the nicest breakfast side dishes ever. Let’s discuss them briefly. There’s a whole lot to look at.

1. Fried Bacon Strips

Who can refuse bacon in the morning? You? Cos, it’s definitely not me.

Your batch of French toast will get an even nicer taste with a bite of bacon on the side. Myself, I prefer thin and crisp bacon strips, but you can have yours solid and chewy as you prefer.

Finish your French toast off with bacon morsels for an additional crunch!

French toast and bacon is an enjoyable breakfast that no family member can ignore, not even your dog!

2. Roasted Red Peppers + Feta

The precise assortment of salty, savory, and sweet tastes of scorched red pepper and feta toast is certain to strike all of your taste buds, earning these toast toppings a spot among the very best of the crowd.

3. Maple Syrup

There’s a rationale behind why the syrup is the most prominent topping for French toast: it’s just too good to forgo!

So, prepare your morning distinctly sweet toast by sprinkling your syrup of preference over buttery French toast.

Go for standard maple syrup, or use buttermilk or chocolate for a pleasant twist. There are so many delicious syrup recipes out there, so be free to scout and be creative with them.

And for a healthful sweet taste, honey is your best bet.

4. Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are a breakfast tack, so why not fix up your French toast with a stack of scrambled eggs?

To render your eggs richer and more fluffy, whisk in a little milk. It’ll make them more creamy and soft for a totally enjoyable breakfast.

Put in some cheese and a bit of hot sauce to push things up a notch, so every taste will be delightful, spicy, and flavorful!

5. Fresh Fruit

Here’s a beneficial way to relish your French toast breakfast.

The addition of fresh fruits like grapes, orange slices, or melons is a delightful and invigorating way to begin your day.

A berry combination is always a flavorful treat, particularly with a little sliver of whipped cream. And strawberries and chocolate syrup will bring about a mouthwatering feast, too!

If you wish for something extra unique, try this easy yet delicious fruit salad recipe. It comprises peach pie filling to make it additionally sweet and extra juicy.

6. Goat Cheese + Strawberries

Goat cheese and strawberry salad is a cafeteria menu item, and the great news is it’s even as good on toast, if not the best.

You can chop fresh strawberries or take it to an additional step and whip up a fast batch of Strawberry Chia Seed Jam for this confectionary and savory mix.

7. Caramelized Bananas

Nothing is more easygoing with a taste of French toast than these amazing caramelized bananas. They’re delicate, sweet, and jam-packed with wonderful flavor.

And they’re really simple to prepare too!

For sure, when you’re in a hurry, raw bananas are an excellent nutritious delicacy to put into your French toast.

Slice and put them on top of your toast, or relish one on the side.

Also, if your day is going to belong, bananas are replenishing enough to retain your hunger right up until lunch.

8. Grilled Peaches

Nothing spotlights their taste more than a short spin on the grill.

They go flawlessly with various desserts, and they’re the perfect sweet and tangy topping for your French toast!

Elegant, caramelized, or barbecued peaches have a surprising taste.

Simply put them at the top of your French toast, or go the additional mile by preparing baked peach French toast casserole.

9. Almond Butter + Banana + Cinnamon

These toast toppings are a distinctive assortment, but the improvement of cinnamon helps to heighten this combo by putting in a whiff of natural sweetness without amplifying any sugar.

10. Sausage Links

If you love flavorful breakfasts, then this delicious combo is for you! Taking sausage links with your French toast is certain to get you prepared for the day ahead.

And if you prepare them in the Air Fryer, they’ll be handy in a matter of minutes!

You can also have French toast and sausage links with fluffy scrambled eggs for a greater and more satisfying breakfast!

11. Strawberry Yogurt

Use strawberry yogurt for a really sharp and active improvement to your French toast breakfast! Just a few spoonfuls on your toast, and you’ve readied an outstanding dish.

You can also take yogurt on the side or prepare it into a French toast sandwich with some green strawberries.

12. Smoked Salmon

Yearning for seafood for your breakfast? Relish your French toast with some smoked salmon! Imagine this to be a French toast edition of a bagel with lox.

To prepare it, you’ll have to bake your French toast in your oven. This provides it a more substantial and less humid composition but with the same delightful taste.

You can even put in some cream cheese and larks or a few large pieces of tomato for additional flavor.

13. Avocado + Nutritional Yeast + Chilies

If you haven’t tried nutritional yeast, this is the means to do it.

Although it might come off as a little unusual, nourishing yeast has a customary cheesy flavor and provides a natural avocado toast with a slight umami taste.

Finish it up with a dash of chilis for a little heat and a pinch of sea salt to assist in tying it all together.

14. French Toast Eggs Benedict

French toast eggs benedict is the precise weekend breakfast.

You’ll have the traditional elements of ham or bacon, poached egg, cheese, and hollandaise relish. And the basis? French toast!

This might require a little more time than the other alternatives on this list, but it’s certainly worth waking up early for.

15. Granola

Smooth and buttery French toast is delightful, but it’s always nicer with a bit more composition.

Granola will provide any breakfast an additional satisfying crunch. If you happen not to have much time, you can just drizzle the combination on your French toast.

And if you wish for an additional kick, try preparing a granola-crusted toast for an excellent combination of salty and sweet!

16. Tahini + Honey

If you’ve never attempted tahini with honey, then you are in for pleasant amazement.

Although tahini is entirely savory on its own, when mixed with a sprinkle of honey, it puts on a whole new flavor, identical to salted caramel, rendering this toast topping the true sweet treat.

17. Powdered Sugar

Craving for a restaurant-style French toast? Just put a generous dash of powdered sugar!

This is precise if you want a particularly sweet morning, and agree or not; you can prepare your own with a blender, a little bit of white sugar, and cornstarch.

This is an outstanding improvement to French toast that’s finished with fruit!

If plain powdered sugar is too simple, why not get yours a spin and put some freeze-dried fruit? Not only will it savor extraordinarily, but it’ll look impressive too!

18. Peanut Butter

If you have peanut butter fans around you, they’ll certainly adore this French toast!

You can get imaginative with French toast and peanut butter, as well.

For instance, change it into a sandwich with some chopped bananas, or prepare a peanut butter frosting as a syrup alternative.

You can even select French toast sticks and have them with peanut butter.

Simply delicious.

19. Dalgona Coffee

No matter what you’re taking with your tasty French toast, a gulp of coffee in between those tasty nibbles is just what the doctor ruled.

And if you actually want to do that, use the Dalgona coffee. You’ll be surprised at just how simple it is!

In fact, it utilizes just four elements, one of which is instant coffee! And yes, any coffee recipe will achieve the same result. So, make whatever will attract a smile to your face, my dear, do it.

Just do it!

20. Orange Julius

While a stimulating glass of orange juice is ever yummy, you have to utilize this Orange Julius recipe if you want to pamper the kids.

It’s thick, creamy, and satisfactory for Sunday Brunch with French toast.

And if you want to be slightly sneaky, blend in some carrot beverage to get a serving of veggies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to have French toast as dinner?

Absolutely, yes! You can have French toast for dinner.

What goes with peach French toast?

You can use mascarpone cheese, whipped cream, or granola with French toast.

How do you make French toast like a diner?

  • Duck the Bread in Egg Mixture.
  • Ready your Skillet or Griddle.
  • Cook Until Golden Brown.
  • Serve the French Toast.

How do you make French toast not soggy?

Your mixture should be more eggy than milky.

Why is my French toast eggy?

The egg whites comprise sulfur compounds that deliver the eggy taste.


From delightful delicacies to savory bits, start your morning on a delightful note with these French toast sides. Many are striking, others are distinctive, but they’re all delicious.

With the above-listed sides, I can assure you that what to serve with French toast will never be a problem for you again. Save this post and check back later when situations demand it.

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