What Does Curry Chicken Taste Like?

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What Does Curry Chicken Taste Like?

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Curry chicken is a dish that originated from India. It is very common in countries like Britain, South Asia, the Caribbean and of course, India. But what does curry chicken taste like?

Curry chicken has an earthy, rich and unique flavor. A typical curry dish consists of chicken stewed in an onion and tomato sauce. It is usually flavored with ginger, garlic, chilli pepper and tomato puree.

Outside Asia, chicken curry is made with powder, a pre-made mixture of spices. Curry chicken should not be mistaken for chicken curry, and curry chicken consists of large chicken pieces. In contrast, curry chicken contains smaller chicken with vegetables, onions and peppers.

Can You Make Your Own Curry Chicken?

Yes, homemade curry chicken is the best curry chicken you can ever have.


Firstly, cut your chicken pieces in small sizes, toss the chicken pieces in a couple of spices, then fry. Once the chicken is fried, add a couple of herbs or curry powder to add the epic flavour before adding any other ingredients.

This step is necessary for achieving a great curry sauce. Lastly, add your tomato puree and coconut milk or cream to a thicker texture.

You can taste the meal to ensure that the ingredients are balanced; you can re-add your seasonings if you feel the taste does not satisfy you.

After all these, you’re done, and you can serve it over plain white rice or garlic butter rice.

What Does Curry Chicken Taste Like?

With all the spices and seasonings, curry chicken has an earthy, rich and unique flavor. You can always adjust the heat level by adding more or less curry powder or chilli to satisfy your taste buds.

How Do I Thicken a Curry?

You can thicken your curry by adding a combination of tomato puree with milk/cream until it reaches your desired thickness.

You can also reduce it by adding a few spoons of cornstarch slurry or tomato paste. It all depends on which of them you have available.

What Can I Put in My Curry Chicken?

All you’ll be needing for a tasty curry chicken dish are the following ingredients:

1. Chicken

Chicken is the major ingredient for any curry chicken dish. You can either use chicken thighs or breast pieces.

For sauces, you should use chicken thighs as they provide a richer flavour and if you decide to use chicken breast, simmer for a shorter time.

2. Fresh Aromatics

For a fresh and rich aroma, you should consider ginger, onion and garlic.

3. Spices

What is a curry chicken without curry spice! The major spices to give your dish a spectacular taste are ground curry spice, garam masala, ground cumin and turmeric.

If you don’t have any turmeric in your kitchen, you should use double the amount of curry you already used to compensate for it.

4. Coconut Milk or Cream

If you want to prepare a sauce with a thick texture, you should use coconut milk or cream to give your dish the best texture.

5. Fresh Herbs

If you want to add a little color and healthy condiment to your soup or stew, you should consider adding fresh herbs such as parsley and chopped cilantro to garnish it at the end.


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