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What Does Turmeric Taste Like?

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Wondering what does turmeric taste like?

Does turmeric taste like curry? Or is turmeric spicy?

Well, here is what you should know:  

Even though they are useful herbs used in various delicious meals and are appreciated for their incredible health benefits, it doesn’t taste very good at all. I doubt if anyone would ever want to eat it raw because of its pungent taste. Turmeric has a bitter, earthy-sweet taste.

Even If you have never tasted Turmeric raw, I bet you’ve unintentionally eaten a turmeric recipe or sack, and it sure tastes spicy. And that’s true if you’ve eaten pickles, mustard, or any Indian curries.

Still curious?

Read on to find out more about this interesting herb.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is an ancient golden-hued flavorsome spice that comes from the long roots of Curcuma longa. It is a flowering plant that belongs to a Ginger family, Zingiberaceae.

Turmeric is also known as “Haldi” or “Saffron” due to its color. And speaking of colors, the roots have tough brown skin with orange flesh.

When Turmeric is raw, its roots look like fresh, knobby skin, paper ginger, and orange fleshy, compared to the electric yellow of the dry spice. It is vigorous and will quickly stain anything that comes in contact with it.

This multi-beneficial spice serves as different things. Although their best use is in medicine – as it’s one of Chinese most treasured plants used in their medicines and Ayurvedic over 4000 years.

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What Does Turmeric Taste Like?

What Does Turmeric Taste Like

When it comes to taste, turmeric is not funny. It has a bitter, peppery, warm taste.

Because of its PUNGENT and BITTER taste, it is not always taken as raw –you need something to add on for a better taste. A lot of people (even avid cooks and well-recognized chefs) do this.

Turmeric root is very grievous but has an unusual citrus flavor compared to the powder form.

Turmeric powder is even 5X MORE bitter than its root. Therefore, it is commonly combined with other intense flavors; otherwise, Turmeric would be overwhelming.

Since fresh Turmeric is less potent than powdered Turmeric, if you ever decide to use fresh Turmeric instead of the powdered form, you will need to use it about four times in that recipe to achieve the same result.

However, Turmeric is mostly sold in powder form in grocery stores. And there is a different taste and texture of turmeric roots.

But funnily enough, this bitter, peppery, warm spicy has a mild, delicious taste on the other hand. When using powder, it is impossible to notice the texture unless you are using a large quantity, but it is gritty in some way.

Does Turmeric Taste Like Curry?

Turmeric and curry are entirely different things. Although powdered curry contains turmeric along with other spices. In fact, they are the major ingredient in curry making due to their color. I guess you can see the taste synergy.

Furthermore, it gives the curry a yellowish color with good taste.

Turmeric is also used to make turmeric coffee or turmeric tea and so many other things, as it contains such properties that help fight against some health issues.

The yellow part of Turmeric called “curcumin” is what gives color to your food.

And Turmeric is compulsorily added to almost all Indian and Middle Eastern dishes –where it has been called ‘Indian Saffron’ and ‘The Golden Spice.’ And often praised for its long history of medicinal uses.

What Is The Best Way To Take Turmeric?

Turmeric is one of the highest versatile spices –if not the most out there – that can be added to a wide range of meals.

You can add turmeric into spice mixtures such as curry or barbecue rub. Almost all curries use Turmeric because they contribute this heart warmth and firmness to it.

They are also ideal with other seasonings for salad dressing using part oil, part vinegar. This gives the dressing a significant boost and enhances the taste of the vegetables and any fats added to the salad.

I’d recommend dressing turmeric with orange works well. The sweetness of the orange juice will help suppress the bitterness.

You can sprinkle them on desserts also; change up marinades, golden latte, scrambled tofu, and curries.

Starting your day with Turmeric in your tofu is fantastic, as it adds a nice color, as well as a pleasant warmth. To make it a versatile breakfast, add the shredded tofu with all sorts of sides and accompaniments.

WARNING! Turmeric can be very bitter, so be mindful of its usage.

Aside from meals, Turmeric is a supplement in powder-containing capsules, extracts, fluids, and tinctures. 


Now you know what does turmeric taste like and some of the meals to use them with.

But have you ever asked yourself, “what’s the most effective way to take turmeric?”

Well, it’s in liquid shot form or when blended in a drink or smoothie.

The reason for this is because when you take any vitamin or supplement in a solid form, be it tablet or food; the body needs to break down the solids before the properties of the active ingredient would be absorbed.

This is why any liquid intake is preferable as the nutrients can be absorbed more QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY into the body.

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