What Does Accent Seasoning Taste Like?

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What Is Similar To Accent Seasoning

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What does accent seasoning taste like?

If you’re acquainted with Oriental cooking or watching your sodium intake, accent seasoning is one condiment you must have been using. 

And how it adds flavor to our meals is something we don’t understand because it doesn’t have a distinctive taste of its own. It remains odorless with a broth-like or slight salty taste when placed on the tongue itself. 

However, it doesn’t change the taste of food. Instead, it adds a rich mouthfeel designated “umami,” or the fifth taste.

They are confusing condiments with a weird taste that remains locked away in the culinary box.

What Is Accent Seasoning?

Accent seasoning is a famous flavor enhancer that adds depth to food flavor. It resembles salt or sugar — a fine white crystal substance that adds umami in savory dishes. 

For most chefs, this OPTIONAL seasoning has been a secret ingredient for awakening the flavors in our food. 

I called it optional because in the States, it’s not regarded as a favored seasoning or enhancer; and many people are allergic to it. Other than that, they are also called Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). 

MSG was produced from an amino acid (glutamic acid) that naturally occurs in cheese, tomatoes, and many foods. 

And it is worth noting that MSG does NOT contain gluten, although “glutamate” may sound like it. 

Is MSG Unhealthy?

What Does Accent Seasoning Taste Like

There is this misconception that MSG is unhealthy for your system.

But according to the FDA and other expert organizations, MSG is safe in moderation. They are one of the most widely used food additives.

Besides being a flavor enhancer, MSG has been associated with various forms of toxicity. And excessive use of it can be health threatening. 

You may start having mild symptoms like flushing, headache, tingling, palpitations, and drowsiness if you are sensitive. 

Additionally, MSG has been linked with metabolic disorders, obesity, Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, detrimental effects on the reproductive organs, and neurotoxic effects. 

What Is Similar To Accent Seasoning?

Of course, you could leave the MSG out and not replace it with anything in your meal. But the closest thing to accent seasoning that wakes up food flavor is sea salt and seasonings. Salt does a fantastic job of adding flavors that fits all recipe without any awkward taste. 

Others may include sulfuric Indian black salt, Kosher salt, and Korean bamboo salt, which are all excellent substitutes for accent spice.

Conclusion: What Does Accent Seasoning Taste Like?

Now we know what accent seasoning tastes like: that when it comes to taste, you can’t point out anything distinctive. 

However, accent seasoning is believed to enhance the flavor of our meals — at least that’s EXACTLY why the product is used in most homes and restaurants.

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