Is Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

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Is Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian

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Mozzarella is certainly the most popular cheese you can get out there, but is Mozzarella cheese vegetarian?

No, traditional mozzarella cheese is not vegetarian as it is made with rennet, an enzyme gotten from the stomach of calf. But it also depends on the kind of vegetarian you are.

Most people who say they are “vegetarian” eats non-meat animal products, such as eggs and dairy. So, if you’re that kind of vegetarian, you can eat mozzarella cheese.

That said, most modern types of mozzarella cheeses out there are vegetarian because they are made with microbial rennet. Always look at the ingredient list to know what type of rennet was used.

Mozzarella cheese is also not vegan as it contains milk. There are also many vegan cheeses that are almost but not exactly like mozzarella cheese.

What is Mozzarella Cheese?

As it is with making traditional cheese, they have distinct elements and the procedures of production highly differs. The only differing factor in Mozzarella is that it is made from the Italian water buffalo milk.

It is usually white, though that color depends largely on the particular nourishment of the animals. Nonetheless, almost all Mozzarella you’ll ever find is white.

For the sake of emphasis, we would like to note again, that cheese is widely popular all over the world and all over the country, and are sold both in fresh slabs and in scraped cheese bags.

The big slabs are typically used for salads or related foods, while the scraped on the other hand, can be used for a lot of purposes. Pizzas or nachos normally use the scraped kind.

What is Mozzarella Cheese Made Of?

The ingredients are quite a number. To make mozzarella cheese, you’ll need:

  • Citric acid
  • 1 gallon of pasteurized whole milk
  • Liquid rennet
  • Cheese salt or kosher salt
  • A large stockpot
  • Cooking thermometer
  • Long knife (really long)
  • A wooden spoon
  • Rubber gloves (this one is optional, for stretching the cheese)
  • Small fine mesh strainer or microwavable bowl
  • Bowl of ice water

Is Mozzarella Cheese Vegetarian?

Dairy mozzarella cheeses may or may not be vegetarian as rennet is there. You want to look for microbial rennet as the ingredient. Traditional rennet comes from the stomach of cow, so it won’t be vegetarian.

The term “Vegetarian” is simply a term used to describe a diet that prohibits eating animal flesh. It means that vegetarians cannot, under any circumstance, have any foods that is made of animals.

But then, they can eat products made from animals, like the eggs or dairy products, but not exactly the animal. So is Mozzarella vegetarian?

We’re glad to state that Mozzarella is totally vegetarian because it is not made with any animal flesh whatsoever.

It comprises mainly of the Italian buffalo milk, which is actually 100% vegetarian.

To put it more plainly, a non-vegetarian Mozzarella is not even possible because the commodity is Traditional Specialties Guaranteed certified.

This means that the ingredients and method of preparation cannot be changed under any circumstance. Otherwise, it is simply not Mozzarella.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mozzarella cheese contain rennet?

Mozzarella uses animal rennet, a substance that is gotten from the stomach lining of young animals that have not yet gone through weaning.

Is Indian Mozzarella cheese vegetarian?

Animal-derived rennet is never used in making the Indian mozzarella cheese, that makes it pure vegetarian.

Is go cheese vegetarian?


It is fully vegetarian and made from 100% cow’s milk.

Is mozzarella a cow?

This question is kinda funny though.

It is not a cow! It is just made from cow’s milk.

Nonetheless, it can as well be made from a combination of milk from other animals such as cows and goats.

Is mozzarella cheese healthy?

Certainly. It is a kind of cheese that is relatively low in fat and calories.

That makes it a healthy cheese option compared to the other kinds.


How is Mozzarella vegetarian? Because when it is viewed as the kind of cheese that it is, you’ll realize that it is a non-vegan food by definition. Because cheese is a dairy product.

You cannot make any cheese without dairy, if contrarily, then it is not cheese. So it is a really bad idea for a vegan to take the Mozzarella cheese.

But vegetarians, on the other hand, can very much eat the Mozzarella Cheese. It might have dairy as its basic ingredient, but that’s entirely a vegetarian product.

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