Can You Put Cardboard in The Oven?

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Why You Should Not Put Cardboard in The Oven

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You might want to eat a delicious pizza, so you put it in the oven and walk away. A few minutes later, you realized you forgot to take the cardboard off the bottom, but can you microwave your pizza with the cardboard? Can you put cardboard in the oven?

No, do not put cardboard in the oven to be on the safer side. Cardboard has a very high ignition point of 427 degrees, so theoretically, it won’t ignite if the cardboard stays under this temperature.

However, there’s still a chance it would catch fire depending on the type of oven you are using.

Why You Should Not Put Cardboard in The Oven

Can You Put Cardboard in The Oven

1. Threats of spontaneous combustion

Sadly, cardboard can catch on fire if it gets to 427 degrees. Most pizzas bake for about 425 degrees, and the two degrees margin is way too close for comfort. The type of oven you have can significantly increase or decrease the chance of your cardboard catching on fire.

If you’re making use of an older oven, the risks are higher than if you’re using a newer model because the heating elements in those old ones are more exposed to the inside of the oven.

2. Slows down cooking time

Leaving your cardboard on the bottom of your pizza or whatever food you’re microwaving can slow down the cooking time and also keep the bottom of your pizza from getting nice and crispy.

3. It makes your food taste weird

Even if you’re cardboard doesn’t wholly catch fire, it can still start to give out smokes and fumes. These fumes can leave an awful taste on your food as well as make your oven and kitchen smell.

What to Use Instead of Cardboard

We have a few things you can use at the bottom of whatever food you want to microwave, instead of cardboard, to keep you safer and not change your food taste as cardboard would.

Cookie sheets

The best way to replace the cardboard you put under your pizza is to replace it with a cookie sheet. The bottom will heat up eventually to cook and crisp the bottom of the pizza.

Not only for pizza, but it’s also an excellent option for frozen food like casseroles and chicken nuggets. No threat of fire and excellent crispy food. It’s a win-win situation.

Casserole Dish

If you do not have a flat cookie sheet to use, the casserole dish or baking pan is the next best option. This is not big enough to fit your pizza into, but it’s good for baking other types of frozen foods.

Aluminum Foil

You can wrap the rack in aluminum foil if you have aluminum foil and nothing else to pot your pizza on. Before preheating the oven, please take out the racks and wrap them in aluminum foil.

This is a great and cheaper alternative to cookie sheets and casserole dishes which helps bake without allowing any stuff to drip into the oven.

Pizza Block

You can put three specially made ceramic sheets directly into the oven to bake your pizza on. They help to prevent cheese from dripping into the oven, and they also make the pizza crust nice and crispy.

Directly on The Rack

There are some foods which you can bake directly on the rack. If your food comes with an oven-safe container, then you can put it directly on the rack.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Temperature Can You Put Cardboard In The Oven?

Cardboard doesn’t catch fire until it reaches over 400 degrees. But to be safe, keep your temperature within the range of 160-170 degrees, but if you want to crank it up a little bit more, it is okay.

Is It Okay To Put A Pizza Box in The Oven?

You should generally avoid putting pizza boxes or other boxes into the oven. There is a chance the box will catch fire. If you are cooking a frozen pizza, ensure to also remove all plastic packaging because the plastic might melt, leaving your pizza inedible.

Can You Put A Pizza In The Oven By Itself?

Pizza should be cooked directly on the rack if it’s frozen or with a pre-made crust or a cooked pizza that you’re just reheating. Raw pizza dough shouldn’t go directly into the oven because it will fall through the gaps leaving a mess.

Can You Put Cardboard in An Electric Oven?

It’s not advisable to use cardboard as a wrapping for any food you’ll be putting in a microwave. Even if it’s said that cardboard could only ignite when it is about 400+ degrees, spontaneous combustion is possible.

What can I do if I don’t have a pizza pan?

Not to worry, there are other safe alternatives you can use as a frying pan, a heat-resistant chopping board, a serving platter, a rimless cookie sheet, and a rimmed baking sheet. You can use others to build your pizza pan out of parchment paper.

Conclusion: Can You Put Cardboard in The Oven?

It’s best to avoid putting any cardboard in the oven. Even at your oven’s lowest temperature, there’s a chance of spontaneous combustion or fire from putting cardboard in the oven.

If you choose to leave the cardboard on the bottom of your pizza or any other food, use the alternatives listed instead, it will reduce your risk of fire and make your food cook better.

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