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What Is Clean Cut Pizza?

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How to slice your pizza is one of the few arguments pizza lovers have; the slices can be square-cut, double-cut, or even no-cut. A recent addition to the list is the clean-cut pizza. However, this has nothing to do with how a pizza is cut. So, what is clean cut pizza?

For a clean-cut, the chef has to clean the pizza cutter or use a new one to cut the pizza. This is especially useful for those with hygienic concerns, and the practice has become quite popular.

Choosing a clean-cut pizza also means your pizza wouldn’t get any extra toppings, aside from what you ordered.

What Is Clean Cut Pizza | Why Should You Choose One?

We have already explained what a clean cut pizza is; let’s now look at why some people might choose a clean cut pizza.

Basically, some people may consider this an unnecessary request or being overly concerned with food, but there are a few reasons why some people ask for a clean cut pizza, and they are worth the extra step:

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1. Allergies

People with food allergies cannot risk having their meal being contaminated with triggering ingredients and transmitting allergens into an allergen-free pizza; this poses a lot of risk for them.

Ordering a clean-cut pizza is a great way people use to ensure allergens such as meat, nuts, cheese, or other ingredients from one pizza aren’t transferred to the next.

Some people suffer severe and adverse reactions to certain foods, and they are placed at risk when they consume them.

People with allergies opt for clean-cut pizza in order to avoid any cross-contamination. The pizza cutter is usually used to cut a variety of pies, some of which carry seafood or gluten-containing toppings.

2. Diet Restrictions And Ingredient Concerns

Vegans, vegetarians, or people who prefer dishes made entirely of veggies will not want even the tiniest trace of meat or fat in their food and will request a clean-cut pizza.

This is also a case of avoiding cross-contamination because the pizza cutter may have been used on many other pizzas made with dairy products or with meat toppings.

3. Religious Reasons

People without food allergies or following a strict diet may also order a clean-cut pizza due to religious reasons. Certain religions or cultures avoid the consumption of meat or specific types of meat.

People who practice such religions or cultures adhere to such restrictions as a crucial part of living a spiritual life.

For example, people who practice Buddhism do not consume meat in general, Jews and Muslims do not eat pork, and Jain does not consume root vegetables, honey, or other foods.

Although no particular threat to health, adhering to the clean-cut pizza request of such persons, i.e., cleaning the pizza cutter before cutting the pizza, to ensure anything related to the forbidden food does not come in contact with the food, is a sign of respect.

It ensures that the pizza adheres to the practice of such people.

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Types Of Pizza Cut

What Is Clean Cut Pizza

Aside from a clean-cut, there are other types of ways a pizza is cut, there are;

1. The Normal Cut

This is the most common cut for round pizzas. The pizza is simply sliced into wedges starting from the center.

The number of slices generated with this cut depends on the diameter of the pie. The bigger it is, the larger each slice will be, which can further be cut into more slices.

You can also request your normal cut pizza to be clean-cut too.

2. The Square Cut

Pizzas that have been baked in rectangular dishes like the Sicilian pizza is often sliced using the square cut method. They are cut into either squares or long rectangles for serving.

Although it’s also possible to slice round pizzas using the square cut, it’s not common, and your order will definitely stand out in your pizzeria if you make such a request. You can also ask for a clean cut too.

The square cut is usually employed by catering firms when preparing finger food for buffets. They are able to cut a large round pizza into smaller, manageable pieces with this method, and it will be easier for guests to eat while they’re standing and chatting.

3. The No-Cut

The “no cut” pizza is exactly what it sounds like – you receive your pizza whole, and it’s not cut by the restaurant at all. This is a good choice for a couple of reasons.

The first is for similar reasons as to why someone would order a clean-cut pizza.

People with severe food allergies, diet restrictions, or religious concerns may avoid certain food. A way to ensure there isn’t any cross-contamination of such allergens into your food is to request a no-cut pizza.

You can also opt for a no-cut pizza if you intend to create your own cuts! Certain situations like catering for a toddler’s birthday party might require you to create unique shapes, and a no-cut pizza gives you that opportunity so you can get creative with cookie cutters or even a knife!

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