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Can You Microwave Frozen Pizza? (If Yes, How?)

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But can you microwave frozen pizza? Yes, you can. The trick here is to microwave the pizza in a particular way. We’re going to discuss the process shortly.

The most significant advantage of cooking anything with a microwave is that it saves time. However, there is always the fear that microwaving frozen pizza could lead to dry or soggy pizza, which does not taste very good.

Perhaps your oven is at fault, or maybe it is the summer, and you do not want the oven heating the entire house, so you opt for microwaving the frozen pizza, do not fret.

Can You Microwave Frozen Pizza?

Yes, you can microwave frozen pizza. However, it’s generally not advisable to microwave frozen pizza.

The cold in the pizza will heat up and create moisture, making your pizza soggy. You should note that the microwave is not the ideal method for cooking frozen pizza.

When you use a microwave for cooking your frozen pizza, the consistency of the pizza may be uneven. So, it is always safer to use the oven to prepare frozen pizza.

How To Microwave Frozen Pizza

Can You Microwave Frozen Pizza

When purchasing frozen pizza, we suggest that you buy ones that are microwave friendly. That way, you can easily throw it into the microwave and watch it cook nicely.

It is not always safe to use a microwave to cook a regular frozen pizza. However, you will get a delicious pizza if you follow my guide.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Microwave friendly dish
  2. microwave crisper pans or just a frying pan
  3. Parchment paper


  1. Transfer your pizza to a microwave-friendly plate
  2. Place the parchment paper between the plate and the pizza to give support to the pizza. This enables the moisture to escape so that the bottom of the pizza does not get soggy.
  3. Make sure the microwave is on a high setting or a wattage of 1100
  4. Microwave for a few minutes until notice the cheese melting.
  5. Transfer the pizza into the crisper pan or the frying pan. If the microwave crisper pan, place pizza in it and leave for a few minutes before taking it out. If it is a frying pan, put the pizza in it and heat it over a stove.
  6. Repeat the two methods until your pizza gets crisply and crusty. 

How Long Do You Microwave Frozen Pizza?

Different sizes of pizza require different time settings. Here is the approximate time to microwave frozen pizza depending on their sizes:

  • 8–9-inch pizza: 4-6 minutes
  • Mini pizza: Microwave for 5-7 minutes
  • 10–11-inch pizza: Microwave for 5-7 minutes
  • 11–12-inch pizza: Microwave for 7-11 minutes
  • French bread or thick crust pizza: Microwave for 7-8 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microwaving Pizza Bad?

It is safe to microwave pizza as long as the pizza is still safe for eating. Microwaving pizza is a method of reheating your pizza.

And reheating your pizza would help in killing the bacteria present in the pizza. So, using a microwave or an oven, pan, or skillet to reheat your pizza is safe.

What Is The Best Method For Cooking Frozen Pizza?

The best way to cook your frozen pizza by using an oven; it is the safest and most viable method of cooking frozen pizza. Here is how to cook frozen pizza with an oven:

Set your oven rack to the center and preheat the oven to 450°F.
Place pizza on the rack without any packaging or baking sheet
Bake pizza for 15-20 minutes until you notice your pizza turning golden brown.

Should You Thaw Frozen Pizza Before Cooking?

Thaw frozen pizza before cooking is not a necessary step for cooking your pizza. Thawing the pizza will, however, enable it to cook faster and make it crustier and crispier. If cooked properly, the frozen pizza will come out ideally without thawing it.

How Long Can Frozen Pizza Stay In The Freezer?

The average time to store frozen pizza in the fridge before it starts to break down or spoil is about 18 months.

Frozen pizza differs, as they are made by different producers. However, the general rule is that frozen pizza can stay for about 18 months before breaking down.

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There are several reasons why you would want to microwave your frozen pizza instead of using an oven for cooking it.

Can you microwave frozen pizza? Yes, you can! The thing is that using a microwave could result in soggy or dried pizza.

Despite the microwaving pizza method, make sure to purchase frozen pizza that is microwave friendly. Some producers of pizza have made the job easier by making frozen pizza that can easily be microwaved.