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What Does Panang Curry Taste Like?

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Panang curry is one of the commonest Thai curries you can easily find in restaurants. It is quite tasty and looks so much like red curry. But what does Panang curry taste like?

Panang curry is arguably one of the sweetest Thai curries you’d ever taste. It is a little bit spicy, with notes of garlic and peanut flavor.

Some chefs even substitute red curry paste with Panang curry paste and then end up adding more chilies to the Panang dish to spice it up like a typical red curry.

There are many curries out there; each has a “paste” for making it, and their tastes slightly differ.

How is Panang Curry Made?

First things first, “Panang” curry is the same as “Penang” curry; so, whether it’s written as Panang or Penang, it’s the same thing.

Just as every other Thai (and Indian) curry, you need the Penang curry paste to prepare a Penang curry dish. It is the paste that makes your dish look like a typical Thai Penang curry.

Interestingly, the Panang curry paste can be easily found in local markets and online vegan stores. More so, if you wish, you can prepare a homemade Panang curry paste.

Most times, homemade pastes taste better because you’d take time to follow the processes duly, as well as use the right amount of ingredients.

To prepare a Penang curry dish, you must mix the paste with other ingredients specified in your recipe. The cooking process usually doesn’t take a long time.

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Ingredients for Making Penang Curry

The base ingredients for preparing Thai Penang curry include garlic, ginger, coconut milk, soy sauce or tamari, basil leaves, broccoli, red bell peppers, and raw or crushed peanuts.

What Does Panang Curry Taste Like?

What Does Panang Curry Taste Like

So, how actually does Penang curry taste? It tastes “sweet.” Yes, Penang curries are typically sweeter than other types of Thai curries because peanuts are included. Peanuts make the curry taste great with notes of garlic and ginger.

However, depending on how the Penang curry is made – and who is tasting it – not everyone gets the same taste as they eat a Panang curry.

More so, if the cook added more red chilies, the Penang curry might just be as spicy as the red curry.

Well, Panang curries are mild with enchanting flavors due to the aromatic ingredients used.

How Long Does It Take To Prepare Penang Curry?

If you’re asking about the paste, it takes approximately 15 minutes to prepare Penang curry paste.

To make a Panang dish would take up to 20 minutes if you bought the paste from the market. In contrast, if you’re going to use a homemade paste, that’s an additional 15 – 20 minutes.

In case you couldn’t find the Panang curry paste in the market, you could get red curry paste as a substitute or even yellow curry paste (if you’re not particularly concerned about the color/appearance of your curry dish).

A closely related curry dish to check out as a substitute to Penang curry dishes is the massaman curry.