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What Does Yellow Curry Taste Like?

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Almost everyone who has tasted curries says they are sweet, tasty, spicy, and all of that. But how do these popular curies taste individually? What does yellow curry taste like?

Yellow curries typically have a rich turmeric taste. But the final taste depends on the ingredients used and the quantity.

Thai curries are among the common types you’d find in restaurants and eateries, with the most popular ones being red curry, yellow curry, and green curry.

Mostly, when you ask about the difference between red curry, yellow curry, and green curry, people would respond by saying that red curry is the spiciest, while yellow and green curries are mild and tastier.

How is Yellow Curry Made?

How you make your yellow curry is what determines the taste you’d get. Basically, yellow curry paste is made with lots of turmerics, coconut milk, and several other aromatic ingredients.

Typically, yellow curries are made with more spices than any other known Thai curry, including the popular red and green curries.

Well, even though it appears like yellow curry is made with more ingredients, it is not the sweetest. But it does taste good.

Ingredients for Preparing Thai Yellow Curry

Yellow chilies, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, turmeric, garlic, bay leaf, salt, lemongrass, ginger, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon. These are the base ingredients you’d find on any online yellow curry recipe.

What Does Yellow Curry Taste Like?

What Does Yellow Curry Taste Like

Truth be told, there is no definitive word to use for yellow curry taste. Firstly, the final taste depends on the ingredients used and the quantity. But, regardless, yellow curries typically have a rich turmeric taste.

While eating yellow curry dishes, you’d likely taste all the ingredients, including the coconut milk. Yellow chilies are used to improve the flavor profile and make the dish a little spicy but not as spicy as red curries.

More so, some chefs use powdered chilies to prepare yellow curry dishes so as not to make the dish as hot as red or green curries.

Apparently, most people that eat yellow curries do so because they do not like hot dishes. Yellow curry is milder than Thai’s green and red curries and Indian’s massaman and Penang curries.

How Did Yellow Curry Get Its Color?

The yellowish appearance of Thai’s yellow curry is due to the many spices used to make the yellow curry paste, including turmeric and yellow peppers.

Actually, all Thai curries get their name and color from the type of “chilies” used in preparing their pastes.

Thus, yellow curries are made with yellow chilies, red curries are made with red chilies, and green chilies are made with green chilies. Notwithstanding, you can substitute either of these curries for another.

Mainly, the base ingredients used in making Thai curries are the same, except for few spices which are introduced to change the curry’s color or make it spicier (hotter).

It takes 15 – 20 minutes to prepare yellow curry paste and additional 10 minutes to make a yellow curry dish using the paste. However, you can buy the paste from the market (or online) and go straight to making your yellow curry dish quicker.