What Does Irn Bru Taste Like? (Explained)

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Irn Bru, uttered as “Iron Brew,” comes from Scotland’s national drink – Irn-Bru, signifying Iron Brew. The remarkable taste of the drink has been cherished for many generations, with a devoted following all over the globe. But many can’t place it, though, it’s a general wonder, what does irn bru taste like?

Despite gulping gallons of the substance every other week, even Scots debate to concur on what Irn-Bru really tastes like.

Some define it as liquid bubblegum, others believe it savors more like banana extract, and others even feel that Irn bru tastes like a fruity Coke.

Let’s go further!

What Does Irn Bru Taste Like?

Irn bru is quite uncertain owing to its distinct flavor, audacious advertisement themes, and use of harmful food colorants.

Irn-Bru has an unusual taste that some cherish, and others can’t stand. The company utilizes a classified recipe comprising 32 flavors to prepare Irn-Bru.

Some say it brings to mind the taste of bubblegum or blackcurrant cordial combined with indications of citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit.

Of course, Irn Bru is very tasty when stirred with other soft drinks like root beer or ginger ale to give the taste a more intricate savor, and it’s a wonderful mixer for your dear whiskey.

Scientists and devotees alike have been trying for years to decide the actual flavor of Irn-Bru, glimpsing at the rafter in the expectation that it would uncover new findings.

Some indicate that it’s the explanation as to why BRU carries you through a hangover, and others assume that it’s the reason for its indefinable taste.

Old factory employees have alleged sightings of the girder extract gossiped to be the reason for the drink’s unique orange color, but no proof has ever been established. Irn Bru tastes like a hybrid of banana, orange, and bubblegum.

It also has a creaminess identical to a citrusy cream soda but with a slightly fierce vanilla flavor. Irn Bru is very acerbic with sharp undertones and a scarcely metallic and iron taste.

You possibly have never sipped any drink like Irn-Bru in your life and probably never will.

NOTE: Irn-Bru contains alcohol!

Nevertheless, the amount it has is so minor that it can be practically insignificant, meaning everyone, even the Muslim community, could go on with enjoying their Irn-Bru.

How to Drink Irn Bru

There are lots of ways to drink Irn Bru! You can stir it with your orange juice, ginger ale, any other carbonated beverage, or just ordinary water and relish the effervescent excellence.

The simplest way is to pour it into a glass containing ice, put some of your choice drink mixers and stir.

A more conventional means to relish your Irn Bru is to pour it over crunched ice in a peculiar highball glass.

Best Irn Bru Cocktails

While we are all inclined to concur on Irn Bru’s extraordinary, there may be situations when you want to be a little bold.

Luckily for you, you’re at the right place.

There are some wonderful cocktails you can prepare utilizing your favorite soft drink; Irn Bru.

I have outlined 5 for you and also highlighted some quick and easy ways to make them.

1. Iron Monkey

This cocktail has a genuine kick, even though some whisky purists will give you the evil eye.

Although the mixture may appear slightly odd, it is really very refreshing and lovely.

To make it, add one portion of whisky to a cup of ice and add it with two portions of Irn Bru.

It may not be a great suggestion to utilize a bottle of fifty-year-old Scotch in making this cocktail, but it can be a means to make an inexpensive bottle taste less intense and much more delightful.

2. Jaeger Irn Bomb

This remarkable blend is certainly a wonderful foil for the Irn Bru flavor. You know what foil means in this context, right?

This cocktail can be prepared into a bomb in a shot glass, or you could make it into a tall cocktail for the more swoon.

To prepare a bomb, add two slips of Jagermeister into a shot glass and strengthen it with a drop of Irn Bru.

Perth lightweights may choose to do this in a tall glass and add it with Irn Bru for a more moderate cocktail.

3. Spicy Bru

The delightful cinnamon flavor in the schnapps mixes flawlessly with the complicated zest of the Irn Bru.

This spicy flavor renders it an excellent cocktail for Christmas.

Combine two portions of Goldschlager with one portion of Irn Bru and take in a tall iced glass.

4. Tartan Trembler

This cocktail can certainly leave your knees shaking.

The assortment of the bitter flavors with delightful Irn Bru and a salty olive generates an elegant cocktail that tastes wonderful.

Add two portions of Scottish Whisky with three dips of Angostura bitters and ice in a cocktail shaker.

Twirl it well before pouring it into a cocktail glass and finishing up with Irn Bru. Decorate the glass with one olive.

5. Malibru

This cocktail has a savory Caribbean tinge, and the garnish gives it an even more fruity feel.

This cocktail is outstanding as a punch if you search for something to prepare in bigger amounts for a big party.

Stir together one portion of Malibu or coconut liqueur with one portion of Irn Bru. Adorn the glasses or punch bowl with elegant strawberry halves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Irn Bru High in Caffeine?

Irn Bru includes 2.69 mg of caffeine per fl oz (9.09 mg per 100 ml). A 330 ml can have a total of 30 mg of caffeine.

Does irn bru taste like metal?

Yes, it has a metallic aftertaste.

Does irn bru taste like Fanta?

Not at all. The taste is quite distinct from that of Fanta.

What flavors go with irn bru?

Flavors like lemonade or ginger ale will develop your distinctive soda.

Why is irn bru good for leftovers?

The sugar in full-fat Irn Bru will provide you with much-desired energy when you cannot catch up on any lost sleep. It will also assist you in feeling less jerky, with the fizz also helping to relieve your stomach.


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