Crème De Cacao Vs Kahlua: Key Differences

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Crème De Cacao Vs Kahlua



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Crème de cacao vs Kahlua, is there a difference?

Crème de Cacao and Kahlua are two completely different drinks.

They are made entirely in different ways; however, their ingredients and taste might be close.

Kahlua is a chocolate liqueur produced from a base of coffee and liquor, whereas Crème de Cacao is an orange-flavored liqueur based on vanilla.

While these two drinks might seem interchangeable, their differences say the opposite.

What Is Crème De Cacao?

Crème De Cacao is a dark brown alcoholic beverage made from the extracted cocoa beans of cacao trees, fermented and distilled.

Crème de cacao is one of the most versatile ingredients in mixology.

Because of its smooth and creamy texture, Crème de Cacao has been used for making a wide variety of cocktails, including:

  • White Russians
  • Chocolate Martinis
  • Alexander
  • Algonquin (with Rye Whiskey)

Crème de cacao has a flavor profile that mixes earthy cocoa with a sweet vanilla taste. This liqueur can be found in two varieties: white and brown.

The difference between the two is that the white variety uses a clear spirit as its base, allowing the natural color of cocoa beans to shine through.

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What Is Kahlua Liqueur?

Kahlua is a sweet, dark liqueur that adds a rich chocolate and vanilla taste with a hint of rum.

Its uses range from flavoring your coffee or cocktail to cooking up desserts.

Kahlua hails from Veracruz, Mexico.

It is made with the region’s Arabica coffee beans — meaning it is one of the best-tasting coffees out there.

It also contains rum, vanilla bean, and caramel for a sweet and deep taste that goes perfectly in almost any dessert.

Many people mix it with milk for a delicious Kahlua milkshake, but you could also try adding Kahlua to hot chocolate for boozy hot cocoa.

You can even use it as an ingredient in desserts like brownies or cakes!

Crème De Cacao Vs Kahlua: Their Differences

To find the best drink for you, it is essential to understand what makes Crème De Cacao and Kahlua different. Both are great, but they’re not created equal

We decided to take an in-depth look at two of the most popular products on the market, Crème De Cacao and Kahlua, and compare them to see which one is right for you.

The first difference between them is that they are made in different places. Kahlua comes from Mexico, while Crème De Cacao is produced in Cologne, Germany.

The Mexican product also has a coffee flavor that gives it an extra shot of caffeine (for those who need it), while the German product tastes like chocolate (for those of us who REALLY REALLY need it).

Next up, there are differences in how these drinks are served: Kahlua is typically done either neat or on the rocks (which means ice cubes are added), while Crème De Cacao is often mixed with other ingredients.

For example, Kahlua has been mixed with milk or cream occasionally (so if you have lactose intolerance, this might not be the best choice for you), while Crème De Cacao can be mixed with coffee to make a hot coffee drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Substitute For Crème De Cacao?

You might find it immensely challenging looking for a drink with the flavor of chocolate and vanilla-like crème de cacao substitute. But do not give up hope! There are a few substitutes that might fit your taste and bill. Some of which are:

  • Chocolate liqueur
  • Kahlua
  • Chocolate extract
  • Mozart Chocolate Spirit
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Baileys Chocolate Luxe

Can You Refrigerate Crème De Cacao?

YES, if you choose to. However, there are many different opinions about whether or not you should refrigerate certain liquors. And crème de cacao is no exception.

Crème de cacao does not need to be refrigerated because it contains sugar and food-grade alcohol, which work as natural preservatives. This means that the beverage can remain unspoiled for long periods at room temperature.

It is also important to note that crème de cacao contains a lot of alcohol, so it does not even need to be stored in a cool area—it can just be kept at room temperature.

Does Kahlua Taste Good Straight?

You bet your boozy butt it does. Kahlua tastes like a dessert in a bottle—a dessert that is also highly alcoholic.

So it is a win-win!

If you are not sure, do not just take our word for it. Try it at your next party. A shot glass of Kahlua and a shot glass of water should be all you need. Your friends will thank you.

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Is Kahlua Good For Diabetics?

Kahlua is not suitable for people with diabetes. While some people with diabetes have to give up their favorite drinks, Kahlua is one of the drinks they should avoid.

This is because Kahlua is made from coffee and sugar.

The recommended amount of sugar for people with diabetes is less than 40 grams per day, which means that a cup of Kahlua contains more than half of the recommended amount of sugar for a person with diabetes.

Suppose you want to enjoy the rich taste of Kahlua without the added sugar.

In that case, there are many alternatives, such as decaffeinated coffee liqueur or even sugar-free versions that use artificial sweeteners instead.


As you can see, there are many similarities between Crème De Cacao vs Kahlua. However, if we look at the ingredients and the flavor profile, I believe that Kahlua can come out ahead.

Even though both of these spirits are made from coffee, I think that Kahlua has a better chance of becoming more popular with the public as time goes on.

What do you think?

Do you think Crème De Cacao is better?

Share your thoughts below. However, both drinks are great and are interchangeable as far as I can tell.


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