What Does Camel Taste Like? (Camel Meat Overview!)

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What Does Camel Taste Like

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Camels are the only mammals that can live without water for over 15 days, and they have been tamed in several areas of the world for centuries. But is camel meat edible? In other words, can you eat camel meat? Exactly what does camel taste like?

Yes, you can eat camel meat! In fact, camel meat has an edge over lamb and beaf due to its nutritional qualities. And in terms of taste, camel meat has a similar taste to lean beef, but it can also taste gamey if the meat is from an old camel. Camel’s meat taste will generally depend on breed, age, and type of muscle consumed.

In today’s article, I’ll take you for a deep dive into what you should know about the camel meat, its taste, and how you can simmer it.

What is Camel?

what is camel

People have utilized camels for many diverse objectives everywhere in history, either ancient or modern.

Camels are a simple means to convey hefty weights on long trips over rugged terrain without providing for them during transport or worrying about having fresh water ready. The hump stocks up fat, which can help nurture the beast when food runs out.

A camel can consume anything from leaves of trees to stones if they need nourishment while wandering around their landscape in search of food.

Yet, in recent years camels have evolved to be a reasonable basis of food for countries that rely on oil extraction and have insufficient land areas for farming. They can deliver milk, meat, wool, and transport while still being peaceful in the surroundings like no other animal can ever do.

They have an easy-to-preserve protein basis with double the caloric quantity of beef and three times the caloric content correlated to poultry.

Can You Eat Camel Meat?

I’m willing to speculate that you probably haven’t ever been told of munching camels. However, people in the Mid-East acknowledge that it is an incredible treat and consider this meat tastier than beef steak, lamb chops, or chicken wings.

Some would even go as far as inferring it tastes nicer than pork bacon. Camel meat is a tack in many nations in North Africa, Southern Asia, and The Middle East.

In Saudi Arabia, camel meat has occasionally been deemed a treat located only at particular restaurants that give ‘Camel Meat Buffets’ on particular days throughout the year.

Dromedaries are utilized for these occasions as humans have long tamed them for their milk, wool, and other properties such as dung.

What Does Camel Taste Like?

Now, the big question. What does camel meat actually taste like?

First off, the camel is very delicious. I kid you not. It’s softer when the camel is killed at a young age and harder when the camel is aged.

Some explain that its taste is a cross between lamb and beef, but the taste will also depend on which camel meat slice is taken. The fatty mound or other portions. The flavor of camel meat is a little like beef but gamier. It’s also very thin, so it can be strong if not appropriately cooked.

As I said earlier, the flavor is identical to deer or lamb in both composition and impression, counting on the animal’s age when killed.

As with all kinds of red meats, the camel has an iron-like personality that some people see as off-putting; others believe it brings richness to dishes like stews where other ingredients are used for seasoning.

Generally, young camels will have slighter gamey seasonings than older animals because their diet comprises largely of grasses instead of grains.

Relying on the cut, camel meat can be simmered in different ways.

For instance, a ground camel can be utilized for making burgers or meatloaf and tacos and kebabs in which the meat is stirred with onions, garlic, and spices like cumin, chili powder, or curry before cooking.

Bones must also be discarded from any cuts that are to be toasted or grilled. They are inclined not to crack during the procedure because of their elevated calcium level.

Because of its thinness, camel should often be taken with condiments or other fatty elements. Camel’s gamier spice is often related to venison, but there are some major distinctions between the two kinds of meats.

Venison has a sharper taste and is drier than most other game meats, but camels have a delicate flavor that several people prefer for cooking with a collection of spices.

Camel milk is also dear to many, and it has existed for centuries.

In the Middle East in the early 11th century, camels were valued as stature symbols because they could generate large amounts of milk. It has a very delicate flavor and can be drunk in either hot or cold form.

These days, there are rare places where you can locate this unique kind of dairy commodity, but some still assert that it has a better taste than cow milk.

They explain that it’s smoother and sweeter without the acerbic aftertaste of conventional dairy commodities.

How to Cook Camel Meat

A lot of people do not know that camel meat is an outstanding basis of protein and that it has a delicate, savory flavor.

There are several ways to simmer camel meat, but they all possess one common quality: They should always be broiled gradually and carefully.

The first means to ready the meat is by searing it for 45 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit with salt and pepper, or until its inner temperature is 155 F (68 C).

It can also be charred on spikes if you want to run through vegetables as well. Ensure not to add too much oil when simmering them, though.

The next choice is grilling; you can locate a good, hot grill and simmer the meat for about 15 minutes on either side.

If you don’t have a large enough grill to arrange all of the camel meat at once, alternate it while cooking to be totally simmered through.

The third alternative is preparing kebabs by stringing chunks of camel onto metal beams or skewers. They will get done more promptly than if left unattended in an oven.

When barbecuing them, ensure that they are well-oiled with olive oil or other healthful fats before tossing them on the grill.

Then twirl them from time to time till both sides get to medium-rare. It would require around six minutes.

If you intend to use the meat for a stew, get about two pounds of a camel for each person. Add sufficient water or broth to garnish, and then put your choice of herbs and spices.

Enclose it with a lid and leave for at least an hour until it becomes tender.

Related Questions

Is Camel Meat Expensive?

No, camel meat is not expensive! Camel meat sells for around $20 a pound, but they’re not too costly pertained to other foreign meats.

Where can I buy camel meat?

You can locate a camel in specialty grocery stores or a butcher shop specializing in game meats.

Is camel meat red or white?

It is neither red nor white. Camel meat color ranges from raspberry red to dark brown, depending on the animal’s age.

Are camel burgers good?

Absolutely! Ground camel is one of the thinnest red meats you’ll get, and these burgers are excessively meaty because of it.

What is the tastiest part of the camel meat?

The hump is the tastiest part of camel meat.


You might only require some pounds of the creature for your food, so you may have difficulty getting a cheap cut because it’s mostly sold by weight and not by the chunk or number of chunks like other kinds of meat frequently are.

What does camel taste like? I’m sure you can answer that question yourself now. Catch you another time, right?

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