Is Red Curry Spicy?

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Ingredients for Making Red Curry Paste

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Thailand’s Red curry is inarguably one of the most-discussed curries globally, and this is not unconnected to its “hotness” and “spiciness.” Red curry is so much that it got many varieties. But is red curry spicy?

Yes, red curries are quite spicy – more than other types of curries. But, in the real scene, the spicy level is determined by the cook (and probably the taster too).

Red curry can be found in different regions and cities – in intercontinental restaurants and eateries. It is undoubtedly a delicious curry, loved by people who love “hot” meals. You can find many recipes online for preparing Thai red curry.

There are actually more things you’d love to know about this Thai curry.

What is Red Curry?

In very basic terms, red curry is a “Generic” name given to all curry dishes made with red curry paste. Yes, before you can classify a curry dish as red curry, green curry, or yellow curry, the dish must be made with the respective curry paste.

What does this imply? It implies that red curries are made with red curry paste, and green curries are made with green curry paste. The paste is a thick mixture of the base ingredients for making a particular type of curry.

Typically, red curry pastes are made with several dry red chilies, making red curry dishes very hot.

After getting the necessary ingredients, you can buy the paste from your market or prepare a homemade red curry paste.

Ingredients for Making Red Curry Paste

Is Red Curry Spicy

Once the paste is ready, you’ve completed over 50% red curry cooking process. The ready-made red curry pastes in the market are typically a blend of the following ingredients:

While these are the base ingredients for red curry pastes, some chefs and cooks may add other aromatic herbs for different reasons. You can also buy these ingredients and make your red curry paste at home.

Most times, homemade curry pastes taste better because you’d add every ingredient in the exact quantity that’s best for your dish.

Is Red Curry Spicy?

Put simply, YES, Thai Red curry is spicy, and it’s not just spicy; it is “Very Hot.” The hotness is due to the many chilies used in making the paste and also the dish. This curry is loved by people who prefer hot dishes.

The flavor of red curries is quite complex, but the domicile flavor is that of the chilies used. There are quite other similar curries that look like red curry after preparation.

For example, Massaman curry and Penang curry also appear reddish after preparation. Hence, some people see them as a type of red curry. But, Massaman and Penang curries are two different types of Thai curries with different tastes.

Notwithstanding, you can use them as substitutes for red curry; they actually taste better, sweeter, and milder. You may have to consider the Thai Penang curry or Massaman curry if you love red curries but don’t want to eat a Hot Dish!


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