Is Panang Curry Spicy?

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How is Penang Curry Made

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Many people often compare the Panang curry with red curry, and red curry is believed to be the “hottest” Thai curry. So, since Penang is often compared with red curry, does that imply it is as spicy as the Thai red curry? Is Panang curry spicy?

Yes, Panang curry is one of the sweetest Thai curries with an alluring peanut flavor, typically. It is quite spicy but not as spicy as red curry.

There are actually a lot of things you’d love to know about this delicious Thai curry, and they are detailed below.

How is Penang Curry Made?

Is Panang Curry Spicy

Knowing how Penang curry is made would make it easier to guess how spicy it would be. Actually, this is one of the curries you’d love to taste over and again – if made rightly.

However, the base ingredients for preparing Panang curry paste are not entirely different from what’s used in making other curry pastes. The difference is the adding of peanuts and coconut cream/milk.

You can buy ready-made Panang curry pastes from your local market, which would make you prepare your Panang curry dish faster. But, sometimes, homemade pastes taste better. Now, how’s it made?

Penang curry is made by mixing the Penang curry paste with other ingredients included in your recipe.

The Penang curry paste is prepared with the following ingredients: garlic, red chiles, lemongrass, galangal, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and other aromatic ingredients.

The curry paste ingredients are mixed together following a recipe; afterward, they are added to the cooked curry dish. Penang curry can be pretty much as hot as red curry if the paste is made with several red-hot chilies.

Basically, it is the paste used that determines the dominant flavor and taste of a curry dish.

More so, you’d find varieties of Penang curry pastes in the market. If you’re not sure of their tastes, you could prepare a homemade paste for your dish.

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Is Panang Curry Spicy?

Simply, YES, Panang curry is spicy, but it is not as spicy as green curry and red curry. While the red curry is typically the hottest spiciest, green curry is right behind, before Panang curry.

However, Panang curry is sweeter, milder, and has a more attractive look than other Thia curries.

It takes around 30 minutes to prepare Panang curry from scratch. In contrast, if you bought a ready-made paste, your Panang curry dish should be ready in 20 minutes.


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