What Does Red Curry Taste Like?

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How is Red Curry Made

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Curry pastes are different from curry powders and also different from curry dishes. You need a curry paste or curry powder to make a curry dish.

The type of curry paste you decide to use is what gives your dish a name – with the most popular curry dishes generally classified under green curry, red curry, and yellow curry.

Although Thai curry pastes are made from almost the same base ingredients, they taste differently with individual unique flavors.

This can trigger one to ask, “what does red curry taste like?” Red curry is generally spicy and very hot but doesn’t taste as rich as other Thai curries.

How is Red Curry Made?

Red curry dishes are made with red curry paste. All the base ingredients required for preparing a typical red curry dish are already included in the paste – you just need to add the paste to your dish, along with other ingredients specified in your recipe.

The name “Red Curry” simply refers to curry dishes made with red curry paste. You can buy the paste from your local market or order from an online grocery store.

More so, you could prepare the paste at home if you know all the base ingredients required.

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Ingredients for Making Red Curry

Hot red chilies, cayenne, cinnamon, coriander, cilantro, Thai Basil, and several other aromatic ingredients. You can buy these ingredients to prepare a homemade red curry paste.

What Does Red Curry Taste Like?

What Does Red Curry Taste Like

Truth be told, the taste depends on how the meal is cooked and who’s tasting it. However, despite red curries being generally hot (due to the several hot chilies used in the recipe), you’d most likely taste ginger and garlic while eating red curries.

Yes, ginger and garlic are the dormant ingredients in red curry pastes after the chilies. Notwithstanding, you’d also taste the hotness of the chilies used in making the red curry paste.

Well, there’s nothing much to expect from red curries; they are not actually sweet or tasty, as many may say.

The main reason certain people love red curries is because of the hotness. People who love hot, spicy dishes would definitely love red curries.

If you were actually looking for a sweet curry dish to buy, you should consider Thai’s green curry or yellow curry. However, Indian curries also taste great, and they’re typically milder than Thai red curry.

More so, it is important to say that red curry dishes, sometimes, do not appear as reddish as you may think.

The name “Red Curry” is a general name for all kinds of curry dishes made with red curry paste. It is the paste that classifies a curry dish – not basically the color.

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How Long Does It Take To Prepare Red Curry?

If you’d be starting from scratch, which implies making the paste yourself, it would take around 30 minutes to prepare your red curry dish completely.

In contrast, if you buy the red curry paste from the market, preparing your curry meal may not take up to 20 minutes, depending on the exact red curry dish you’re cooking.


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