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What Does Passion Fruit Tastes Like?

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Passion fruit is an eye-catching fruit with a golden, yellow, purple color. It is about 3 inches long with a thick and waxy rind. If you have ever come across it at the fruit section, you may wonder what does passion fruit tastes like?

Passion fruit has a fruity and tart taste and is much like a cross between peach, mango, and pineapple. You may find it overly tart if the fruit isn’t very ripe, but passion fruit is both sweet and tart.

In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the actual taste of passion fruit and more.

Let’s get started!

What Does Passion Fruit Tastes Like? | Is Passion Fruit Sour Or Sweet?

The passion fruit has a sweet, exotic fruit taste with a slightly tart flavor. The fruit is round with hard skin and contains yellow pulp with black, edible seeds.

The fruit’s seeds and pulp are edible, and they can be found in syrup form as well.

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Does Passion Fruit Taste Like Peach?

Many people find passion fruit to taste like a peach; the fruity and tart fruit tastes much like a cross between a peach, mango, and pineapple with a flavor combination of sweet and tart, mostly tart if the fruit is very ripe.

What Does Passion Fruit Smell Like?

Passion fruit has a very strong scent, somewhat fresh and sweet. Some people describe it as having a bit of a citrus smell.

It is tangy, a little similar to grapefruits, and other ‘tropical’ scent ingredients, with a tart intrigue.

What Is The Closest Flavor To Passion Fruit?

What Does Passion Fruit Tastes Like

There are different substitutes that can deliver a close flavor to passion fruit in a dish. They include passion fruit derivates, mango, pineapple, guava, peach, or nectarine.

All of these works excellently in any recipe, whether you are making a syrup, jam, puree, or using fresh fruit.

Passion fruit is also commonly used for food décor; most of these alternatives also cover this area and are great for decoration, not just flavor.

There are a variety of options to choose from, and to achieve a more rounded flavor, you can always combine a few of the substitutes. Keep in mind that you may be unable to truly emulate the flavor of passion fruit.

Although it tastes like a cross between a mango, pineapple, and papaya, it has a distinct tang that you may be unable to create with other fruits. With that said, let’s get to these substitutes.

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Passion Fruit Derivates

These are the easily found substitute for passion fruit, and best fill the shoe unless you are trying to eliminate passion fruit completely from the dish.

Passion fruit derivate can be used instead of the fresh fruit. This could be passion fruit syrup, jam, preserve, and puree.

The syrup in passion fruit preserve will deliver similar results as store-bought passion fruit syrup. You can thin out the puree by running it through a blender and sweetening it to taste.

If you intend to use the passion fruit for decorative purposes, you can turn the puree or syrup into thick jello, and cut it into small cubes, then decorate your dish with it.

If you do not want to use passion fruit in any form, there are some other substitutes that work just fine.


Mango is a great substitute for passion fruit, but you may need to add a dash of lemon or orange juice to achieve the subtle tang you get with passion fruit. This adds some acidity and helps the flavor a bit.

Mangoes can be used in any form, either fresh, pureed and canned, or jam. All fruit substitutes on this list can be used in any form you desire as long as it suits the recipe you are making.


Pineapples might not be great for decor since they don’t have a striking color. But they’re sweet and slightly tart as well! Pineapples are delicious and can be added to different recipes.

It may be difficult to puree pineapple, but you should be fine if you have a good food processor or blender. Pineapple juice and syrup can be used in baking or cocktails or in any way you desire.


Papaya has a mellower flavor but has a sweet taste and can be added alongside other fruit to get a rounded flavor. Papaya has a really great color, and you can add a dash of lemon juice for acidity.


If you are unable to find passion fruit, chances are you may not find guava because they’re both native to Latin America and can be found in similar areas.

But if you can get your hands on guava, then it can be a great substitute. It’s a delicious tropical fruit that can be enjoyed as its own and not just as a substitute for passion fruit. But you might need to strain the guava as it contains some very annoying seeds.

Peach Or Nectarine

Peaches and nectarines are basically the same flavors; the distinct difference is the little fuzzy hairs present on peaches’ outer skin.

They’re delicious and taste much like a cross between mangoes and pineapples, making them a suitable substitute for passion fruit.

Peach is a common fruit and much cheaper. They are available in pretty much any form, whether it’s canned, jam, syrup, frozen, anything.

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