What To Eat With Rotisserie Chicken (9 Tasty Side Dishes)

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What To Eat with Rotisserie Chicken

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Rotisserie chicken is a portion of comfort food usually crispy outside and tasty and juicy inside. Whether you roast it all by yourself or get it from a store, it will always taste good.

It’s worth noting that rotisserie bought from a store is far more convenient compared to a homemade rotisserie chicken because, during the busy weekdays, it wouldn’t be very convenient.

In this article, we will be looking at a list of amazing side dishes to consider if you’re wondering what to eat with rotisserie chicken that would make it an unforgettable meal.

Some suitable rotisserie chicken side dishes include spicy rise, mashed potatoes, apple coleslaw, homemade chips, Greek salad, jacket potatoes, antipasto, tomato soup, and Mediterranean pasta salad.

I was hoping you could stick with me as we throw more light on them!

What To Eat with Rotisserie Chicken: Rotisserie Chicken Side Dishes

1. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are one of the most loved and enjoyable side dishes that you can use for almost many dishes.

Mashed potatoes are cheesy, creamy and buttery, and it is practically impossible to be filled up with this side dish in just one serving.

2. Spicy Rice

If you’re still thinking of what to eat with rotisserie chicken, think no further than spicy rice! If you’re a fan of spicy rice, you should’ve been acquainted with how deliciously nice spicy rice can be when served with grilled chicken.

Chop your red onions and red peppers and get other ingredients like chilli flakes and turmeric to prepare the delicious meal.

Get a saucepan, add the groundnut oil, and gently fry your red onions and peppers for a minute or two or until it softens. Add your paprika, turmeric, chilli flakes and cook further for two minutes.

After all the ingredients mix up nicely, you can now add your rice, chicken stock and seasoning and cook for about eight minutes or until the rice is almost soft.

You can now finally add your frozen peas and cook again until everything is done to your liking. After this has been made, you can serve it with your rotisserie chicken and enjoy the deliciousness.

3. Homemade Chips

Chicken and chips? The chicken and chips combination shouldn’t be a weird combination as these two complement each other greatly.

You would want to make your chips from home because you would like to add your ingredients to suit your desires.

While making your chips, you should ensure that you make them crispy and brown on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

4. Apple Coleslaw

The apple coleslaw is an amazing side dish that you should try out. Imagine eating crunchy cabbage alongside your tangy apple, which is then lightly coated with mayonnaise and mustard cream dressing; purely magical!

Want to know what’s more magical than this? Eating it with your rotisserie chicken! This combination can be combined with a glass of white wine.

5. Jacket Potatoes

Jacket potatoes are super versatile, making them suitable for almost everything and a tasty choice to serve your rotisserie chicken alongside.

If you want to enjoy your chicken with family and friends, you might want to keep it simple and delicious with just baked potatoes that are then garnished with a bit of butter.

This method is not fixed as you can load up your jacket with any fillings like chopped bacon, soured cream, chopped spring onion and cheese.

If you’re cooking for a special occasion, you can make your jacket potato station and let the guests serve themselves with a bit of whichever they fancy and then top it all off with the rotisserie chicken.

6. Greek Salad

Greek salad is a widely used salad for chicken, and it is taken to the next level when eaten with the delicious rotisserie chicken.

You do not have to use fixed ingredients for your salad as you can pick from your favourite dressings such as cucumber, lettuce, juicy tomatoes, feta cheese cubes, olives, a sprinkle of oregano and any good salad dressing of your choice that has a great amount of extra virgin olive oil.

You can enjoy this salad with your chicken, you should try it out, and I assure you, you wouldn’t regret your choice.

7. Mediterranean Pasta Salad

The major advantage you would derive from this salad is that there are no fixed ingredients and vegetables used, so you can chunk up a few of your favourite vegetables to create a colorful and tasty side dish that would fit perfectly alongside your chicken.

To come out with a great pasta salad, here are some amazing guidelines that you should follow;

  • Cook your preferred pasta shape (spaghetti, macaroni, etc.) according to the packet instruction, drain and then set aside
  • Chop up your vegetables like the cucumber, lettuce, spinach, olives, red peppers and onion and then mix them up together and dress with either your vinaigrette, extra virgin olive oil or lemon-based dressing.
  • Add your shavings of feta or parmesan cheese cubes to give it a perfect cheesy finish.
  • You can now eat this up with your pasta and chicken.

8. Tomato Soup

Since tomato soup is said to taste just like Heinz, it would be great for a lovely and light evening meal to serve with your rotisserie chicken.

To make it easier for you, you can make a whole batch to eat the next day as it can be warmed the next day and enjoyed with your shredded rotisserie chicken and toasted sandwich.

9. Antipasto

Antipasto is a good choice to consider when you want something that can be prepared in advance and remain fresh before it is consumed.

You can make this platter consisting of your favorite cuts of meat, salad, cheeses and even pickles.

You can also use some leftovers that would fit nicely for this dish to create an impressive meal that you can enjoy with your hot chicken.

Some other amazing side dishes that you can enjoy with your rotisserie chicken include;

  • Fresh pineapple salsa
  • Green veggie risotto
  • Homemade guacamole
  • Sweetcorn fritters
  • Dauphinoise potatoes
  • Oxo roast potatoes
  • Quinoa, watermelon and spinach salad
  • Potato salad and curried mayo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rotisserie Chicken Unhealthy?

Rotisserie chicken isn’t bad and is also a healthier option than fried chicken. Since the chicken is over-roasted, it doesn’t contain as much fat as the fried chicken, making it a healthier choice.

How Long Can You Keep a Rotissesssrie Chicken?

When stored properly in the fridge, your rotisserie chicken can last for about four to five days. Make sure your fridge is set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder to stay out of danger.

Is Rotisserie Chicken Healthy for Weight Loss?

Since it contains fewer fats and calories than fried chicken, it is healthy for weight loss as no extra calories are added to your body except a few.

Why Is Rotisserie Chicken Pink?

Your chicken is pink might be because young chickens are used to making it, and the bones and skin of these chickens are still very absorbent. The feed given to these chickens can also affect their color and whether or not you froze it too.

How Do You Know When Your Rotisserie Chicken Is Done?

You should insert your thermometer in the thickest part of the chicken, which is the breast, and you would know that the chicken is cooed when it reads about 180 degrees Fahrenheit for a whole chicken or 165 degrees Fahrenheit for chicken cuts.


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