Red Pepper Flakes Vs Chili Flakes (4 Major Differences)

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While red pepper flakes are gotten from a combination of different varieties of peppers – all from the capsicum annum family, the Chili flakes are made from a particular variant of pepper and mainly used for a specific flavor of pepper.

To the lovers of spicy delicacy, differentiating between red pepper flakes vs chili flakes is one big question.

Both chili flakes and red pepper flakes are types of flaked pepper. The main difference between red pepper flakes and chili flakes is that chili flakes are made up of only one type of pepper, while Red Pepper Flakes are a combination of more than one type of pepper.

Red Pepper Flakes Vs Chili Flakes

Red Pepper Flakes Vs Chili Flakes

Below we have carefully analyzed the differences between red pepper flakes vs chili flakes, such as their make-up, difference, and how they are used in different delicacies.

1. Make-up Differences

Usually, the composition of chili flakes is just one type of pepper. Using just one type of pepper in chili pepper flakes is to enjoy the taste and quality of the particular pepper in just one bite of the delicacy.

The taste of chili pepper flakes can be perceived in chipotle chili flakes, Urfa Biber Chili pepper, and Allepo chili flakes.

In the case of red pepper flakes, it is usually considered a complex type because of its composition, being a mixture of more than one type of pepper.

Its composition varies from type to type, such as Fresno pepper, bell pepper, Anaheim pepper, jalapeno pepper, and cayenne pepper flakes which of late is now sought for in the market.

2. Color Differences

Because of the processing of chili pepper flakes, most of them are gotten in red. Its redness differs depending on the chili that was used to make the chili flakes. It is either a dark piping red or a light hazy red.

Unlike the chili flakes that are usually red, the color of red pepper flakes ranges from white to different saturation of red. The color is gotten due to its mixture of types of peppers and its process whereby its seeds are retained after drying.

3. Difference in Taste

Just like every other pepper, chili pepper flakes surely have heat in them. But the capsaicin is lesser; it is sometimes sweet depending on the type of pepper used in the process.

Chili pepper flakes are recommended for those who just started transiting to eating spicy food because it does not affect much in your food.

In the case of red pepper flakes, its composition the capsaicin/hotness level is very high. Its flavor is most times high because the seeds of pepper used are in it. Always check the label before purchasing so you don’t regret it.

4. Uses of Chili Pepper flakes vs. Uses of Red Pepper Flakes

You can always add a small number of chili flakes in almost all your dishes; it is used in nearly all cuisines, from the salad needing a little flavor to the pizza and other savory dishes.

You might be surprised by the little, but very delicious difference the chili pepper flakes can add to your dish.

Red pepper flakes are more versatile. It can be used for any type of dish. For beginners, always be careful in your consideration of red pepper flakes as it is scalding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Substitute Red Pepper Flakes For Chili Flakes?

Absolutely! You can. But when using Chili flakes, use half quantity of the red pepper flakes.

What Can I Use In Place Of Chili Flakes?

Chili powder, cayenne powder, crushed dried chilies, chili paste, and hot sauce are good alternatives for chili flakes.

Your choice among the options listed out will depend on your food consistency, flavor, and heat, the most intact based on the recipe’s intent.

What Is The Difference Between Chili Flakes And Chili Powder?

Chili powder, like chili flakes, is a mix of different types of dried peppers. But chili powders in the United States often are not only a blend of different dried peppers, but sometimes also cumin, oregano, garlic powder, and salt.


Red pepper flakes vs chili flakes? This is a question that will probably plague most persons unfamiliar with their way around the kitchen. Your decision should be based on the dish you are preparing and the taste you are going for.

This article has done a marvelous job in delineating the core differences between chili flakes and red pepper flakes. Now, the ball is in your court.