What Is Seafood Seasoning Made Of? (Top 8 Ingredients)

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What Is Seafood Seasoning Used For

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Seafood seasoning is an irresistible mixture used primarily to prepare seafood cuisine. It is a mix of smoky, earthy, savory, and aromatic ingredients that makes it perfect for your meal.

But what is Italian seasoning is made of. Seafood seasoning is basically made of different ingredients such as garlic powder, black pepper, dried oregano, etc.

Below, we will discuss in details the various ingredients in seafood seasoning as well as what seafood seasoning is used for.

Now, let’s quickly get started!

What Is Seafood Seasoning?

Seafood seasoning is a great choice to spice up all your seafood. It can be used to make delicious shrimps, fish, etc.

The seafood seasoning is a perfect mix of several spices and herbs that form magic. Seafood seasoning elevates every seafood cuisine it is used in.

I understand you’re very keen to find out what seafood seasoning is made of, and that is precisely what we will be talking about below.

What Is Seafood Seasoning Made Of?

What Is Seafood Seasoning Made Of

There are numerous ingredients, spices, and herbs that are used and combined to make seafood seasoning. Seafood seasoning is made of the following:

1. Garlic powder

Garlic is a flavoring agent used for cooking. The powder garlic is gotten from fresh garlic that has been dried and granulated. It adds an earthy and savory taste to the seafood seasoning.

2. Dried Onion flakes

It is a substitute for fresh onion. It is usually dried and granulated to achieve this form. It is an excellent ingredient for seafood seasoning.

3. Black pepper

Black pepper is a favorable spice that has been adopted into cuisine all around the world. It adds spice, edge, and depth to the seafood seasoning. It usually in ground form, and it is this form that you should use to prepare seafood seasoning.

4. Dried Oregano

Oregano is a gluten-free herb with an earthy and green taste with some mint and hay undertones. It can, however, be slightly bitter.

5. Dried thyme

Thyme has been praised for its ornamental uses and its health benefits. The scent of thyme is sure to make the aroma of every meal brighten up the room. It is gentle in taste and is perfect for seafood seasoning.

6. White pepper

White pepper has a milder and less complex taste than black pepper. It also adds a different yet unique flavor to every meal.

7. Dried Basil

Dried basil is a common kitchen plant. This herb has a sweetly fragrant and peppery and almost minty taste. The fresh basil is dried up and ground to achieve its dried version.

8. Dried Cayenne

Cayenne is a type of pepper. It is, however, not as hot as the red chili pepper. The dried version is even less peppery than the fresh one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make seafood seasoning from scratch?

Homemade seasonings are always the way to go. And this also the case for seafood seasoning because you can prepare it to fit your taste.


  • Add all the ingredients and herbs above into a bowl
  • Mix it correctly or blend if you want it granulated
  • Pour the mix into a jar and seal the jar tightly
  • Label the jar so that you can quickly identify it.

What is seafood seasoning used for?

Seafood seasoning is a versatile kitchen seasoning that can be used mostly for seafood cuisines. It can also blend well with some other meals. Seafood seasoning is used for the following:

  • Bloody-mary
  • Old-fashioned crab or shrimp boil
  • Crab boil
  • Freshly baked crinkle fries
  • Potatoes, whether they’re roasted or mashed
  • Deviled eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelets
  • Baking Chicken wings
  • Chowders.

Other things you can use seafood seasoning: Popcorn, mix in mayonnaise, bread crumbs, pasta salad, etc.

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We have given answers to the question, “what is Seafood seasoning made of.” From the name, you probably think that this seasoning is exclusive to seafood cuisines.

This is untrue as it can be used in numerous dishes. Using our recipe above, we hope you enjoy your homemade Seafood seasoning.


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