What Does Yakult Taste Like? (Answered)

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What Does Yakult Taste Like

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The chilled section of most Asian supermarkets are filled with refreshing drinks like the Yakult milk beverage. Yakult is sweetened Japanese milk made from fermented skimmed milk mixed with sugar and glucose and a bacterium known as lactobacillus casei.

Most of us underrate the level of calmness that is felt after taking a healthy, chilled drink after a stress-filled day. But what does yakult taste like?

Since the skimmed milk used to produce Yakult contains lactic acid, Yakult is naturally sour. The addition of specific sweetening agents to this yogurt makes it sweet and edible. Yakult has a thin texture, almost like flavored water, unlike most yogurts.

Is Yakult Healthy?

Yes, it is. Yakult is a very good bodybuilding and enhancing beverage that is packed with a lot of live bacteria that help improve the immune and digestive systems in the body. Yakult is also a perfect ingredient that can be used for skincare as it helps maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Yakult stops or reduces the growth of harmful bacteria in the body by speeding up the production of antibodies that help achieve this. When it comes to everyday sicknesses, Yakult also helps prevent diarrhoea, which helps reduce 26% and 57% of the rate of diarrhoea in adults and children, respectively.

Yakult contains about 50 calories per bottle with a low amount of sugar, 0 cholesterol, and fat as it is gluten-free.

What Is Yakult Used For?

The daily consumption of Yakult is very refreshing, and it can be consumed at any time of the day, either on an empty stomach or with a meal.

1. Cocktails

You can mix your Yakult, lemon juice, and water in a mixer to make a refreshing Yakult smoothie. If you want this sweeter, you can add a few ice cubes and honey until it gets to your desired taste.

2. In Ice Creams

Yakult ice cream is a delicious recipe you should try out. You can easily prepare this at the comfort of your various homes with just condensed milk, a bottle of Yakult, and all-purpose cream.

For this recipe, you are required to blend your all-purpose cream in a mixture until it gets thicker.

After that has been achieved, you can now add your condensed milk and your Yakult and freeze. It is best enjoyed frozen.

3. Soju and Yakult

This is a straightforward recipe, and if you have not tried it out, you should, as the results are mind-blowing. All you have to do is grab a glass and mix your Yakult and your soju, and it is ready.


What Does Yakult Taste Like?

In simple words, Yakult is a drink made for chilling and relaxing you after a long and stressful day, and it would do you better to fill your chiller with Yakult yogurts than to fill it with soda.

The thin feel of the Yakult in the mouth tastes watery and sweet, with slight hints of sourness and a fruity flavour depending on the flavour you are taking.

Yakult is originally from Japan, and the presence of lactobacillus bacteria is responsible for the sour taste of Yakult. This should not be a problem as many fruity, and sweet sweeteners are added to reduce the bad taste and create a balance of tart and sweetness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Yakult Be Stored?

Yakult should be refrigerated to maintain its fresh taste, but you should do it at a temperature of below 10 degrees Celsius. It should not be frozen for too long and should not be left outside the refrigerator for too long.

Is Yakult Made with Poo?

Not precisely. Instead, Yakult uses a bacteria known as the lactobacillus rhamnosus, which was discovered in 1983 and was isolated from the faeces of an American since then; it has been tested and used from the original sample and is one of the most consumed probiotics in the world right now.

Why Is Yakult Sold in Small Bottles?

Yakult is sold in small quantities to avoid contamination, as cultured milk can only come in small amounts in Malaysia and Australia. Still, Yakult is usually sold in 65-ml and 100-ml bottles in other countries.

Is Yakult Better Than Yoghurt?

Yakult and yogurts are both dairy products, but Yakult is not yogurt. They are similar, but the only difference is that Yakult has a different probiotic strain compared to yogurt.

Can Yakult Help in Weight Loss?

Since Yakult is said to prevent constipation and improve the body’s overall performance, it is said to be good for weight loss if taken in the right proportion.


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