What Does Polar Bears Taste Like?

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How To Safely Cook Polar Bear Meat

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Bear has served as food in arctic history for the longest time, though in most indigenous societies, whales, walrus, seals, caribou, or reindeer are mostly consumed.

People in the western world may wonder what does polar bears taste like as dishes or ingredients that are extremely rare.

Most people may be against the eating of bear meat; this is totally understandable as the bear’s human-like appearance, the richness of bear meat, and its rarity in modern diets, as well as the case of it being endangered species, is off-putting enough.

But if you are from a culture that considers it normal or acceptable, eating bear meat will be no different from eating cow meat.

That said, how polar bear tastes at a particular point in time depends on so many things, which we will be discussing below.

Let’s get started!

What Does Polar Bears Taste Like?

What Does Polar Bears Taste Like

How polar bears taste significantly changes throughout the season; bears hibernate during spring and have virtually no fat on them; they consume little food during this time that is largely plant-based.

The bear meat is much leaner and milder during this timeframe. In the fall, however, bears have built up a solid layer of fat in preparation for their upcoming hibernation; this makes the meat fattier, with layers and marbling throughout.

The taste of bear meat also differs during the fall and is affected by the animal’s diet. If the bear had been on a diet of tasty fruits and plants like blueberries, their meat would be delightfully tasty.

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However, if the bears have been eating dead carcasses and fishes, the meat may have a strong scent and pungent flavor.

Bears have very dark meat; it has almost a purplish-black color. This is similar to most wild games like caribou and moose, but bear meat has a coarser consistency which might be comparable to pork.

In general, most people have admitted to finding that bear meat tastes better than they thought it would after tasting it for the first time.

How To Safely Cook Polar Bear Meat

Just like any other type of meat, how you prepare bear meat is very crucial. Bear meat is subjected to more variability due to the legitimate health concerns associated with undercooking it.

Before you worry about its flavor, you should ask,” is polar bear meat edible?” Such exotic meat sometimes poses serious health issues when consumed.

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Bear meat actually carries certain diseases and safety risks due to the presence of a host of different diseases, like trichinosis.

This can be avoided by thoroughly cooking the meat, so any disease is eliminated before you eat it.

Health guidelines recommend that bear meat should be cooked till it reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees f. When cooked correctly, bear meat is definitely not poisonous.

How To Prepare Polar Bear Meat

There are different recipes available on the internet on how to use bear meat for steaks, roasts, stews, jerky, ribs, sausages, bacon, and even tacos.

The right way of cooking bear meat is usually “slower and lower,” this keeps the meat tender while still cooking it hot enough, so any parasites or worms in the meat are killed.

A great way to make bear cuisine is to throw it in the slow cooker and make bear pot roast out of it, adding vegetables and seasonings of choice. The end result is a tender but firm meat that looks similar to other pot roasts or pulled pork.

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