Spaghetti Vs Linguine: Key Differences

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Spaghetti vs Linguine: Key Differences



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For many people that love pasta, it is easier to have any type of pasta without wondering which one is better.

However, there are times you would need to differentiate the pasta you have at your disposal to know which one is better.

Spaghetti and linguine are great kinds of pasta that are essential in the kitchen. But when it is time to pick between spaghetti vs linguine, which one would you choose?

Read on to find out the similarities and key differences between spaghetti and linguine!

What is Spaghetti?

Spaghetti is a type of pasta that is prepared by milling unleavened dough. Spaghetti is traditionally prepared with durum flour or semolina. And because of how it is milled and processed, the end product always comes in a long, thin, and round shape.

And just like most pasta, spaghetti has an admirable nutritional profile and would do great as a standalone meal or a side dish. Spaghetti is native to Italian cuisines.

Spaghetti has a thick consistency that makes it a go-to meal for many households because it is enough to satisfy the household.

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What Does Spaghetti Taste Like?

Spaghetti has this subtle taste, and it is not richly sweet. Now this explains why many people will have it with tomato paste, tomato sauce, or even broth. Many people prepare spaghetti as porridge too.

This adds some taste to the meal and makes it easy for anyone to relish.

What is Linguine?

For many people that love pasta and do not mind which one is on their plate, it would be hard for them to differentiate between spaghetti and linguine.

This is because they share slight similarities that would make people difficult for people to pinpoint.

So, what is linguine? Linguine is also a type of pasta, just like spaghetti. However, it is more similar to fettuccine and trenette. Linguine is equally notable in Italian cuisines. They refer linguine to as little tongues.

Linguine is long, flat, and narrow and would be perfect when you cook it.

What Does Linguine Taste Like?

Linguine does not have any spectacular taste that differentiates from other pasta, just that same subtle flavor that even spaghetti has. However, linguine is better when you pair it with sauce or tomato paste.

Similarities Between Spaghetti And Linguine

So, since you would need to choose between the two one day, you must learn the similarities between spaghetti and linguine.

  • Spaghetti and linguine are both milled from durum wheat or semolina
  • Both spaghetti and linguine have a subtle flavor and would need to pair with sauce to make up a full course meal
  • Spaghetti and linguine have similar nutritional profiles; mineral and protein
  • Both spaghetti and linguine are good standalone meals as well as side dishes
  • More so, both spaghetti and linguine a thick and would be able to soothe your needs when it is time to make some meals for your household
  • Spaghetti and linguine belong to the long species type of pasta

Differences Between Spaghetti Vs Linguine

  • The major difference between spaghetti and linguine is that spaghetti has this round shape, while linguine comes in a flat shape
  • Although you can serve both kinds of pasta with tomato sauce and paste, spaghetti permits more for tomato sauce and paste than linguine. You can serve linguine with seafood and some pesto dishes
  • Many people would classify linguine as thin, flat stripes while they know spaghetti for its thin strings. No wonder people refer to linguine as little tongues and then call spaghetti thin strings
  • And when it comes to thickness, linguine is thicker than spaghetti
  • For the cooking time, it takes a bit longer to prepare linguine than it would take to prepare spaghetti

What To Consider When Choosing Between Spaghetti And Linguine

These are the major similarities and key differences between spaghetti and linguine. So this would help you make a choice when it is time to choose between any of the two.

Let’s see a few things to consider when you want to choose between spaghetti and linguine

1.    Population: When it is time to cook for a good number of people, you already know that linguine is thicker than spaghetti, so it would be best if you settle for linguine. This would prevent spending extra bucks buying to make up for spaghetti.

2.    Cooking time: As you may know, spaghetti cooks faster than linguine. If you are not in a hurry to have your dinner, then go for spaghetti.

3.    Spaghetti pairs well with sauce more than linguine, so go for spaghetti when you want to pair it with sauce.

Is Spaghetti And Linguine The Same?

Although spaghetti and linguine are pasta, they are not the same. Both spaghetti and linguine have similar features and many people use them interchangeably however, spaghetti and linguine are not the same.

And if you intend to use any of them, you can see the key differences above.

Can You Use Spaghetti in Place of Linguine?

Yes, you can! any pasta lover would surely not mind the differences. Linguine is thicker than spaghetti and it would take a little longer to cook. However, it can replace spaghetti in recipes that requires long pasta.

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It could look daunting choosing from two important staples you have in your home. However, with the knowledge of what both are like, you could make a pick.

Here in this guide, we carefully pointed out the similarities and the key differences between spaghetti vs linguine. So, now is the best time to make your pick.

Hopefully, our guide helps you with that. And if you experience any doubt, refer to this guide again.


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