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Single Cream Substitutes



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People usually buy Single Cream in Cartons and store them for later use, either for topping on desserts or enriching savory dishes, soups, and sauces. This is because single cream could be a rare treat sometimes.

Well, not everyone can afford that. Either way, you are still going to run out of cream. And just like that, you’re back to square one, scavenging for yet another carton of single cream.

However, I’m more than happy to share some of the best Single Cream substitutes readily available in most stores, such as heavy cream, half-and-half, whipped cream, coconut milk, silken tofu, Greek yogurt, whole milk, Creme Fraiche, ricotta cheese, and cream cheese.

These alternatives are pretty easy to make yourself, and budget-friendly. You might even be familiar with some like whipped and heavy cream.

Best Single Cream Substitutes

1. Half-and-Half

Half and half is an excellent substitute for single cream if you can’t find any in your local supermarket.

Half-and-half and Single Cream are dairy products made by separating the liquid components of milk. Half-and-half is made from equal parts of whole milk and cream and is typically pasteurized.

Both have their advantages. However, half-and-half makes an excellent stand-in whenever you’re out of single cream.

It has all the creamy richness of single cream with none of the fat. It’s also much easier to find than single cream in most supermarkets.

Use as a 1:1 ratio substitute.

2. Heavy Cream

Comparing heavy cream and single cream:

Heavy cream is a rich, thick cream with much fat content between 36–40%, making it an ideal choice for recipes that call for added richness. If you want something with a heartier mouthfeel, the cream will deliver more heft and more flavor.

Heavy cream can be used in place of single cream, half-and-half, or whole milk in most sauces, soups, desserts, and more. It’s versatile enough to give any sweet and savory dishes creamy, rich flavor and texture.

So try this alternative whenever you’re not filling for single cream. Just make a 1:1 ratio in the recipe.

3. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is another preferable alternative. There are many advantages to choosing Greek yogurt over Single Cream. I will give you 3.

First of all, Greek yogurt has a higher nutritional value than single cream. Besides the high protein content, Greek yogurt also contains probiotics suitable for gut health. Unlike single cream, it is a low-fat option that does not have any saturated fat or cholesterol.

Secondly, Greek yogurt is lower in calories and can be used as an alternative to heavy cream and sour cream in cooking. In the United States, people use it to substitute mayonnaise and butter when making chicken salad.

It can also be a healthier dip option with vegetables and chips. Finally, Greek yogurt serves as a perfect base ingredient for making smoothies and desserts such as frozen yogurt (Froyo). We have seen the popularity of froyo shops increase in the past few years because it is a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Substitution should be a 1:1 ratio.

4. Whipped Cream

Single cream is suitable for whipping dishes, so you need the whipped cream itself. While you can find single cream in some grocery stores, it’s not as common as whipped cream.

Aside from that, the biggest advantage is that it’s easy to store in your fridge or pantry and won’t spoil as quickly as single cream does.

They’re both great options to add richness and flavor to a dessert.

Whipped cream is perfect as a topping for pies and cakes, but since it’s so thick, it’s not ideal for baking into mousses or custards (unless you thin it out first).

5. Coconut Milk

Many people don’t know that you can substitute coconut milk for single cream in a recipe, and even fewer know that it might be better for you to do so.

Even if you can’t find a single cream where you live, this simple substitution could be the key to unlocking more dishes. The main difference between coconut milk and single cream is the calorie count.

On average, coconut milk has about 70 calories per cup and about 6 grams of fat, compared to the 370 calories and 38 grams of fat in one cup of single cream.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the fat in your diet without compromising taste or texture, coconut milk in recipes that call for single cream is a great place to start.

You can use them in curries, baked goods, sauces, dips, dressings, soups, ice creams, smoothies, and other sweet and savory recipes.

Also, do a 1:1 ratio substitution.

6. Silken Tofu

Single cream is a dairy product high in fat and contains 18 – 30% milk fat. On the other hand, silken tofu is a soy product with a significantly lower fat content than single cream. Even though silken tofu has a lower fat content, it has similar protein levels to single cream.

Single cream contains about 1.5g of protein per 100g serving size, whereas silken tofu contains about 2.4g of protein per 100g serving size.

In terms of health benefits, single cream is known for its high-fat content, increasing cholesterol in the bloodstream, and putting you at risk for heart disease if consumed in large quantities. Silken tofu, however, does not have this effect on the body.

Soy products have been proven to lower cholesterol levels and decrease your risk of heart disease if consumed regularly as part of a healthy diet. The most significant benefit of silken tofu over single cream is its versatility in the kitchen.

It can easily be turned into a vegan alternative by replacing dairy butter with coconut oil or vegetable oil in recipes that call for melted butter as an ingredient.

Do a 1:1 ratio substitution.

7. Whole Milk

if there is one milk I’d use in place of single cream without a second thought is whole milk. Whole milk is widely available in grocery stores, and many of them sell it in large quantities.

Secondly, Whole Milk has a longer shelf life than single cream. So even if it takes you a while to find a grocery store that sells it, you can buy lots of milk at once and store it in your fridge.

Also, Whole Milk helps create a velvety-smooth texture for your cheese sauce, ice cream, and many more — that’s something single cream can’t beat!

Finally, Whole Milk is an essential part of healthy living (something we’re big believers in) because it provides calcium and vitamins A and D.

8. Ricotta Cheese

No doubt, Single cream is the classic choice for most recipes, and it’s easy to see why. However, if you’re looking for versatility, you should choose ricotta cheese. Not only that, ricotta cheese has lower fat content than single cream, so it’s more diet-friendly.

So you can use it if you watch your weight or try to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor. However, single cream is way cheaper — you’ll pay three times as much for a jar of ricotta than you will for single cream.

The excellent news is ricotta cheese can stand in for single cream in almost any recipe. Besides, it’s available at all grocery stores.

Use a 1:1 ratio for substitution.

9. Creme Fraiche

Creme Fraiche and Single Cream are delicious, creamy dairy products and can be used interchangeably.

However, Creme Fraiche has a much higher fat content than Single Cream, and it has a nuttier flavor that makes for a richer, more decadent dessert. And because of its nutty taste, it is also better for savory dishes, like sauces and soups.

Ready to be the best baker in town? Pick up some Creme Fraiche today! You can make anything from sauce, pasta, Mac, and Cheese.

10. Cream Cheese

When it comes to topping your bagel with ooey, gooey cheese, you have two options: cream cheese or single cream. While they’re both delicious, there’s no question that cream cheese is the better choice.

Firstly, cream cheese is a more versatile option than single cream. You can use it to make cheesecake, creamy sauces for pasta and casseroles, and even frosting for cakes and cupcakes. And not only does it have less fat than single cream, but it also has more protein and calcium per serving.

Whether your goal is eating healthier or building muscle, you’ll find that choosing cream cheese over single cream will help you reach your goals faster.

Unlike single cream, which has a bitter flavor that can overpower the taste of the bagel or baked good beneath it, cream cheese has a mild flavor that complements the rest of your meal without overshadowing it.

This makes it easier to enjoy your food without

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Single Cream?

Single cream is a dairy product made from pasteurized cow’s milk. It contains about 18% fat. That makes it thinner than heavy whipping cream, which has 36% fats. Because of this lower fat content, single cream is more like a pourable version of half-and-half.

Are Cream And Milk The Same?

While cream and milk are both derived from cows, they are different. The cream is a dairy product that consists of the higher-fat layer skimmed from the top of milk before homogenization. However, the fat in un-homogenized milk always rises to the top.

Can You Make Single Cream From Milk?

Yes, you can make single cream from milk. It will take three tablespoons of melted, cooled butter, 14 tablespoons of whole milk, and a little elbow grease to whip them together.

What Is The Thickest Type Of Cream?

The thickest cream is Clotted cream. This is not only because it’s thicker and richer than the usual cream but also because it has a higher fat content. Clotted cream generally contains 55% butterfat, while the average of other creams might be 40%. That’s a significant difference!


struggling to find Single Cream in your local supermarket shouldn’t stop you from making your life’s most delicious dessert or sauces! Instead, use any of the above single cream substitute Milk.

Unfortunately, this product, an everyday staple in Europe, is in short supply in the United States.

The good news is any of the above substitutes will work.

So give them a try!


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