Best Seasoning for Ribeye Steak on the Gill

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Best Seasoning for Ribeye Steak on the Gill

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What exactly is the best seasoning for ribeye steak on the grill?

If this is your first time grilling a ribeye steak for a family dinner or small party, you might think to yourself what seasoning leaves your guest craving bite after bite.

Have you tried rubbing a rich garlic butter sauce and brown sugar steak rub on your grilled Ribeye Steak?

This will get everyone talking!

Better still, you can go for a dry steak rub – a blending sea salt, brown sugar, garlic powder, garlic salt, onion powder, grounded Turmeric, and other spices.

Best Seasoning for Ribeye Steak on the Gill

Ribeye steaks are juicy and tender with a rich, distinctive buttery flavor. But nothing makes it more heavenly than using the right seasoning — I mean the real Mac coy. 

The saying: “The perfect steak starts with the right cut, but the most palatable steak starts with the right seasoning,” has never been so true. 

So if you want your ribeye to strike all the right notes on the taste buds, a few essential ingredients are a must. 

The right seasoning should have a touch of tangy sweetness, which is the perfect blend of salt, sweetness, smokey essence, robust herbs, spicy heat, and acidity. 

The collaboration of the following ingredients will help you achieve that. 

Together these mixes make the most amazing steak rub you will ever try!

The sweetness of the brown sugar, and saltiness of the garlic and sea salt, together with the contrasting kick from turmeric, paprika, red pepper flakes, and chili powder, create an unforgettable flavoring. 

However, these are just basic steak dry rubs. What about serving it with easy Chimichurri Sauce

This is where most people will bite their fingers off!

But before getting into it, let’s talk about how you can make and use these seasonings for your ribeye steak. 

Step 1: Get the Desired Measurements

Here it measurements don’t but, so long as you touch all nine ingredients little by little. But this recipe is enough to season four large steaks.

Most people will love making large batches and saving for later use. 

That way, your BBQ or steak night is always secured. 

Step 2: Mixing Time

Blend all of the herbs and spices in a small bowl.

Step 3: Use Your Seasoning Right After

After the mixture, you can use it immediately or pour and store it in an airtight container for use at your convenience. But whenever you are ready, you should rub the seasoning on all sides of the steaks. 

Then, allow it to rest for about 30 minutes before searing or grilling, so the seasoning has enough time to infuse its magic to the interior gently. 

However, the surface is left with much of it to provide a crusty, luxurious texture when grilled. 

How To Grill Ribeye Steak (In 3 Simple Steps)

Having your seasoning handy is one thing; grilling the steak is another. 

By now, I’m guessing your ribeye has been pampered and prepped for grilling. But you don’t want to mess this up. 

So how do you grill the right way? 

Step 1

Pat down the seasoning. And preheat the outdoor grill to about 450 to 500 degrees. 

And sear each side of the steaks for 3 to 4 minutes with the lid open. 

Step 2

Put the heat to medium-low and continue cooking, but this time with the lid closed. 

Keep cooking until the steak Temps reaches 130 degrees F for medium-rare. 

Step 3

And finally, you want to remove the steak from the grill and top it with a tablespoon of garlic butter compound. 

Let it rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing the steaks as the garlic butter sits atop. 

Best Sauce Seasoning for Ribeye Steak on the Gill

A steak lover who has never tasted this combination has not truly lived. 

Aside from making a Streak dry rub, there is some add-on that enriches or takes your fabulous steak to a whole new level. 

And they are not only suitable for ribeye steak but are amazing with any cuts. 

1. Steakhouse Mushrooms

Have you ever tried steak and mushrooms? 

They are a perfect match. Just take a moment and picture the earthy, tender mushrooms and the juicy, delectable steak rubbed with the creamy sauce sinking in your mouth. 

How would you feel? 

I’ll let you decide that. 

But this combo will be a massive hit on any dinner table. 

The best part is: it is remarkably easy to make this recipe for your steak. It takes less than 15 minutes to prepare. 

2. Cowboy Butter Steak Dipping Sauce

This sauce is a dream come true for sprucing up any steak, not just ribeye. The flavor is beyond average, as the creamy and zesty gives heat an almost irresistible kick.

Additionally, it pairs well with everything from beef, seafood (like meat, fish, crab, and shrimp), vegetables, chicken, and fresh French bread. 

To whip up this sauce only take 5 minutes. And you don’t need expensive condiments or ingredients — just simple and basic. 

3. Horseradish Sauce

Horseradish sauce is best left for prime rib or beef tenderloin, but it also pairs well with ribeye steak and other beef recipes. 

The cream sauce is relatively easy to make and will impress your dinner guests!

4. Chimichurri Sauce

This uncooked sauce is a table condiment for grilled meat like ribeye steak and an ingredient in cooking. 

The sauce tastes bright, yet it doesn’t overpower the beef. 

Also, it is a breeze to make. You just have to get your fresh minced garlic, parsley, oregano, red wine vinegar, and olive oil handy for a mix. 


So that is that for best seasoning for ribeye steak on the gill. You can choose to go with the steak dry rub or take things a little further with these sauces. Any of the sauces will work just fine. They are all the best flavor pairings with a hearty, juicy steak. 

Have you tried any yet? Tell me what your experience was with either of them, via the comment section below. 

Did it stir good conversations at the table or put everyone at one rapid bite pace? I’m picturing something positive because these have always been my steakhouse heroes.

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