Queso Fresco Vs Mozzarella: Key Differences

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Difference Between Queso Fresco and Mozzarella



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Cheese lovers come closer as this is sure to be an interesting read for you. In this article we will compare between queso fresco vs mozzarella although.

We shall just be viewing and acquainting ourselves about their individual characteristics, uses and benefits. But what is the difference between queso fresco and mozzarella cheese?

Basically, queso fresco has a tangier, bolder flavor than mozzarella cheese. Also, mozzarella cheese is drier, melts pretty easily, and becomes stringy when heated, while queso fresco is softer and won’t melt easily.

Queso fresco is used in several classic Mexican dishes such as tacos and bean dishes. Let’s quickly learn more about these two cheeses.

Facts About Cheese

Just like milk, cheese to is just another dairy product, one that is being processed into so many flavors.

How is cheese produced? Cheese is mainly produced using milk from cows, goats, sheep and sometimes, Buffalo’s. The milk is left to curdle after which certain coagulant flavors like herbs, salt brine, etc. are introduced.

Cheese comprises of protein and milk fat and as such, is said to be of great nutritional value. It is of immense benefit to those who consume it as they provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins our bodies require to function well and stay illness free.

We have so many types of cheese. In fact, recent research has shown that they are well over a thousand types. All in all, you will find some of the best cheese in the world to be those of French, Swiss or Italian origin.

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Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco Vs Mozzarella

As previously stated, this is in no way meant to be a supremacy battle. The aim is to acquaint ourselves of their distinct features, uses and application.

When we talk about the queso fresco, we are referring to the white cheese of Mexican origin made from cow’s milk. You will also find certain queso fresco variants produced using a mix of cow, goat and even sheep’s milk.

Now, regardless of whatever animal was milk for its production, there is still a process known as the acidifying process that they are made to undergo.

Ingredients like rennet (a substance gotten from the belly lining of young animals that are yet to be weaned) or lemon juice are used for this. One fun fact you should know is that, the queso fresco gets its unique tangy signature flavor as a result of the acidifying process.

How To Use The Queso Fresco

Trying out the queso fresco for the very first time? It is actually pretty easy to use and can be infused into a lot of recipes. Find below some of the key ways they can be used in our cooking and baking:

  • Queso fresco counts as one of the best sprinkling cheese. Due to their moist nature, they are super easy to splatter on your snacks like burritos, or as toppings on several of your dishes
  • The queso fresco can totally be used in salad making. It’s unique flavor and tangy taste helps in giving your salad a taste lift
  • It is perfect for baking and grilling purposes
  • Use the queso fresco as a garnish and for toppings on your meals
  • The queso fresco does not melt easily. This is why it is advised that you introduce into your meals at the tail end of cooking

Now that we know this much about the queso fresco, I bet we are itching to find out just how well the mozzarella matches up to it. Let’s delve right into it.

Mozzarella Cheese

The mozzarella is clearly defined as a firm cheese. This highly popular cheese with Italian origin is made the same way as the queso fresco – with cow’s milk or a blend of cow, goat or Buffalo’s milk.

To describe it’s color might be a bit difficult as it is basically dependent on the food being consumed by the animal that was milked. On the average though, you will find them usually colored white but, that might change to a different one when it is being seasoned.

What Are Mozzarella Used For?

  • The mozzarella cheese is best preferred to use in pizza making. This is because it melts super easily and gives it a very stringy texture, just the way pizza is loved
  • If you have been using other cheese to prepare the famous Mac and cheese, try out the Mozzarella cheese just once and you will not need to be told to use it again
  • Mozzarella cheese also makes your pies come out great
  • It is perfect for the preparation of mashed potatoes and casseroles
  • The mozzarella also gives a special flavor when added to your veggies and chicken salad

Is Mozzarella A Good Substitute For Queso Fresco?

Absolutely not. They are both from two different ends of a divide. There is a kind of subtle saltiness the mozzarella has that is alien to the queso fresco. The mozzarella has a mild flavor and slightly sour taste, while that of the queso fresco is tangy. Not to mention that their textures too are totally different.

Besides that, the mozzarella is firm plus, becomes stringy when heated and its ability to melt is a hundred percent. Using it as a substitute for the queso fresco is definitely not advised as you are bound to get something totally different than what the queso fresco offers.

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Conclusion: Queso Fresco Vs Mozzarella

It is really a tale of two worlds talking about the queso fresco and the mozzarella. However, the beautiful fact is that both are of great nutritional value to the body.

Now that you are open to their individual uniqueness, go ahead and avail yourself of their distinct flavors and nutritional goodness.


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