Does Oaxaca Cheese Melt? (Explained)

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Does Oaxaca Cheese Melt?

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There are certain recipes that require the use of not just any cheese but, a melt able one.

Now, it is possible that you know many cheese brands that do melt but, there is also the need to be sure of how well they melt. This is what is called ‘melt ability.’ Melt ability is known as not just the capacity to melt but, the extent to which the product can be melted.

Now, back to the product in question; the Oaxaca, simply pronounced “wa ha ka.”

Does Oaxaca cheese melt?

Yes, Oaxaca cheese melts, to what extent would it really melt? These and more are what you will be finding out in the rest of this article.

What Kind Of Cheese Is The Oaxaca?

The Oaxaca is a slightly hard cheese with a buttery feel. It is made with cows milk and has a flavor best described as subtle and its smell? Just like sour milk.

The Oaxaca has a creamy outlook, can be very stretchy, stringy and soft. The cheese originated from Mexico and has a texture that can almost pass for that of the mozzarella.

Without sugar coating it, the Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s masterpiece in the cheese game. It is made by adding rennet to cow’s milk for the purpose of setting apart the curds. It is then put through a softening process by being immersed in hot water next.

The softening process is essential because, it is only then that the curds can be good to go for kneading. The kneading process is responsible for its natural stringy texture.

The Oaxaca does not have a rind. So the producers improvised and had it molded into a ball to be sold in ropes.

All in all, the quesillo, which is another name for the Oaxaca is a perfect cheese to use as a garnish or just as toppings on your delicacies.

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How Well Does Oaxaca Cheese Melt?

You want to know why a lot of bakers have adopted the Oaxaca for use in all their baking practices? It is because of its melting abilities. The Oaxaca cheese melts effortlessly.

How To Melt Oaxaca Cheese

Melting the Oaxaca cheese does not require any form of expertise. It is pretty easy and quick. Find below four simple steps to follow in order to achieve this.

Items needed include:

  • Water
  • Double boiler
  • The Oaxaca cheese of course


Step 1: pour some water into the double boiler using the down part and allow it boil out.

Now, the reason why the bottom pan of the double boiler is being used is so as for the cheese to cook at a slower pace using indirect heat. Doing this enable the cheese stay firm and not break down.

Step 2: If you wish for the cheese to melt in a uniform manner, all you have to do is to drag them gently to form very small strings.

Step 3: Now, switch up the position of the cheese from the bottom to the top part of the boiler. Ensure that you keep on stirring preferrably with a wooden spatula, in the same direction until it melts to your satisfaction. You know it has melted when it becomes very stringy and soft. You can then have it removed at this point.

Step 4: Use as part of your dishes in appropriate portions.

For those who do not have a double boiler, another alternative item you can use is a bowl and pan. How would this work? You just need to place the bowl inside the pan and pour some water into it and have the stove set on to a very low heat so as to make it melt uniformly.

As the cheese melts, there is also a need to pour in evaporated milk into it. This would help retain the smooth texture even after melting. You can equally make use of corn starch to achieve this.

Once done, continue to stir non stop as it melts. When you are satisfied with the level of melt, you can then have it transferred to a container for safekeeping.

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Important Rules For Melting Cheese

There is one golden rule to follow when melting cheese and that is right heat regulation. There are so many ways of melting cheese but, in every one of them, it is always emphasized that you use very low heat.

This prevents it from burning and allows it to melt evenly while still maintaining its stringy texture. Melting cheese the wrong way would only see you condemning the cheese as mistakes once made, cannot be upturned.

How to Store Oaxaca Cheese

For unopened cheese, the best form of storage is having it refrigerated. It keeps it fresh and safe from any form of external contamination.

However, for those that have been opened and used, it is best to have the remaining placed in an airtight container or zip lock bags. Afterwards, have it stored in the freezer.

Always check intermittently for any mold growth as it is always easy for mold to develop on opened cheese. If noticed, have it discarded immediately. Although, mold growth would be almost impossible for a freezed cheese.

The good thing about the Oaxaca cheese is that, even freezing it does not affect its melt ability. It melts super easily when thawed and cooked.

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Does Oaxaca cheese melt? I’m pretty sure you have gotten your answer by now. To further buttress our point, let’s look at yet another name that the Oaxaca cheese goes by; the ‘asadero chesse’ which means easy to melt.

True to its name, the melt ability of the Oaxaca cheese can be said to be excellent which makes it perfect for grilling, baking and roasts.

As a plus, the cheese is a multi purpose one. It can be used as toppings on your snacks, perfect for making pizzas and for garnishing your soups and even beans.

Looking for a meltable cheese? The Oaxaca should be top on the list for you. Try it out and enjoy its pleasant flavor in all your dishes.


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