8 Best Havarti Cheese Substitutes

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Havarti Cheese Substitutes



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Havarti cheese is a popular cheese used on pizzas, grilled chicken, pasta, and sandwiches. It can be used in the shredded and melted form in many recipes as it is a versatile cheese.

What happens if you require Havarti cheese for a recipe and you’re out of them? Well, there will be no need to worry as there are many other alternatives to Havarti cheese that can fit perfectly into the dish.

Some of the most suitable Havarti cheese substitutes are Tilsit cheese, esrom cheese, comté cheese, Monterey jack cheese, Colby cheese, saint paulin, cheddar cheese, gouda cheese, and edam cheese.

When choosing a replacement for Havarti cheese, it’s essential to select a cheese that offers a similar hardness and flavor that the cheese possesses.

Havarti Cheese Substitutes

1. Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese is a versatile cheese commonly used to substitute Havarti cheese. Like the Havarti cheese, cheddar has a strong earthy flavor with a tart taste.

Aged cheddar cheese is said to have a stronger flavor than that Havarti cheese. In addition to that, cheddar cheese also has a firmer Texture compared to Havarti cheese.

The texture of the cheddar cheese shouldn’t be a problem as this cheese melts nicely and turns creamy and buttery, just like Havarti cheese.

2. Comte cheese

Comte cheese originates from France as it also possesses a complex flavor profile that looks like that of Havarti cheese. This cheese is salty and buttery with a hint of sweetness as the comte cheese also ages, and it acquires its own nutty and earthy taste similar to Havarti cheese.

Moreso, comte cheese is semi-hard, which is similar to the texture of the Havarti cheese. For this reason, you would not have any problems in replacing it with Havarti cheese in dishes like sandwiches, fondue, and cheese boards.

3. Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese originates from Denmark and shares a similar texture, taste, and origin with Havarti cheese. Gouda cheese has an earthy and nutty flavor with a sweet aftertaste like most other substitutes.

They also share a pale and yellow appearance like the Havarti cheese with a smooth buttery mouthfeel.

You can substitute Gouda for Havarti cheese in dishes like cheese plates, pasta, sandwiches, and fonde. Another advantage that gouda cheese has is that it is sweeter than Havarti cheese.

4. Emmental Cheese

Emmental cheese is a traditional cheese that originates from Swiss. It is also semi-soft with an earthy and nutty taste and comes with a ton of fruitiness. Additionally, this cheese has a buttery and smooth mouthfeel similar to Havarti cheese.

Emmental cheese works as a Greta substitute on cheese boards and fondues. You can also use I in other dishes like pasta, sandwiches, soups, and sauces.

5. Esrom cheese

Esrom cheese generates from Denmark and is made purely from cow’s milk. It has a buttery and mild taste, even if the taste is pungent.

The taste profile of esrom is sweeter and so before making use of it, consider this. The texture likewise is similar to that of Havarti cheese, and it is also semi-firm cheese making it a perfect substitute for Havarti cheese.

6. Tilsit cheese

Most people familiar with Havarti cheese and Tilsit would agree that this is one of the closest substitutes.

The flavor and appearance of both kinds of cheese are similar, which means Tilsit can be substituted for Havarti cheese. This type of cheese is very available in most European supermarkets.

The major advantage of this cheese is that it is available in European supermarkets, but it is also available in many other supermarkets.

7. Saint Paulin cheese

Saint Paulin is a French cheese that might be slightly harder to find than the Tilsit cheese, but you will love using it if you find this.

Saint Paulin cheese is better when slightly aged; it tastes better than the Havarti cheese. since saint paulin is somewhat soft, it can be easily cut and melted just like the Havarti cheese.

8. Monterey Jack cheese

you can use Monterey Jack instead of Havarti cheese, but the major difference is that the texture is quite different from Havarti.

Monterey jack is harder and denser than Havarti cheese, but this shouldn’t be a problem as it melts fast and won’t delay your food-making process.

What Are the Seven Categories of Cheeses?

The seven categories of cheeses are;

  • FRESH (it contains no rind)

classic example: ricotta, mozzarella, and cottage cheese

since they contain no rind, they look the same inside and out.

  • AGED FRESH CHEESE (wrinkled white to grey-blue rind)

classic example: cottage cheeses

aged fresh cheeses are fresh cheeses that have been allowed to grow a thin rind around it

  • SOFT WHITE RIND (contains fuzzy white rind)

Classic examples: camembert, Meaux, Chaource and chevre logs

They grow a fine white crusty rind of penicillin candidum mold

  • SEMI SOFT (fine and thick grey-brown rind or orange and sticky rind)

Classic examples: raclette, edam, and Port Salut

The curd is lightly pressed to remove the whey and create a rubbery texture.

  • HARD (they are often crusty, grey and polished or waxed and oiled)

Classic examples: cheddar, Beaufort, and gruyere

Hard cheeses are usually pressed for hours or weeks to remove the whey and compact curd.

  • BLUE (they have gritty, rough, and sometimes sticky rind)

Classic examples: Roquefort, Picos de Europa, and stilton

In this case, blue penicillium is sprinkled into the vat before the milk is curdled

  • FLAVOR ADDED (contains various types of cheese with added flavors)

Classic examples: pecorino with truffles, Lancashire with chives, and gouda with cumin

This category contains a variety of cheeses like the gouda and white stilton, to which a variety of flavors like fruits, herbs, and nuts are added.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Havarti Cheese Similar to Mozzarella?

Havarti cheese is quite similar to mozzarella and has the same creamy and buttery texture as mozzarella. Still, the major difference is that the flavors contained in Havarti are slightly more intense than that in mozzarella.

Is Havarti Cheese Like Cheddar?

Cheddar cheese is closely related to Havarti cheese, especially when it is no longer fresh. Due to the mild notes Havarti has, it boasts a lot of the other attributes that can be seen in some other forms of hard cheeses.

Can You Substitute Havarti for Gruyere?

Havarti is similar to gruyere, but the major difference is milder than gruyere when you’re trying to find a substitute for Havarti, gruyere, and another similar cheese known as the Jarlsberg can be used even if the flavors they give off are a bit less than that of Havarti.

What Is the Difference Between Gouda and Havarti Cheese?

The only major difference between both kinds of cheese is their texture. While Havarti cheese is a buttery, gentle, creamy, and semi-soft texture, gouda has a rich, buttery, slightly sweet, and smooth flavor.


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