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Can You Freeze Jalapeno Peppers?

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Jalapeño peppers are mostly available during summer, but can you freeze jalapeno peppers so you can enjoy the delicious vegetable all year round? The answer is yes; you can freeze jalapeno peppers.

Freezing jalapeños is very easy as it is a type of vegetable that does not require blanching before refrigeration.

You could simply pop whole jalapenos into the freezer, but you need to take a few minutes to prepare the peppers first to achieve better results. Here’s how to freeze jalapeño peppers.

How To Freeze Jalapeño Peppers

Freezing fresh jalapenos will help to preserve the peppers for as long as possible. If you purchased or harvested a large quantity of jalapeños.

Freezing them is a great way to keep the peppers fresh and spicy till you use them unless you intend to eat spicy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and do not need to preserve your peppers.

Use The Right Bags

Using the right bag is very important as you do not want to open your frozen peppers in a week only to find frost buildup and freezer burn.

You can use regular, thin Ziploc baggies, but they are prone to allowing air particles through to your jalapenos over time.

This can cause your peppers to go bad as oxygen is a great enemy of frozen jalapenos peppers, so ensure to use the proper freezer bags. Using thick air-tight bags will ensure an effective seal for long-term storage.

Prepare The Peppers For Freezing

Can You Freeze Jalapeno Peppers

There are two primary ways to freeze jalapenos. The right method for you depends on how much freezer space you have or how soon you plan to use your peppers.

Option 1: freeze them whole

Jalapeno peppers like ghost peppers, habaneros, etc., are small, so you can freeze them whole. This method is recommended if you have enough freezer space for all your peppers.

It will preserve the original shape of the jalapenos and will prevent oxidization and potential chili oil burns.

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to freeze your jalapenos whole:

  • Rinse the peppers thoroughly with cold, clean water
  • Dry peppers with a kitchen towel
  • Take out the pepper stems
  • Transfer the peppers into an air-tight freezer bag
  • Expel as much air as you can from the bag and seal up properly
  • Store the bag in the freezer until you need the peppers

Option 2: slice up the jalapenos

If you do not want to freeze the peppers whole, you can pre-slice the jalapenos into the desired size.

This smart method requires less freezer space so they can be stored more compactly. This also saves you the hassle of having to slice the peppers later.

This method is best for those with limited freezer space or an overabundance of jalapenos.

Here’s how to freeze sliced jalapenos:

  • Wash the peppers with cold water
  • Dab the peppers dry with a towel
  • Remove the stems and discard
  • Slice peppers into the desired sizes and shape
  • Spread sliced peppers on a dry cookie sheet and place them in the freezer for 1 hour. This is an optional step but will help keep the jalapenos separated for long-term freezing
  • Transfer frozen sliced jalapenos into an air-tight freezer bag
  • Get out as much air as you possibly from the bag before sealing it properly
  • Place the peppers in the freezer until you need them

Freezing Jalapeno Pepper For Up To 1 Year

It is advised to use all of your frozen jalapenos within the first year of storage. It is possible to keep hot peppers frozen for over a year, but you may begin to notice changes in flavor and color.

When frozen for a long period, jalapeño pepper, like most food items, will begin to develop an odd flavor.

So, if you have a large quantity of jalapenos, try to make more home-cooked meals, or you can use them to make hot sauce.

Conclusion | Can You Freeze Jalapeno Peppers?

Can you freeze jalapeño peppers? Yes, you can; when in season, you can purchase jalapeños in bulk and store them in the freezer; this way, you get to enjoy the peppers all year round.

You can store jalapeño peppers for up to a year in a freezer, after which it is recommended that you use them as their taste and quality will begin to deteriorate after that time.

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