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Does Freezing Chilies Make Them Hotter?

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Chili peppers contain a chemical responsible for the heat known as capsaicin. This chemical activates pain receptors in our mouths, which then tricks our bodies into thinking that we’re hotter than we are and increases our metabolism as well.

But does freezing chilies make them hotter? No, it doesn’t! When stored for a long time, the flavors of the chilies will change and may become mushy and even lose their flavor potency. This, however, does not affect the heat, and your pepper would remain as spicy as it was stored.

How To Freeze Chilies

When freezing fresh chilies, you can choose to freeze them whole, chopped up and sliced, or in ice cubes. All three of these methods have been discussed below, so you can choose from them:

How to Freeze Whole Chilies

Freezing chilies whole is the easiest method for freezing chilies but not the most efficient. Only opt for this method if you intend to use the chilies whole.

Freezing your chilies requires little preparation, so it is a quick process.

1. Clean

Start by giving your chilies a thorough cleaning. Give them a rinse under running water, and wipe them dry with a kitchen towel.

2. Bag Up

Place your whole chilies into a freezer bag, and expel as much as possible from the bag before sealing.

3. Freeze

Place the chilies into the freezer, and you’re all done.

How To Freeze Chopped Chilies

Does Freezing Chilies Make Them Hotter

Freezing whole chilies is the best option if you intend to use the whole chili in the space of a day or two.

If stored longer than this, your chilies may become soggy, which can lead to waste which is what you were probably trying to avoid in the first place.

So, instead, you can consider chopping your chilies before freezing; this way, you can grab a pinch, a tablespoon, or a handful whenever you need it:

This is an excellent storage method for when you know you’ll only need a small quantity from time to time.

1. Prepare Chili

Start by preparing your chilies, cut them open remove the stalk, seeds, and white membrane inside. Now chop up the chilies as you would like to use them – you can cut them into thin slices, dices, or small strips.

2. Flash Freeze

Transfer the chopped chilies onto a baking tray and spread it prepared out. Cover the tray with cling film, then place it in the freezer for a couple of hours.

3. Bag Up

Remove the chilies from the freezer and transfer them carefully into a resealable bag. Seal the bag up, expelling as much air as you can before shutting the bag securely.

4. Freeze

Place the bag in the freezer, and you now have a ready-to-use supply of fresh chilies in your freezer.

How to Freeze Chilies Using Ice Cubes

You can preserve your chilies in an ice cube tray. This method is excellent for when you want to add extra spiciness to your dishes as well as other flavors such as lemongrass or ginger.

1. Prepare Chilies

First, decide on what you intend to use your spice mix on. You can use only chilies if you so wish, but packing your ice cube tray slots with as much flavor as you can is more rewarding.

Add an equal amount of ginger, lemongrass, fresh chili, and garlic. Chop your ingredients into similar sizes.

2. Place Vegetables into Ice Cubes

Add a couple of spoonsful of your chili mix into each slot on the ice cube tray.

3. Add Some Water

After adding the spice mixture to the ice tray, top it up with water until the spices are submerged.

4. Freeze

Cover the tray in a layer of cling film to keep it protected, and place it in the freezer overnight, transfer it to a bag the next day

Take out the tray from the freezer, unwrap the cling film, and pop the cubes out of the ice tray. Place the cubes in a freezer bag or container and place them in the freezer. You can then take out as many cubes as you need and whenever you need them.

Conclusion | Does Freezing Chilies Make Them Hotter?

Does freezing chilies make them hotter? Well, technically no! Chilies are not affected by freezing, but they may become mushy and taste differently when stored in the freezer for too long.

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