Can You Substitute Almond Flavor For Almond Extract?

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Difference Between Almond Extract And Almond Flavor

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Can you substitute almond flavor for almond extract? The answer is Yes! You can also use Vanilla extract as a substitute for Almond extract.

There have been misconceptions on whether Almond extract and Almond flavor are the same things. Almond flavor and Almond extract are not the same as they are made up of different ingredients.

However, they are both flavoring ingredients, often have similar uses in the kitchen. There are other substitutes to use in kitchen emergencies where you run out of Almond extract to use.

Difference Between Almond Extract And Almond Flavor

There are many assumptions about Almond Extract being the same as Almond flavor. The truth is that they are not the same.

The most significant difference between Almond extract and Almond flavor is their ingredients. The ingredients used in making Almond extract include:

  • Alcohol
  • Water
  • Bitter Almond Oil (contains benzaldehyde)

While the Almond flavor is made from synthetic chemicals(benzaldehyde) that are an imitation of Almond extract combined with alcohol and water.

Can You Substitute Almond Flavor For Almond Extract?

Can You Substitute Almond Flavor For Almond Extract

Yes, you can substitute almond flavor for almond extract. Both Almond extract and Almond flavor contain alcohol and water.

However, the benzaldehyde found in Bitter Almond oil is gotten from Almonds, peaches, or apricots. While the benzaldehyde in the Almond flavor is chemically made to imitate the real benzaldehyde.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Use As A Substitute For Almond Extract?

The most common substitute for Almond extract is Vanilla extract. Both of these flavoring ingredients are used for the same culinary purposes.

Because Almond extract has an intense flavor than Vanilla extract, you should use a higher quantity when substituting.

Another Almond extract substitute is Almond flavor. They are used for the exact thing even though they contain different ingredients. Almond flavor is usually referred to as a chemical imitation of Almond extract.

Why Do Almonds Not Taste Like Almond Extract?

Almond and Almond’s extracts do not taste alike because they are different. Almond extracts are made up of water and alcohol diluted with bitter Almond Oil, which contains benzaldehyde.

The benzaldehyde can also be gotten from peaches and apricots.

On the other hand, Almond is a technically inedible nut, especially for children. But their oil can be extracted to get a sweet and strong flavor. Oil from Almonds can be used to make the Almond extract.

Does Almond Milk Taste Like Almond Extract?

If you’ve never tried Almond milk before, you will probably think they taste like Almond extract. This is not true because Almond milk does not taste like Almond extract.

Almond milk tastes more like sweet diary milk or cereal milk than Almond. It has a nutty and creamy texture and varies according to each brand. Almond milk only has a very subtle Almond taste in it.

Can I Make Almond Extract?

Almond extract can easily be purchased at the grocery store. But in cases of emergency, here is how you make Almond extract.


  • Clear liquor (vodka or rum)
  • Whole, raw, skinless almond nuts
  • A glass jar or bottle


  1. Chop your skinless almonds, place them inside a jar of alcohol and seal tightly,
  2. Shake the bottle or jar once a day for at least 2 months. We recommend 3 months as the flavor will improve as it ages,
  3. Strain the extract into a jar or bottle using a coffee filter,
  4. Store in a cool and dark place.

What Does Almond Extract Taste Like?

Almonds used for baking do not taste anything like Almond nuts. Almond extract is notorious for its pure, sweet, and aromatic flavor. The ingredients used for almond extract are water, alcohol, and benzaldehyde.

Almonds are usually inedible, especially for children, but their oil extracts are used in making Almond extracts.

Is It Safe To Use Almond Extract?

For those with tree nut allergies, check if your Almond extract contains Almond. This is because not all almond extract is made from almonds.

Some almond extracts are made from other things like apricots and peaches. If you are allergic to almond extract, you can use Vanilla extract as a substitute.


Almonds extract usually contains Almonds, and this is unsafe for those with tree nut allergies. Can you substitute almond flavor for almond extract? Yes, you can!

Almond flavor does not contain Almonds, it is a combination of water, alcohol, and an imitation of the benzaldehyde found in Almond extracts. This benzaldehyde is not the real thing; it is merely a replica.

Vanilla extract can also be used as a substitute for Almond extract for those who are allergic to tree nuts.

When using Almond flavor and Vanilla extract, you need to add higher dosages. This is because Almond extract has a more robust flavor than these substitutes.

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