What to Serve with Ceviche (7 Tasty Side Dishes)

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What to Serve with Ceviche

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You know when you have a dish, you can’t just get enough of it because it tastes too good? Well, that is exactly how you would feel after tasting ceviche. Ceviche is originally from Peru, but now it is widely used in many South American countries like the Caribbean and Mexico.

Ceviche is a festive dish that tastes citrusy and fresh and can be very addictive. This dish is super easy to make as all you’ll be needing is fresh seafood and other ingredients, preferably from the farmer’s market.

From all these, you should already know that ceviche is very enticing but mind you, it is not a stand-alone dish as you should eat it with an accompaniment. Now, if you’re wondering what to serve with ceviche, that’s exactly this article is all about.

Some delicious side dishes that go with ceviche include shrimp broth, tostadas, cucumber salad, mango salad, rice cakes, fresh oysters, and roasted chili peppers.

What To Serve with Ceviche

1. Shrimp Broth

Ceviche is mainly made with sea produce so that it makes even the tiniest bit of fish useful.

The shrimp broth is a Mexican-like soup that is used to celebrate freshness. Like ceviche, most of the side dishes for this dish come from the sea.

The steaming hot shrimp broth is made with shrimp heads and shells, dried shrimps, chili peppers, and veggies.

Ceviche is best served cold, so it only balances the whole equation when the side dish is served hot, and the bowl of shrimp broth is sure to do the trick.

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2. Tostadas And Crunchy Tortillas

Tostadas are light, fully crunchy dishes and the best way to move your ceviche from the bowl to your mouth.

Since the ceviche is made from tomatoes, avocados, small pieces of onions, seafood, and a few other minutes ingredients, you cannot eat it with a fork conveniently, so when tostadas accompany it, your ceviche can serve as a topping instead.

Either sundried or fried, the tostadas are very resistant to moisture, making them easier to preserve and even enjoy.

3. Fresh Bowl of Cucumber Salad

There’s no fresher side dish to enjoy with your ceviche other than the crisped cucumber salad with a little lime juice sprinkled with salt.

You can also add sprinkled pepper to your mix if you are a fan of spicy dishes.

If you don’t fancy this method, you can slice your cucumbers without peeling off the skin and toss them in a bowl alongside your onions and olives, and it would still turn out delicious.

If these cucumber salads are not good enough for you, you can always go online and search for more amazing cucumber salads recipes online; you can always add ingredients to suit your taste, so be creative as possible.

4. Mango Salad

If you’re a fan of colorful dishes, this side dish is for you. It would be acidic if you were asked to describe ceviche in one word based on taste.

You would want to balance the acidity and alkalinity content of your dish. Then it would be best if you went for something sweeter.

A colorful mango salad is the best option in this case. You can be flexible with your mango salad with other ingredients like the arugula, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and even chopped walnuts. This mixture makes a full bowl of colorful and sweet salad. Enjoy!

5. Roasted Chili Peppers

Ceviche or not, it is always nice to add a particular taste of heat to your dish. That’s why we highly recommend adding a few heaty peppers to your bowl of ceviche.

This dish is not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re sure you can stand the smoky, hot, and sometimes sweet taste of peppers, then you should try this.

You should remove the veins and a few seeds of your peppers before roasting them up (devein) so as too mild them up. It would be best to serve your chili peppers with roasted scallions to add a smoky element to your dish.

6. Rice Cakes

you can eat ceviche either as an entrée or as a topping, so for this situation, it is nice to offer your guest some structural arrangement in your dish.

Rice cakes originate from Korea and are known to have a low-fat content and are also gluten-free, so guests who are gluten intolerant can also enjoy this amazing dish.

Rice cakes won’t only help you ensure that your guests eat up to the last crunch of ceviche, but they will also provide your dish with juiciness.

7. Fresh Oysters

It is only normal that raw food goes well with other raw dishes; that case is not different from that of ceviche and fresh oysters.

Oysters bring another different taste to your dish as they still manage to possess that underwater freshness.

Depending on your location, there are a lot of oyster choices, and you can decide which one you want to use.

The whole idea of having your ceviche with oysters is to create a seafood feast; you can also choose to top them up with a dash of lime juice or hot choice; the choice is all up to you!

Some other amazing options you can go with include white rice. Lettuce leaves for your tacos, rising to the occasion potato chips, head-on shrimp, and an oriental twist of edamame.

Related Questions

What Is Traditionally Served with Ceviche?

For a traditional side dish, you can serve with ceviche with toasted corn kernels, fried green plantain chunks, and sliced potato chips.

How Do You Eat Ceviche with Chips?

There are two common ways you can eat your ceviche with chips. Either you eat chips with a few ceviche chips on top, or you can place your ceviche chips with a bit of chip on the side. Anyway, you go with can always work.

What Time of The Day Is Ceviche Eaten?

You can eat ceviche at any time of the day, but it is usually eaten as lunch or brunch. Due to its light and refreshing taste, it is perfect for the beach.

What Fish Is Best for Ceviche?

The best type of fish you can have with your ceviche is a firm or semi-firm lean cut of fish. You can use some amazing cuts of fish, including the bass, grouper, sole, or rockfish. If you’re not so conversant with fish parts, you can ask the fish seller for assistance.

Do You Drain Ceviche?

Yes, draining is a process involved while making your ceviche. You season your ceviche with pepper and salt and then toss it around for a few seconds to combine. Cover the mixture and cook for about 10 minutes or until your fish is soft. After this has been done, drain the mixture and eat to your liking.


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