What To Eat With Queso (6 Suitable Pairings)

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What to Eat with Queso

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Queso is an appetizer or a side dish made with a thick and creamy melted cheese and chili pepper and is usually served at Tex-Mex restaurants.

The usual queso is sometimes mistaken for the queso fondido, which is made with melted cheese. But what can you eat with queso?

There are a few side dishes that goes with queso, including mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, bread sticks, raw vegetables, spicy pineapple salsa, and tortilla chips.

We’ll be exploring a few options you could consider if you’re wondering what to eat with queso, so stick with us!

What to Eat With Queso

1. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are normally known to taste very good when eaten alone, so when it is paired with delicious queso dip, you create a magical taste in your mouth.

You can sprinkle a bit of your queso dip on your potatoes, or you can eat your mashed potatoes in your queso dip. Whichever way you go is acceptable as long as you enjoy the unique taste.

2. Bread Sticks

Breadsticks go great with almost every meal, and as soon as you master the art of making them, you wouldn’t know how to stop enjoying them.

Just the thought of dipping your delicious breadsticks in your bowl of queso is enough to make most people love the art of cooking.

The good thing is that breadsticks are not that difficult to prepare from scratch as all you’ll be needing is just bread and a few more ingredients.

3. Sweet Potato Fries

When you’re wondering what to eat with your queso, you should always consider sweet potato fries or French fries.

The thought of dipping this crispy delight in your bowl of cheese is enough satisfaction as it blends the creamy flavor of your queso and the crunchiness of your potato is enough to light up the rest of your whole day.

4. Spicy Pineapple Salsa

The spicy pineapple salsa combines the taste of fruity pineapples with a spicy taste. What could be better than eating this combination with the creamy queso cheese dip? Nothing more.

5. Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips are considered one of the best side dishes you can have with your queso cheese, but the high usage rate of this side dish makes people want to try out some other side dishes.

The tangy and spicy taste of the tortilla chips is what you need to eat as you have the queso dip.

6. Raw Vegetables

You can get healthy vegetables like carrots, celery, green onions, carrots, cauliflowers, and spinach and whip them into a salad bowl.

Raw vegetables will provide you with a healthy and equally tasty dipper that balances your dish’s flavor.

How Do I Make a Queso Dip?

Making a queso dip is very easy once you have the right ingredients. For this recipe, you’ll need diced tomatoes, cauliflowers, parmesan cheese, pepper jack cheese, jalapeno pepper, milk, and spices like salt, pepper, and garlic.

For the instructions, place your cauliflower florets in a microwaveable bowl and microwave them till the cauliflower gets tender.

After this has been done, drain and transfer it to a food processor or blender and add your milk, salt, pepper, garlic, and process until it is smooth.

After this mixture has been set, place the cauliflower mix, cheese, jalapeno peppers, and tomatoes in an iron skillet and heat as you stir until the cheese melts and the mixture is bubbly.

When making this dish, the best cheese you should consider should be cheddar cheese, as it is healthy, full of cream, and equally tasty.

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What Can I Do with My Queso Besides Making a Dip?

Dips are not the only thing queso is good for. On a lookout for something extra delicious to do with your extra queso.

I will be providing you with a list of other amazing recipes that you can make with your queso dip.

Bake A Casserole

This queso casserole is ideal for busy weekdays when you won’t be able to cook dinner, and it is very easy, convenient, and filling, so the queso was utilized in that recipe.

Taco Tuesday

This rich, nutrition-packed dish only gets better when complemented with a highly creamy cheese like the queso fresco.

Heat Some Chili

Cheddar has always been a classic chili topper, so mixing it with a little queso cheese would make it more classical.

Mac And Cheese

Mac and queso cheese? The perfect meal for a hangout with friends or even a date night.

Is Queso Dip Good for You?

The Mexican cheese queso dip has a high-fat level, so it is not the healthiest food choice even if it provides protein.

Is Queso Healthier Than Guacamole?

As funny as it sounds, the queso dish is much healthier than the guacamole as it contains fewer calories and fewer fats compared to the guacamole.

The guacamole contains 150 calories while the queso contains about 110 calories which means that the guacamole contains about 25% more than the queso.


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