Trinidad Scorpion Vs Ghost Pepper (Key Differences)

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Moruga Scorpion Vs Ghost Pepper



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Between Trinidad Scorpion vs ghost pepper, which is the hottest, and how are they different?

Both of these peppers are well renowned in the chili community as one of the world’s scorching peppers with some of the best flavors.

The Trinidad Scorpion weighs about1,200,000 SHU to 2,000,000 SHU, while the Ghost peppers are only 855,000 to 1,041,427 Scoville heat units.

That only proves:

“The hottest Ghost pepper will always be less stringent than the mildest Trinidad Scorpion pepper.”

But one thing is sure, neither of these peppers is for the timid because it will (for sure) set your taste buds ablaze. 

So without wasting much of your time, let’s stack these two titans side-by-side and see what we have got in the pepper scale. 

Trinidad Scorpion Vs Ghost Pepper

Trinidad Scorpion Vs Ghost Pepper

Let’s say this outright:

The Trinidad Scorpion is no doubt the heat winner between the two. But that’s not the end of the match; we are just done with the first round. 

Let’s quickly look into other areas of the contest below:


The look is one factor that distinguishes the Trinidad Scorpion from the Ghost pepper. All Scorpion peppers look familiar; they have a bulbous, wrinkly texture and grow in one to two inches in length. 

More importantly, it never fails to carry the scorpion stinger that gives them that edgy, dangerous look. 

Meanwhile, the ghost chilies come in many different shades, but the hottest red pepper type. 

They grow between 2.5 to 3.5 inches in length. Their long, pendant-shaped pods ALWAYS have bumpy skin. 

Ghost chilies come in so many different shades.

Each variety has differences (besides color) in heat level and taste. And that may sway you towards one over another.

The Taste

Judging both peppers in taste is a tough call. 

The spice at this level is ridiculously high, which will out shadow the rest of the teste. 

Moreover, most people will only taste them partly in hot sauces and salads mixed with many other ingredients. 

Even at that, both have a surprisingly sweet amount of fruitiness in them. 

The ghost pepper has a touch of smokiness, while the Trinidad Scorpion tastes more like the Thai chili pepper. 

Which Pepper Is Easier To Find?

Here is where the ghost pepper truly shines, as its reputation precedes it.

While you can’t find any of the world’s hottest peppers sitting around in your local store, the ghost pepper is one you can easily bump into.

Well, that is due to their popularity and slightly lesser heat content. 

They are one of the prominent hot chili pepper out there — available online, hot sauce shops, and specialty stores. 

Unfortunately, randomly seeing hotter chilies like the Trinidad scorpion would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. 

These are scorching peppers, too spicy for the general public to handle. 

Even if you accidentally come across them, it will either be the seeds or plants at a specialty gardening store or Online. 

Which Pepper Has More Products Made From It?

Both peppers run nearly neck-to-neck. But one does overlap, and that is the ghost pepper. 

No doubt, there are a wide variety of extremely hot salsas, sauces, chili rub, and more made out of both chilies.

But you are likely to see MORE ghost pepper products around. 

What Is The Most Expensive Pepper In The World?

Guess what pepper it should be:

The Carolina Reaper? 

Hell no! 

The most expensive pepper on the planet is the Aji Charapita Pepper.

This chili has a fruity citrus flavor without being too hot. A dried pound or kilogram is worth about $11,300 to $25,000. 

The Aji Charapita A.K.A “the mother of all types of peppers” grows as a wild bushy plant in the Peruvian jungle. 

It produces hundreds of tiny, round, Tepin-like spicy peppers. They are widely used as a fresh finishing spice for fish, chicken, and rice dishes. You can also use them for an extra kick of flavor to your salsas and sauces. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s More Potent Than A Ghost Pepper?

The ghost pepper is only about 855,000 to 1,041,427 SHU. If I’m right, they are the 7th world’s hottest pepper. This means six extra “Super-HOT” peppers eclipses it at the Scoville scale.

What Is The Hottest Pepper On Earth?

That title goes to the Carolina Reaper. While they are not as popular as other contenders, the Reaper still holds the Guinness World Record crown as the world’s hottest pepper up till this point. 

What Pepper Is Hotter Than Dragon’s Breath?

The Dragon’s Breath chile pepper is tested to have about 2.48 million Scoville units, surpassing the Reaper. However, they are no match for Pepper X. Pepper X weighs up to 3.18 million Scoville units but hasn’t been confirmed yet by the Guinness World Records. 

What Is The Least Spicy Pepper?

If you don’t have the tolerance for super-hot peppers, you might want to settle for either sweet bell pepper or cherry peppers. 

These are the mildest peppers you can get, especially the bell peppers. Sweet bell pepper is at the bottommost side of the Scoville scale. They are zero-heat pepper, meaning they are NOT HOT or SPICY. Their flavor can vary from bitter, grassy; to tangy and sweet. 

Cherry pepper, on the other hand, is somewhat spicy. But not as scotching as the top-rated, with a heat level of about 5000 SHU. They resemble cherry in tiny sizes with a hint of sweetness. 

Conclusion: Moruga Scorpion Vs Ghost Pepper

The difference between the Trinidad scorpion and ghost pepper lies in their spice and taste. 

But REALLY, neither of these peppers should be taken lightly, especially if you’ve not built up your taste palate. 

Because while the former may seem to have taken all the glories, the latter is also INSANELY hot. Every bite is as hot as the Trinidad Scorpion.

So DO NOT underestimate the Trinidad Scorpion. It is as vicious as the scorpion stinger.

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