Pit Boss Vs Traeger: Key Differences

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Pit Boss Vs Traeger



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Pit Boss is one hell of a brand that continues to take territory in the pellet smokers industry. We have compared it to Z Grills — one of the leading manufacturers and they were smoked since Pit Boss has more features and is relatively cheap. 

We believe Traeger is a more worthy opponent since they too sit prevalently amongst the best. 

The Pit Boss vs Traeger won’t be easy. There are two price points, plenty of features, and models to choose from, which can be challenging to know  the one  best for you. 

But as usual, the comparison will scratch across their price, construction, temperature control, temperature range, cooking space, pellet hopper size, warranty, and extra features.

And if we were to judge the book by its cover, Pit Boss BBQ has won over many customers with its low prices, making it a top competitor to Traeger. 

Aside from that, judging from their slogan, Pit Boss makes the loudest noise. But let’s not be carried away. 

What You should know About Traeger

Traeger had a monopoly over the market. 

Their products was actually the first to took the fuss out of home smoking. They have been soaring in greatness in this industry.

Once their patent for the original charcoal grill expired in 2006, other manufacturers glided into the market and began creating innovative products. This creativity eventually led to a price war among competitors.

Consumers now have more choices than ever, but Traeger remains one of the best-selling brands and is backed by a reputation for premium quality.

So respect should be given where it is due.

In addition, the company is no longer a family-owned business. Funnily enough, Joe Traeger sold the company in 2006 and now works for a rival fame, Dansons, owner of Pit Boss.

Traeger originally made grills in the US, but now like most competing companies, they manufacture their products in China.

What You Should Know About Pit Boss

Pit Boss is known for its affordable and high-quality pellet smokers, but they manufacture other types of grills like charcoal and gas.

Their experiences producing models with the best-in-class quality, durability, and performance are not in doubt since they were one of the first companies to enter the pellet smoker market.

They have been following their slogan like a sacred thing “Bigger. Hotter. Heavier.” And believe nothing can hit this in the market.

Well, we’re about to see that in a few.

Pit Boss Vs Traeger

So here’s a breakdown of how each brand performs in different areas.


Sadly, I’ll have to call this a tie.

Traeger’s market position has always been secure, but the company suffered a black eye in its control quality when it moved its production to China.

Despite this, Pit Boss grills have been known to feel flimsy compared with the solidly built Traeger.

That said, both Pit Boss and Traeger offer some fully insulated models and upgrades such as stainless steel bodies and higher-quality temperature controllers.

Cooking Space

Both Pit Boss and Traeger are known for making smokers specifically designed to cook with pellets.

This means you can find a smoker of any size from these two brands—from portable models suitable for camping or tailgating to super-sized machines capable of cooking an entire turkey or pig in one go!

For those with limited space, Pit Boss has a vertical smoker that will maximize your cooking surface and still look like a serious piece of equipment.

So the bottom line is pit Boss grills offer more flexibility in their vertical space-to-cooking area ratio, but both are equally good choices.

Pellet Hopper Size

The bigger your hopper, the longer you can smoke without reloading or touching a thing.

Traeger grills typically have an 18-pound hopper, which is large enough to handle most cooks without refueling and can hold additional charcoal for longer cooking sessions.

But, Pit Boss’s grills offer more variation in hopper sizes than Traeger does.

Most of Pit Boss’s models come with at least as much cooking space—and often more—than the average Traeger grill, though some larger and newer Pit Bosses have mammoth 55-pound hoppers capable of lasting 24 hours without reloading.

Temperature Range

Both Traeger and Pit Boss pellet smokers now max out at about 500°F— hot enough to reverse sear, or quickly wood-fire some burgers.

Although, with its slide-open sear plate, Pit Boss gives you the option to grill over an open wood-fired flame—and that means better results with a crispier crust and more moisture retention.

Thus, the Pit Boss and the Traeger have similar temperature ranges, giving them versatility to smoke, roast, bake or braise. But on top of that ability—the Pit Boss can open flame grill too!

Extra Features

Both Pit Boss and Traeger offer valuable extras with their smokers, including strong casters (to make it easier to transport your smoker), pellet-purging doors that prevent pellets from going stale, and other features designed to make cleanup a breeze.

However, all Traeger smokers now include WiFIRE technology, which allows you to connect your smartphone with the grill for complete remote control via their app.


We all love a product that is worth our money.

 But nothing is more satisfying than the feeling of having cheated the manufacturer —that you’re paying so little to get so much benefit. 

And that is what buying from Pit Boss feels like. 

Pit Boss’s reputation has been built on its relatively low cost compared with Traeger’s.

Most of Pit Boss’s pellet smokers fall into the $500 – 700 USD price range, with smaller models costing less and their top-of-the-line products maxing out at around 700 USD.

On the contrary, the most basic model of a Traeger grill costs around $600 plus, but the company’s most prominent and baddest version can cost up to $2,000.

While Traeger grills are more expensive than others, you get what’s advertised with the brand: high quality. Pit Boss has good value for money and is a practical alternative if the price is an issue.


Traeger’s pellet grills come with a 3-year warranty; Pit Boss has recently upped their game to offer an impressive five-year warranty on all of their grills.

This is level to this thing called “confident.”

Pit Boss must have tremendous confidence in their product to offer a generous 5-year warranty. Nobody will look past this. 


Coming up with an answer to the question of which one is better, between Pit Boss vs Traeger, can never be done in a straightforward manner.

There are numerous elements to consider such as cost, quality, and performance. In the end, different products may be better for specific applications than others.

But from what we have seen so far Pit Boss appears more appealing. 


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