Top 13 Most Popular Ethnic Foods in The World (With Photos)

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Most Popular Ethnic Foods In The World

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In our guide today, we explore the most popular ethnic foods in the world. As you may know, in many parts of the world, there are ethnic foods that ring a bell in the mind of both the visitors and residents of the country.

The ethnic food ranges from Japanese foods to Mexican foods and then to Chinese food, Italian foods, and many more.

However, there are things that make this parts of the world make mind-blowing food and this steals the hearts of many.

Do you want to know more about these popularly eaten ethnic foods in the world? Well, read on to find out now!

What Makes The Ethnic Foods In These Countries Popular?

You might wonder what makes these dishes more popular than other dishes, well this is because like any other thing, many cuisines sea food as an art and they would spend their time carefully creating the meal.

Many of them use different ingredients to make the meal more robust and colorful, too. And with spices, be sure that even the simplest of them all possess this unbeatable taste. And this is what makes these ethnic foods popular.

Now let us learn about the most popular ethnic foods in the world.

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Most Popular Ethnic Foods In The World

1. Chinese foods

Chinese cuisines are well known for their versatility in making several dishes. The most popular cuisines include Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, and many moreChinese food is one of the most popular in Asian countries.

The Chinese foods are very rich and well crafted by food connoisseurs. Its vibrant color and aromatic flavor make it the center of attraction and the very heart of Asian countries. The Chinese cuisines invest in the taste of their foods too.

And by adding just a few herbs like parsley, dill, and many other herbs, the meal will turn out better. And this makes Chinese food fun. So, all the seasonings and other ingredients that come into play make Chinese foods become a paradise on a plate!

Some of these wonderful recipes would include; Peking roasted duck, Kung pao chicken, sweet and sour pork, noodles, rice, and soup.

These are a few amongst many other Chinese foods that ring a bell in the mind of the residents and even the visitors.

2. Japanese foods

Another ethnic food that is popular in our world today is Japanese food. The Japanese cuisines also take the time to make various dishes that stand out in Japan.

All the traditional foods are highly prepared to soothe the needs of all and sundry.

One of the traditional cuisines in Japan focuses on making rice with miso soup and other dishes. Other cuisines, however, try out many dishes all at once, making it possible for people to have a plethora of lists to choose from.

The other dishes that make up this popular ethnic food include sushi, Udon noodles, tempura, sashimi, Ramen, and Donburi, and a good number of them are still piled up.

All these dishes offer umami taste when anybody relishes them, so the residents and even visitors can vouch for the goodness of the Japanese foods. So, Japanese foods are one of the most popular ethnic foods in the world.

3. Thai food

Speak of lightly prepared dishes that exude sweet taste and satisfaction, speak of Thai foods. The Thai cuisines are notable for the light dishes they make. The Thai cuisines are the national cuisines of Thailand.

And although the Thai cuisines emphasize making light dishes, the dishes are relatively exquisite and almost perfect.

Many dishes from the north part are relatively salty and rarely sweet. However, it occupies the heart of many, especially people that prefer such meals.

Some good number of Thai foods that are very popular are the Pad Kra Pao Moo (Minced Pork stir-fried with chili and Thai Basil), you would also find the Tom Kha Gai (Coconut soup with chicken), and Pad Thai (Thai fried noodles), we also have Moo Satay (Pork Satay) and a lot more.

So, Thai food is one of the most popular ethnic foods in the world.

4. Mexican food

The heart of Mexico is also in their cuisines. The Mexican cuisines deal with modern cooking and traditional cooking as well. So, there is enough for everybody!

Mexican foods are indeed great as it offers savory and makes the taste bud yearn for more. The food connoisseurs are quite generous with their craft and would do justice to any meal they make.

Mexican food is one of the most popular ethnic foods in the world. And because of this even with every other ethnic food the residents and visitors can attest to the abundance of taste and satisfaction Mexican foods offer.

And when it is time to choose any food, it might be tasky, as many of their dishes are acceptable and sweet.

So, lets say you want to choose from the plethora of foods in Mexican cuisines, here is a good number of good Mexican food to look out for; chiles en nogada, Frijoles Charros, Mexican rice, tamales, chili con Carner, meaning Chilli with beef, and many others.

5. Italian food

The Italian cuisines are also always at the top of the game, when it comes to making mouth-watery meals that go around the world. The Italian cuisines are Mediterranean cuisine that comprises many ingredients, recipes, and even many cooking techniques that make them unique.

The Italian cuisines are popularly known for making risotto and other mind-blowing dishes. The Italian food does great in making quick and sweet meals too.

There are many other Italian foods to choose from when the time calls for it. So, let us see them, so we have; pizza, gnocchi, pasta, pesto alla Genovese, lasagna, prosciutto di Parma and even the popular ice cream gelato.

So, there is quite enough to choose from, no wonder Italian foods are also one of the most popular ethnic foods in the world.

6. Indian food

Well, like every other cuisine, Indian cuisines are centered on using the ingredients and recipes at hand to make meals that are native to India.

And although the meal will still depend on the region, the fact is that they use locally available spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits to get their desired results.

Indian is not just limited to Indians, so nobody would have to travel all nooks and crannies in search of the Indian dishes. This is because many countries, including Africans, have Indian restaurants in many places.

So since many Indian restaurants provide Indian foods, what are you expecting to get from these restaurants? Let us see them…

We have the Aloo Gobi, Lamb Curry, Homemade Naan, Tondoori Chicken, Chicken Curry, and Indian Butter Chicken.

7. Korean food

Another food that many people know as one of the most popular ethnic food in the world is Korean food. And because of political change, Korean food has taken a substantial shift as it makes both traditional and modern foods.

And just as every other food is likened to the region, Korean food is likened to Korea. The food connoisseurs stop at nothing just to make and serve the best and most savory dishes.

The Korean cuisines involve many foods that make up for great dishes for both residents and visitors.

Let us know the popular foods that make up Korean foods; kimchi, bibimbap, red rice cakes, bulgogi, Korean stew, Jajangmyeon, and many more

8. Jamaican food

Jamaican is also one of the most popular ethnic foods in the world. Best known for making jerk meats. The Jamaican cuisines make exquisite meals that offer many people satisfaction.

The Jamaican foods are native to Jamaica, and every restaurant makes many Jamaican foods. So, the residents and even visitors are fond of the place.

So, if you dream of visiting Jamaica, there is always somewhere to hope for a good time and refilling when the time calls for it.

Let us see the various Jamaican foods that you should look out for; mannish water, chicken foot soup, fish tea, and Jamaican jerk chicken. There are a plethora of lists to choose from.

These are many of the ethnic food that keep ranking on people’s lists.

9. Spanish food

Spanish food is one of the most popular ethnic foods in the world. The Spanish cuisines take to heart that which they serve for people’s consumption.

These cuisines cook traditional and perform other practices from Spain. Many Spanish cuisines use olive oil to prepare their meal; it makes up the vegetable sauce.

They also use more vegetables to prepare meals. Vegetables like, oregano, rosemary, and thyme are more useful in Spanish cuisines.

Let’s see a list of the popular Spanish foods that many people would love to have,

  • Paella
  • Tapas
  • Gazpacho
  • Pimientos de pardon
  • Jamón Iberico

So, there are plenty of recipes to try out even if it is your first time visiting.

10. British food

British cuisines are also at the top of their games in offering savory dishes and mind-blowing recipes for residents and visitors alike.

Did you know that British cuisine’s cooking’s is  also due to the practices of the United Kingdom? So they spend time intentionally infusing taste and quality into their dishes.

No wonder British cuisine is one of the most popular ethnic foods in the world. British cuisines are renowned for making these dishes; Sunday roast, fish and chips, bangers and mash, toad in the hole, shepherd’s pie/cottage pie.

11. French food

French cuisines also are one of the most popular ethnic foods in the world. They practice their cooking and culinary talents in France.

More than that, they are highly influenced by the cooking skills of other cuisines like Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

Renowned for making great recipes they are so inviting, that many visitors find their foods highly nutritional and appealing. And this makes it easier for anybody to adapt to the place during short visits or even long visits.

12. Scottish food

Here is another ethnic food that is also popular. Many people refer to Scotland as a foodie paradise. And this is because they are crafty in making their dishes rank. They are good at making smoked salmon, Scottish porridge, seafood, cranachan, and many more.

So, visitors are bound to revisit after having the various dishes served sparingly.

And if you have always had it in mind to travel to Scotland but you are wondering what their meal looks like; this is the time to delve into knowing more about Scotland.

That it is a foodie paradise should buy you some confidence too.

13. German food

Did you know German cuisines comprise various local and regional cuisines? Their craftiness in making meals is mind-blowing and they extend their wings in culinary crafts to neighboring countries like the Czech Republic and even Poland.

Although their local cuisines focus on making the traditional meal and any other local dish, the regional cuisines focus on making any other kind of dish. The regional cuisines use bread, potatoes, and meat, preferably pork, to make their mouth-watery dish.

German is even a part of Europe, little it easier for them to relate with other countries when it comes to culinary games. Some of their foods include egg noodles, breaded cutlet (schnitzel), meat dumplings (maultaschen), German pot roast (sauerbraten), and others.


These are the most popular ethnic foods in the world, they are well known in many parts of the world. From Chinese food to even Japanese foods and then to Thai foods, these foods make up great dishes in their region.

So when it is time to choose from any of these ethnic foods, ensure you pick the one that suits you. And you sure have many of them to choose from.

And if either you intend to move to any of these places for vacation or you are simply going for a long vacation, we have sorted it for you.

Have a great time picking the right ethnic food for your standards!


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