Top 10 Most Eaten Meats in the World (With Photos)

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Most Eaten Meats in the World

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Meats are an important staple that many households and restaurants incorporate in many of their recipes.

The taste of meats and its nutrition will depend on the flesh of the animal. This ranges from pig, cow, buffalo, and chicken.

However, based on demand, availability, taste, and choice, some meats are consumed more in the world than the others.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most eaten meats in the world and why people eat them a lot.

Let’s get started!

Most Eaten Meats in the World

So, for the most demanded and consumed meats in the world, we pick the best amongst many other meats that are popular too.

So, although these meats seem to be associated with many regions, other regions enjoy these categories without remorse.

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1. Chicken meat

So we have chicken as our first pick and as you may know, chicken is classified as a bird. The botanical name for chicken is Gallus domesticus; it is known as a jungle fowl species but then many people train them domestically to suit human consumption.

Although chicken is very popular in many parts of the world, research proves that, as of 2019, there was a record of 9.22 billion chickens harvested in the United States, and the said amount is higher than any other country.

China ranked second with a total number of 4.74 billion chickens. So, chicken is one of the top 10 most consumed meats in the world.

However, it is relatively expensive in many regions where people would have to struggle to keep available for the masses compared to other regions it is mostly available in.

What does chicken taste like? Although the taste of chicken will chiefly depend on how you cook it and what you cook it with, overall, chicken has this slightly sweet taste.

The back of the chicken produces some oil when you fry it. You would experience a rubbery-like feeling when you chew it. Although it produces fat too, it has a little fat compared to some meats.

You can cook, fry, roast, smoke, or even bake your chicken depending on what you want and what the recipe calls for.

So, chicken always takes the lead when it is time to find meats that beat in the heart of many.

2. Pork meat

Although pigs are always not fans of anybody apart from the people that raise them, pork meat is quite relevant and most consumed in the world today.

And according to statistics, it says that the pork output totaled 118 million tons as of 2021. China produces pork meats the most, followed by Europe and the United States.

Pork meats are expensive compared to many other types of meat. However, many people find it an essential ingredient in the kitchen. Pork meats make up for a good standalone meal or even a side dish.

There are plenty of recipes that you can make with pork meats. So pork meat is one of the top 10 most consumed meat in the world.

What does pork taste like? Well, as any other meat pork has this natural meaty taste, although mild, it offers a savory taste when you add ingredients and other seasonings.

You can also choose to fry, cook, smoke, or roast the pork meat there is no way you would not get the best with it.

Note: pork meats have more fat compared to many other types of meat. So, it is important to know the proportion that is perfect for you.

3. Beef meat

Here is another meat amongst the top 10 most consumed meats in the world. Beef is a general meat that many people would love to have around or in their homes.

Beef is popularly gotten from the flesh of a cow, bull, or cattle. The popular parts people enjoy are chuck, brisket, rib, loin, flank, and the thigh, also known as the shank.

As of 2018, research proved that China, the United States, and Brazil were the largest producers of beef. However, beef is now versatile in many regions, as it is more available compared to other meats.

Beefs are budget-friendly too. No wonder almost every household has them stored in the fridge for other times. Beef meat is available as dried meats too; this is the more expensive version of beef.

What does beef taste like? Compared to other meats, beef has a low-fat content; it has a milder taste too, even when it has this earthy flavor.

And like other meats, you can fry, cook or smoke beef to serve your household some mouth-watery meal.

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4. Lamb meat

The fourth most consumed meat among the top 10 most consumed meats in the world is lamb meat. Lamb meat is gotten from the sheep flesh. It is popular in Mediterranean cultures and Northern Africa and other countries in the Middle East.

Lamb meat can fit in many recipes, and although lamb meat has fat, its content is relatively low compared to beef. Lamb meat is very nutritious and can serve as a substitute for many types of meat, especially beef meat.

Traditionally, many cultures even settle for lamb meat for celebration and a good number of reasons.

What does lamb taste like? Lamb has a robust taste that is quite flavorful; however, you can enhance the taste by adding some seasonings and other ingredients.

5. Goat meat

When it is time to go for a softer texture compared to beef, many people would choose goat meat repeatedly. Goat meat is another meat that is mostly consumed in the world.

Most times, people are unlucky when they settle for the female goat, especially if they want a quick meal in a short time. This is because many people believe that a female goat (nanny) is harder compared to a male goat (buck), so it would take more time to soften.

In order words, only go for male goat meat when you want to have some quick meals.

What does goat meat taste like? Goat has a notable smell that even influences the taste anytime you cook it. It is relatively sweet and even tastier when you add spices to enhance the taste.

No wonder many cuisines, like the Mexican cuisines and the Jamaican cuisines, incorporate goat meat in their meal. Jamaicans can even go as far as using goat meat to make jerk meat.

6. Turkey meat

And again, one of the most consumed meats in the world is turkey. Turkey is also a bird, just like chicken, but turkey is more robust and scarce compared to chicken.

Turkey meat is gotten from the flesh of domesticated and wild turkeys, hence the name turkey meat. Turkey is one of the healthiest meats after the chicken.

Turkey is a substantial source of protein so it would offer many nutrients when you have them.

Taste of turkey meat: turkey meat has a mild taste that can easily adapt to meals when you add some spices into the turkey meat. Add some herbs and spices to make up a sweet meal.

Turkey has lower fat content than any meat and any other meat, so it is even a better choice compared to other meats.

7. Duck meat

Also known as, duckling meat, duck meat is the meat of various species of bird in the family Anctidae. You can find the bird in both fresh and salt water. The meat is highly consumed in many cuisines around the world.

The meat is a rich source of protein; it has less fat compared to beef or even pork. Many people refer the duck meat as white meat; this is because it contains myoglobin.

China is notable for producing the highest number of meat, followed by Myanmar and then Vietnam, and many other countries. And although duck meat is not well known in many regions, it is still versatile meat.

What is the taste of duck meat? Duck meat has a relatable strong flavor, almost similar to red meat. Duck is fattier compared to other meats like chicken and turkey. It is tender and you can easily consume it with the moisture in it.

You can prepare the duck meat in several ways, just like every other meat.

8. Buffalo meat

Buffalo meats are another meat in our list of the top 10 most consumed meats in the world. The meat is from the water buffalo. Many people refer it to as bovid.

Many people raise a bovid for milk and meat production. It is popular in countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia Slovakia, and other places.

Buffalo meats are also called red beef and carabeef; however, this would depend on the country.

Taste of buffalo meat: buffalo meat has skin that is more delicate and a great flavor compared to beef. It is also slightly sweet. No wonder many countries have it in many of their recipes. Naturally, the meat has a lower fat content.

9. Goose meat

Similar to chicken, turkey, or duck meat, goose meat is excellent meat that many cuisines in the Chinese and Middle Eastern find tasty and highly consumable. The Embden goose is the most raised goose for meat; this is because of the fast growth.

Goose is also a type of poultry that has gained popularity in the world today, so it is great among the top 10 most consumed meats in the world.

It is quite nutritious and many people incorporate goose meat in many of their recipes. They are bigger than ducks and have more fat content too!

Taste of goose meat: some goose meat, especially the wild goose tastes like rare roast beef. The goose meat, although relatively tender, is great meat that offers a savory taste to any dish anybody prepares with it.

10. Rabbit meat

Another meat that makes up the most eaten meat in the world is rabbit meat. The rabbit meat is healthy and because it is relatively cheap, it is even available in many regions. Many prefer rabbit meat to other meats because it has a content that is more proteinous.

China is still the largest country that produces rabbit meat. Research says that China experienced a substantial increase in rabbit production over the last decade.

Taste of rabbit: rabbit meat has a taste that is like chicken, although the taste is alterable since it will all depend on the recipe you are making it.

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Meats are a significant source of nutrients and offer a great taste to any recipe you use them in. However, their meats that tend to rank higher than the other meats.

This would depend on the demand, availability, and richness of the meat. And here in this guide, we discussed the top 10 most consumed meats in the world.

So, this would help you when it is time to make choices on which meat to settle for. Ensure you choose if you want to take a turn in your culinary skills.


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