Top 10 Most Eaten Fishes In The World

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Top 10 Most Eaten Fishes In The World

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Arguably, fish is the most eaten food in the world, and can be used as a side dish or a standalone meal. Fish is notable for its nutritional benefits.

Little wonder, many households and restaurants incorporate fish in many of their recipes. A lot of people go as far as serving fish with various ingredients.

And although many fishes make their way into many people’s heart, there is always a few that are always at the top of the game.

This article discusses the some of the most eaten fishes in the world and why people eat them a lot.

Let’s get started!

Most Eaten Fishes In The World

1. Salmon

Also known as, salmon salar, salmon fish is a relatively large fish since it is the third largest fish in the family of salmonidae. Many restaurants and households consume it very often.

There are varieties of meals you can make with salmon. Salmon is native to tributaries of the North Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. Salmon is a notable name for various species of ray-finned fish.

Many people consider salmon as the most farmed among much other fish. Salmon can thrive both in salt water and in freshwater.

King salmon fish weighs over 126 pounds and gets up to 58 inches. It is the largest salmon species.

And although there are slight changes to differentiate the male and female salmon fish, they both behave similarly when they go deep in water as they slightly change color.

And because salmon has an accommodating flesh, many people cook, fry, smoke, or even bake salmon. And adding other ingredients like vegetables and seasonings can quickly change the cooking game.

You can try these salmon recipes:

2. Tuna

Another fish amongst the top 10 most eaten fishes is tuna.

The botanical name for tuna is thunnini; tuna is classified as a saltwater fish in the sub-grouping of the Scombridae family. This fish is an elongated and full-bodied fish that offers great taste in many dishes people make with it.

Although there are 8 species of tuna that many people choose from, the skipjack tuna is preferable compared to others. Other tuna like canned white tuna and albacore have a high content of mercury. And this might not be acceptable to many people.

Tuna are considered wild animals; however, they are very safe for consumption. The length of the fish is ten feet and, as it weighs 2000 pounds, depending on the size, you are sure to have a full-course meal with just a fish. After all, it is a good standalone meal too.

Tuna is a healthy food that is rich in protein and vitamins. No wonder many people easily turn to tuna for lunch or even a quick dinner. Tuna just like a sardine is available in raw and canned, so you have several alternatives to try out.

There is quite a plethora of list of recipes that you can prepare with tuna. This is good because it requires a low budget too.

3. Cod

Another fish notable for its versatility, hence another fish in our list of top most eaten fish in the world is the codfish.

Although cod is a common name for the fish genus Gadus, many people also refer to cod as a common name for a good number of other fish species. The species that belong to the genus Gadus is notably known as Alaska Pollock, Gadus Chalcogrammus.

So, it might seem almost impossible to identify codfish. However, for the simplest route to finding the perfect cod for your recipe, you can choose from either Atlantic cod or Pacific codfish (Gadus macrocephalus).

Atlantic cod is more notable thorough out North Atlantic, while you can see Pacific cod in the eastern and western regions of the northern Pacific. Cod is now popular in the UK, Brazil, Spain, and Portugal.

Many people might prefer codfish because of the mild flavor and flaky white flesh. To make cod liver oil, which is a significant source of vitamin A, D, and E, the cod liver is processed to make the oil.

You can learn the varieties of codfish recipes, so you can get the best out of it.

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4. Tilapia

Over a hundred species of cichlid fish are referred to as tilapia. Nile tilapia, Mozambique tilapia, zebra tilapia, and redbreast tilapia are a few, amongst other many species of tilapia.

Tilapia is freshwater fish that thrives in shallow streams, ponds, rivers, and even lakes.

The species of fish can easily adapt to living in several conditions, especially in the sea. Though tilapia is originally from Africa, tilapia is now notable in Asia, America, and other countries too. It is fast growing with a sunfish-like shape. It has many unique characteristics that make it easily identifiable.

Nile, Blue, and Mozambique fish are the most commonly eaten, among other varieties. Tilapia offers assorted nutrients like potassium, vitamins, and phosphorus.

And if you are looking forward to making a handful of full course meals with tilapia, then try out parmesan-crusted tilapia fillets, lemon garlic baked tilapia recipe, garlicky lemon baked tilapia. They are a good place to start from.

And if you want a budget-friendly meal, then you can try tilapia with some tubs or green leaves.

5. Sardine

Sardine is another fish in our top 10 most eaten fish in the world. Popularly known because they are mostly canned with omega-3 acids and vitamins. Portugal consumes most of this species.

Sardines are relatively small, with some tiny bones that are soft and edible; so many people are most likely to consume sardines. And although it is mostly available in cans, you can have them fresh or even frozen.

Many people enjoy sardine because it is stored in a can. So, many regions are used to the cans. However, it might be hard for most of them to identify sardines when it is not in the can.

Sardines, whether you consume canned sardines or fresh sardines, you will enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits. However, we advise you to examine the canned sardines to ensure the oil is not rancid and that the sodium content is acceptable.

6. Catfish

When it’s time to make a tasty dish for some picnic or even a quick event, many people are quick to point at the catfish. No wonder it is popularly called point and kill in many African regions.

Catfish is one of the top 10 most eaten fish in the world. It not only offers nutrition but there is also an irreplaceable satisfaction that you get relishing catfish.

Catfish is from a group of ray-fined fish. Catfish got its name because of its prominent barbells that look like cat whiskers. The size ranges from medium to enormous size depending on the species.

Since catfish are too tender and delicate, many people resort to roasting or smoking them. Catfish possess this fishy taste, yet it has a more nutty or buttery aroma. So, always avoid catfish with odd odors when it is time to have some meal with catfish.

7. Grass carp

Ctenopharynogodon Idella is the botanical name for grass carp. It is a species of large herbivorous freshwater fish.

Grass carp is a popular fish in Eastern Asia and the Northern parts of Vietnam. Grass carp have their origin in Siberia and China. And recently China is the biggest producer of grass carp, the fish grows quickly compared to many fish.

The grass carp fish is produced as food fish in China for a long time, however; the fish is now popular in Europe and the United States. Many parts of the world enjoy this fish in many recipes that  why it is amongst the top 10 most eaten fish in the world.

8. Pangasius

This large freshwater catfish pangasius is very much popular in Asia. It is another fish amongst the top 10 most eaten fish in the world. Asian countries mostly have the best of it since it is native to them.

Although several reports show pangasius is toxic and could lead to allergy when anyone eats it too much, however, people in North America, Europe in the Middle East has not stopped eating pangasius.

9. Peruvian anchoveta

People consider Peruvian anchoveta as the most caught fish in the world. And almost like sardines, Peruvian anchoveta is relatively small.

Peruvian anchoveta is from the anchovy family from the southeast Pacific Ocean. There are results of annual harvests ranging between 3.14 and 8.32 million tons in 2010.

This species of fish is great also because of its high nutrient-packed profile. It is rich in EPA and DAA fatty acids. The fish helps to deal with the retina and central nervous system and prevention of coronary disease.

You can learn several ways you can change the game in your culinary skills by checking out the many recipes you can make with Peruvian anchoveta.

10. Kingfish

Photo by Nholtzha via Wikimedia

Also known as, king mackerel, kingfish is a species of mackerel fish that is native to Mexico. The fish is quite beneficial for commercial usage and recreational fishing industries.

The size of the kingfish is around 72 inches. However, the most caught kingfish range between the size 30 and 4 inches.

This is another excellent fish in the top 10 most eaten fish in the world. You can try many recipes with kingfish; try out the following recipes;

  • Kingfish steaks with a lemon garlic
  • Pan-fried kingfish
  • Pan-fried kingfish with cabbage
  • Kingfish shallow fry recipe

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In truth, there are many fishes to choose from. However, we have narrowed it to the top 10 most eaten fish in the world. So you’d be able to choose in a short time.

Fish is an important staple in the kitchen and although most families would not agree to this, many restaurants and households can attest to the fact that fish are irreplaceable when it is time to make remarkable results.

Revisit the older paragraphs so you can easily be acquainted with this. We hope you get value!


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