Is Domino’s Cheese Vegetarian?

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Is Domino's cheese vegetarian?

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Domino’s Pizza Diced Cheese for Pizza is a specially made cheese, produced exclusively for cheese lovers. It is a dairy product, that is produced from refined, pasteurized milk, rennet, and salts of calcium and sodium. But is Domino’s cheese vegetarian?

Yes, Domino’s cheese is 100% vegetarian as it’s not produced with animal rennet. Domino’s cheese is made with microbial-based rennet or in other words, a genetically-engineered rennet.

So, if you’re a vegetarian and you’re wondering if you can eat Domino’s cheese, the answer is yes, Domino’s cheese is safe for you to eat.

What is Domino’s Cheese?

Domino’s cheese is a blend of a couple of variants of cheeses. It is a mix of Mozzarella, American, Cheddar, Feta, Parmesan, and Provolone Cheeses.

There is also the Park or Asiago blend which is the cheese that is applied to the Hand Tossed crust for Pacific Veggie.

It contains a lipase enzyme that is gotten from an animal source, but the rennet, however, is derived from a non-animal source.

There is also another, the Parmesan shake-on, which is grated parm, its rennet is non-animal sourced, and it does not contain lipase.

Is Domino’s Cheese Vegetarian?

A lot of vegetarians do not eat foods that an animal has to be killed before they are made. It is even obvious, that’s why they are called ‘vegetarians right?’

Even though there are different kinds of vegetarians, and different levels of vegetarianism (is there even a word like that?) I never knew! Cheese, though, is generally considered vegetarian-friendly.

But then, some cheeses contain the animal rennet, which is gotten from animals. And they have to be killed, yes. Sadly. But that’s not the case of Domino’s cheese.

You can very much order any kind of crust and any sauce, including the milk-based alfredo and cheesy marinara at Domino’s without fear.

Just don’t forget to ask for only non-meat toppings! You can also tell them straight up that you’re a vegetarian, so they will know how best to serve you!

As regards the other cheeses which are the Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, Provolone cheese, etc., Domino’s isn’t very clear about the source of the rennet that is used in making these products. So, just be guided.

Is Domino’s Cheese Okay for Vegetarians?

We are excessively pleased to confirm to you that Domino’s cheese is made 100% with vegetarian rennet and so is fit for vegetarians. In fact, a tweet from them sometime ago says it all:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Domino’s Pizza cheese vegan?

Sadly, no. There are no Domino’s Pizza cheese for vegans.

Is Domino’s mozzarella vegetarian?

Yes, Domino’s mozzarella is made from dairy milk and unlike the numerous mozzarella examples around the globe, which uses rennet, Domino’s mozzarella is 100% vegetarian.

Does vegetarian pizza have cheese?

Yes of course. Even though some cheeses are produced from animal rennet, the enzyme can also be developed from vegetables.

Is Domino’s Pizza crust vegetarian?

Yes, the thin crust is vegan, which gives you loads of cheese-free pizza choices.

Is Domino’s Pizza sauce vegetarian?

Yes, many of them are generally vegan. The garlic sauce, BBQ sauce, hot buffalo sauce, and Italian dipping cups are all vegan.


We hope we have been able to clarify any confusions you have. How is Domino’s cheese vegetarian? It is spelled out clearly.

Vegetarians who visit Domino’s and would want to avoid the Parmesan-Asiago cheese blend, have numerous options. Pizzas at Domino’s can be custom-ordered, and they would be served without the cheese.


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