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What Are Dehydrated Onions

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Dehydrated Onions can be used as a substitute for fresh Onions, especially since they seem to last longer and perform better. However, for making dishes such a salad, Onion slices are required to be fresh. Yes, dehydrated Onions can be rehydrated.

You can rehydrate your dehydrated Onions by exposing them to moisture, after which the Onions will retain the moisture. However, they are steps to follow on how to rehydrate dehydrated Onions.

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What Are Dehydrated Onions?

Dehydrated onions are ordinary Onions that have been subjected to the process of drying. For Onions to be dehydrated, they must have no more than 5.5 percent water by volume.

After they have been thoroughly dried up and the moisture has escaped, you can make your dehydrated Onions into flakes and store them properly.

How To Rehydrate Dehydrated Onions

How To Rehydrate Dehydrated Onions

The most significant advantage of dehydrated Onions is their inability to rot or sprout. Fresh Onions are usually subjected to a drying process before they become dehydrated.

However, there are times when hydrated Onions are the better option to use. There are two methods for hydrating dehydrated Onions, and they include:

  1. Place your Onions and submerge in water for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Place your Onions in a bowl of water and microwave and heat for 15 seconds on medium. Leave Onions in the heated water for 10 minutes to give it time to retain moisture.

For both methods, drain out water from Onions after it has been hydrated. After rehydration, they can be used as a substitute for fresh Onions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Do With Dehydrated Onions?

Dried Onions are known to last longer and also have a more concentrated flavor than fresh ones. You can use dehydrated Onions for cooking your soups, chile, sauce, stews, etc., without having to rehydrate them.

The heat and moisture from making the meal will be enough to completely rehydrate your dehydrated Onions.

Can You Sauté Dried Onions?

You can sauté dried Onions after you have rehydrated them. You can rehydrate your dried Onions by soaking them in hot water for 10-12 minutes. After that, you drain out the water and use the rehydrated Onions.

How Long Do Dehydrated Onions Last?

Dehydrated onions can last up to 10-12 years if stored properly in an airtight container. However, for kitchen table uses, Dehydrated Onions can stay from 6-12 months.

How Do You Preserve Rehydrated Onions?

The reasonable method of preserving rehydrated Onions is by spreading them out to dry again/dehydrating them. However, this process is rigorous because by now, the onions would have lost considerable amounts of their nutrients.

So, before you rehydrate your dried Onions, make sure to only for the amount you intend to use immediately.

Does Mcdonald’s Use Dehydrated Onions?

The type of Onions McDonald’s use is rehydrated Onions. You can make McDonald’s Onions by placing your onion flakes in a microwave-proof bowl with water and heat on medium for 30 seconds. After that, allow your Onions to soak in the water for 12 minutes before draining.

Are Dehydrated Onions Better Than Hydrated Onions?

Many people prefer dehydrated Onions because they have a longer shelf life. Dried Onions also seem to have a more concentrated aroma. They are easier to store and can easily be sprinkled over your dish.

How Do I Substitute Dry Onions For Fresh Onions?

You can substitute dry onions for fresh Onions by rehydrating them. After they have been rehydrated, they become soft like fresh onions.

Dried Onions have a deeper taste and aroma, and so you should take note to only use a little less amount than what you would use if the Onions were fresh.


Knowing how to rehydrate dehydrated Onions is a vital skill that is necessary for your everyday cooking. Certain meals require fresh onions, and when those are unavailable, you can always use rehydrated Onions as a substitute.

You can rehydrate your Onions by exposing them to moisture for some time, after which you would use them immediately.

The only method for storing rehydrated Onions is by dehydrating them again. So, the best solution is to rehydrate only the Onions you intend on using at that moment. Enjoy!

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