Does Thyme Go With Beef?

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What Meat Goes Well With Thyme

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When it comes to beef, you may wonder if the herb can be used in beef dishes which brings to focus the title of this post, ‘does thyme go with beef?’ absolutely yes!  Thyme goes perfectly with beef. It is almost impossible to have a beef dish without using thyme.

Thyme is used in various European, British, Mediterranean, African, Latin and Central American, regional American, and Caribbean cuisines. 

The intense, warming, spicy and agreeable aroma of thyme makes it a favorite among chefs and cooks. You may opt for fresh or dried thyme, although note that fresh thyme is less pungent in flavor than dried thyme.

What Is Thyme?

Thyme is an herb with Mediterranean origins which was initially used for medicinal purposes. In recent times, thyme is used to season all kinds of dishes alongside other common herbs like rosemary, sage, and marjoram. 

The thyme plant grows on clusters of thin stems and has varieties like the lemon thyme, woolly thyme, creeping thyme, wild thyme, and elfin thyme.

Both dried and fresh thyme can be used in cuisines and can be substituted for each other; although, fresh thyme is less pungent in flavor than dried thyme.

So, if substituting dried thyme for fresh thyme, use one-third as much dried thyme as you would use fresh.

Does Thyme Go with Beef?

Does Thyme Go With Beef

When it comes to herbs that go wonderfully well with beef, thyme is a classic. It is almost impossible for most chefs and cooks to have a beef dish without thyme in it.

Both fresh and dried thyme goes well with beef dishes and adds depth to flavor to beef dishes like casseroles and stews.

For steaks and roast beef, thyme should be used as in the herb rub, smeared all over the beef before grilling or roasting.

Other great substitutes of thyme, which also goes well with beef, are rosemary, sage, oregano, marjoram, or dried basil.

So, whenever you run out of thyme when preparing a beef dish, be rest assured that the other herbs mentioned here can serve as great substitutes.

Cooking With Thyme

As mentioned earlier, both fresh and dried thyme can be used in cuisine. For fresh thymes, the leaves can be chopped and added to a dish at any stage of cooking. The longer they cook, however, the more flavor they’ll provide.

Thyme is typically used in roasted meat, vegetables, or fish, marinades, soups and stocks, cocktail elements, and teas.

Both fresh and dried thyme can also be used in baking. Although, it is preferable to use dried thyme. If you must use fresh thyme for baking, make sure to remove the small individual leaves from the stem.

What Meat Goes Well With Thyme?

You should have it in the back of your mind that thyme doesn’t exactly pair well with all meat.

You need to have an offhand knowledge of the best type of herbs that will enhance the flavors of the things you want to prepare. Typically, thyme pairs wonderfully well with beef, fish, turkey, and pork.

What herbs do you use with beef?

While thyme in beef dishes is a classic, other herbs that pair wonderfully well with beef dishes are

  • Rosemary.
  • Oregano.
  • Tarragon.
  • Bay leaves (for stew, curries, and casseroles)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Thyme Taste Good With?

Thyme is often found in all recipes. Thyme tastes well with fish sauces, chowders, and soups.

It also pairs wonderfully well with lamb and veal, eggs, custards, and croquettes: the dry aroma and minty flavor of thyme pairs fantastically with tomatoes and beef dishes.

Do Rosemary And Thyme Go With Beef?

Thyme and rosemary are herbs that can be used together in a dish. The poultry herbs used in chicken dishes are a trio combination of rosemary, thyme, and sage. Also, thyme and rosemary are common herbs used in roasts and steaks.


As already examined, the Mediterranean traced herb is a classic in almost every recipe. When it comes to the question, does thyme go with beef?

It is already established that thyme doesn’t only go well with beef dishes, but it’s a much-needed herb in all beef dishes.

Thyme has also proven to be helpful in many other meat dishes and pairs wonderfully with other herbs like rosemary, sages, etc.

Thyme also has medicinal purposes, which is useful in healing skin and mouth infections.  The herb is also used in personal hygiene and home sanitizing products.

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