Dijon Mustard Vs Mustard (Key Differences)

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Mustard is one of the staple condiments at fast-food restaurants, baseball stadiums, and even backyard barbecues. It is tangy and creamy, and it pairs really well with hot dogs and burgers.

This guide discusses both condiments, dijon mustard vs mustard, comparing their similarities and differences in detail so you can get a good overview of yellow mustard and dijon mustard.

There are different types of mustard with varieties ranging from honey mustard to spicy brown and stone-ground; the most popular variety is yellow mustard and dijon mustard.  

Dijon and yellow mustard are two different styles of mustard and look nothing alike — Dijon mustard is seedy and brown, while yellow mustard is creamy and bright yellow.

What Is Dijon Mustard?

Dijon mustard is the French version of mustard. It has a paste consistency and is a common condiment used for glazes, sauces, and sandwich toppings.

Dijon mustard has a pale yellow color with a creamy base because it doesn’t contain as much water and vinegar as yellow mustard does.

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Dijon mustard is made with spicy brown and black mustard seeds. It gets its flavor from verjuice, almost like wine made from young grapes. It has a slightly intense flavor and a little bit of a kick from the black mustard seeds.

It is available in condiment bottles or jars and has a lot of uses, although it is used differently than yellow mustard. Dijon mustard needs to be stored in the fridge immediately after opening and used up within six months.

You can also make homemade dijon mustard from scratch, so you get to adjust the taste and flavor to your preference.

What is Dijon Mustard Used For?

Dijon mustard has a pretty unique flavor, originally made in France, but now popular all over the world and serves different unique purposes compared to yellow mustard.

It can be used in different dishes ranging from salads to sauces and everything in between. This is a feat you cant achieve with many condiments.

What Is Yellow Mustard?

Yellow mustard is also known as American mustard with a bright yellow color; it is a common condiment known for its capabilities as a classic topping on things like cheeseburgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, and sandwiches.

Yellow mustard also possesses a lot of health benefits aside from being a delicious sauce for food. It is said to relieve sore throats, mask odor, and can also be used as a face mask, hair conditioner, burn relief, and stain remover. 

Yellow mustard is made from white and yellow mustard seeds of the mustard plant, which can be whole, ground, cracked, or bruised. 

The seeds are blended then mixed with water, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, spices, and other flavourings. If you are making homemade yellow mustard, you can add in some wine as well, although it is not typical of yellow mustard.

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What is Yellow Mustard Used For?

Yellow mustard is a popular condiment that can be used for a variety of other things; it can be mixed into recipes, either to make a sauce or simply for flavoring. It is also very versatile, although it doesn’t span as far across the spectrum as dijon mustard.

Yellow mustard can be used in different recipes and dishes like salads. It has a fairly thick consistency, so it needs a bit of other additives if you are using the condiment in a salad dressing.

Yellow mustard works perfectly for coatings, sauces, dips, and basically, any condiment needed use. It is commonly used in macaroni salad, potato salad, and deviled egg mixture. 

American yellow mustard can be used in all classic American bbq and picnic dishes; it is greatly beloved by many.

Dijon Mustard Vs Yellow Mustard: Key Differences

Dijon Mustard Vs Mustard

The major difference between dijon mustard and yellow mustard is their seasoning, flavor, and color. Dijon mustard has a pale-yellow color, while yellow mustard is bright yellow.

Dijon contains less vinegar than yellow mustard, giving it a creamier taste; however, it is spicier than yellow mustard because it uses black mustard seeds, while yellow mustard is made with white and yellow seeds.

Conclusion: Dijon Mustard Vs Mustard

From the highlighted differences, you can see that yellow mustard and dijon mustard are very different.

They may both be made from mustard seeds and used for very similar recipes and, but there are differences that set these two delicious condiments apart.

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