Tempranillo Vs Malbec: Key Differences

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Tempranillo vs Malbec



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Malbec has sparked a lot of frenzy among wine drinkers, causing many people to fall in love with this purple-hued grape. Tempranillo vs malbec are two popular wines we’ll be comparing here today to know their difference and similarities.

Malbec is synonymous with the Mendoza, and it is not hard to understand that this wine has its roots in France, and was initially blended in other red grapes to make up the Bordeaux blend. Apart from France, Malbec is grown in other regions like Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia.

On the other hand, Tempranillo is a deep red wine with its roots in France, and Tempranillo got its name from the root word Temprano, meaning ”early” since it is grown in the early times of the year.

This wine does not seize in delivering several contrasts of flavors ranging from leathery flavors to sweet cherry-plum flavors, and as it is said, the finer the wine, the more balanced there is between the fruit and earth.

What Is Tempranillo?

Tempranillo is a red wine known as one of the critical factors used in making the Spanish wine rioja.

Tempranillos have the structure of the Cabernet sauvignon grapes, and while it gets older, its taste changes giving it a more oaky taste, unlike the fresh and fruity taste it has when it is still fresh.

Tempranillos are primarily found in the wine regions of countries like Portugal, Spain, Argentina, and even the USA.

The name used in identifying this wine varies depending on the location you find yourself in; if you find yourself in Ribera del Duro, Spain, it is referred to as Tinto fino, while in Portugal, you would find it as Tinto Ariz.

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What Is Malbec?

Malbec wine is an excellent wine made from a grape that is majorly grown in several regions in Argentina.

Malbec is known for its plump shape, dark colour, and smoky finish. Malbec wines serve as a great alternative to the Cabernet sauvignon and Syrah, but Malbec has a lot more than the value.

The taste notes of Malbec depend on the region as the Malbec grown in Argentina may differ from that produced in France.

In Argentina, the primary fruit used is the blackberry, plum, and black cherry not. In France, it has notes of tart currant, leathery, and has a certain tinge of savory bitterness.

Difference Between Tempranillo Vs Malbec

When you start getting involved with wines, you will discover more to wine than just the colors, taste, and textures. We should be all aware that red wine has its health benefits, but that does not make any two different types of red wine you see the same.

The significant difference between Tempranillo vs Malbec is that while Malbec is a variety of grapes used to make wine, Tempranillo is a variety of black grapes used to make red wines, but, in this case, they are native to Spain.

Unlike the Tempranillo, the Malbec can last for quite a long time and still retain its taste, but once the Tempranillo gets older, it starts developing an oaky taste that shows signs of ageing.

When it comes to its shelf life, Tempranillo and Malbec can still stay for up to 2-3 years past the expiry date, but when opened and consumed once, you should finish it within about 3-5 days.

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Related Questions

What Wine Is Comparable to Malbec?

Syrah is the most closely related substitute for Malbec since they share many fruit flavor characteristics. Malbec and Syrah are native to France, even if they spread around other countries like Australia. Due to its olive and bacon fat notes, Syrah is regarded as very similar to Malbec.

Is Tempranillo Heavy?

Tempranillo is not as heavy as a medium-bodied wine with slightly high alcohol and tannin levels. If you have been a fan of other medium-bodied wines like the Merlot, then Tempranillo is just the wine you have been looking for.

What Is the Heaviest Bodied Red Wine?

Cabernet Sauvignon from France is probably the heaviest bodied red wine as it is loaded with a lot of fruity tastes mixed with cedar and pepper flavorings. Another similar wine is the Syrah, but it is not as heavy as the Cabernet sauvignon.

Why Is Malbec So Popular?

Malbec gained its popularity because of its diversity and versatility. It was produced as one of the top wines in seven countries, but more prominent in France and Argentina.

France used to be the largest producer of Malbec, but due to the declining growth in France, Argentina became the largest producer with 76,000 hectares.

What Country Produces the Best Malbec?

Argentina remains the best producer of Malbec and proves to be a perfect match for any grilled food you can think of.

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