Can You Freeze Pancake Batter? (YES! Here’s How)

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How To Freeze Pancake Batter

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Can you freeze pancake batter? Yes, you can freeze just about any type of pancake, be it Funfetti, buttermilk, or chocolate chip. We’ll shade more light on this shortly!

In this post, you’re going to learn how to freeze pancake batter. The information here is a sure-fire method you can immediately copy and paste to freeze your favorite pancake batter SAFELY, with little or no loss of quality.

So even if you’ve mixed too much pancake batter and are wondering what you can do with the leftovers, or you simply want to make a big batch, preserve them, so you can slay the early-morning demons with a quick Breakfast, look no further than this page.

Can You Freeze Pancake Batter?

So yes, you can freeze pancake batter. And that’s true for almost any recipes out there.

Admittedly, since the batter is liquid, the freezing process might result in separation. So still have to stir it after thawing, and probably add a little quantity of water or milk to retain your usual consistency.

While we are happy to report that the batter freezes so well with little loss of quality, these are what you should be expecting:  

In most cases, the batter won’t affect the flavor of the pancake, but they will lose their fluffiness in the process.

The reason for this is the activation of baking soda – a leavening agent that most pancake batter contains.

And once activated and the batter is frozen, the pancakes won’t rise. So don’t find it strange if the pancakes come out thinner or flatter than usual when defrosted.

Secondly, we do not recommend freezing pancake batter made with baking soda, but you can still do it if left with no choice.

If you consider mixing the ingredients the night before, I won’t bother with freezing the batter if I were you. I’d just pour the mix in an airtight container, seal it tightly, and you’re in for a delicious breakfast.

Well, that’s just a TIP.

Let’s quickly look at how you can actually freeze pancake batter. It doesn’t require any special steps or tools, just has a fridge, an airtight container, and of course, a pancake batter to preserve.

How To Freeze Pancake Batter (The Easiest Way)

Can You Freeze Pancake Batter

Step 1: Store In the proper plastic bag containers

The first step is to secure the meal against directly freezing.

Most homeowners would gladly use freezer bags, but I don’t trust those for storing semi-liquid foods.

Although, they are thicker than regular storage bags and will help keep the batter from leaking out into your freezer. But be sure it is adequately sealed.

Step 2: Sealed but not too tightly

Add your pancake batter into the bag. If anything, DO NOT fill the bag more than 3/4 the way full as pancake batter expands slightly when frozen.

So endeavor to squeeze out excess air gently before finally sealing the bag.

Step 3: keep memories [optional]

You can decide to use freezer labels to keep track of the storage date on the bag.

Step 4: Storage for Future usage

Lay flat and freeze! It’s that simple.

Extra Tip: You might want to think about portions. If you’ve mixed enough for a couple of servings, you want to freeze each separately.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Reheat My Pancakes?

All you need to do is toast the frozen pancake in the microwave by placing them on a microwave-safe container and microwaving them uncovered for about 30 seconds to 1 minute (depending on the number of pancakes) until the centers are heated through.

Moreover, you can toast them in a toaster or toaster oven on a “medium” toast setting. Besides, warming up the snake in the toaster will give them a crispy outer layer.

Can You Freeze Cooked Pancakes After You Make Them?

Yeah! Freezing cooked pancakes then reheating them in the microwave or oven is not a bad idea.

But you should have it at the back of your mind that the quality might as well not remain the same afterward.

Can You Freeze Dry Pancake Mix?

There is no point in freezing dry pancake mix. Instead, you can store the dry mixture in an airtight container. Then store it away from any moisture area but in a cool, dry place.  

How long can you store pancake batter in the fridge?

You can store batter in the freezer for up to a month or two.


Knowing you can reserve this meal, if you don’t plan to use the batter immediately, just go with freezing.

Freezing your pancake batter is the most common use preservation method, especially if your primary objective is to feed your family as quickly as possible on busy weekday mornings.

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