Z Grill Vs Pit Boss: Key Differences

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Z Grill Vs Pit Boss



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If we were to compare the Z grill vs Pit Boss, who do you think will be the victor?

Both brands are big on producing affordable pellet smokers that promise max functionality; even though their models may not contain the extra features as the high-end models do, they are still adequate for most people’s needs.

Of course, one will be better than the other. 

For instance, Pit Boss offers more features than Z Grills, even though these brands focused on doing the basics instead of trying to outrank other high-end manufacturers with insane innovations. 

Although, your choice will depend on your preferences and budget and what type of meal or occasion you are preparing. 

But I can assure you we’ll naked these brands, as we have pulled data from trusted sources so that you can make a well-informed decision. 

First and foremost, let’s talk a little about what these brands are. 

What You Should Know About Z Grill

Z Grills has been around for a short time compared with many of its competitors in the pellet smoker market.

It all started when they launched their company in 2017 with a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign. Since then, they have built high-quality pellet smokers, which is worth the money.

But after some time, it became clear to the Z Grills team that their effort was not in vain.

Besides, they have been helping big brands build barbecues behind the scene for more than 30 years.

They became known to the public with their work on successful grill lines from companies such as Weber, Camp Chef, Backyard Pro Series by Holland Park West, and now theirs.

So it’s reasonable to assume they have some valuable experience.

And you can see from this comparison that their experience and willingness to listen to customer feedback make their solid and dependable grills great.

And like most manufacturers, Z Grills makes their smokers in China and has a warehouse in California. Their headquarters are based in the US.

What You Should Know About Pit Boss

Admit it! The way the name sounds, it seems it’s going to give the Z Grills a K.O in the comparison match. Moreover, they were one of the first manufacturers to enter the market after Traeger’s patent expired. They have been waxing strong since 1999.

Their company slogan is ‘Bigger, hotter, heavier. This reflects their aim to make affordable grills with fewer features than competitors yet huge enough to be made from higher quality materials.

But Pit Boss isn’t just a wood pellet smoker. They also produce propane and charcoal barbecues, like the Z Grills line of products.

And like Z Grills, they also manufacture their products in China but are based in the US. 

Z Grill Vs Pit Boss

Now we know a thing or two about these bands, here’s a breakdown of the essential features and functions offered by Z Grills and Pit Boss.


Pit Boss has already made it crystal clear that they offer the best-in-class quality, performance, and durability. But what does Z Grill has to say about this? 

No doubt, Z Grills produces nothing less than authenticity!

But one thing I love about this brand is the choice of material and prices they provide.

Some of their smokers are available in all powder-coated designs or a mix of powder and stainless steel cooking/hopper lids.

You have choices. The option to choose between stainless steel and other cookware is an excellent addition, as it allows for increased durability for whoever is willing to pay for it.

However, this is something the Pit Boss fails at. Because except for their newer platinum series, all of their designs are powder-coated.

The materials used for each model are the same across all variants. However, they are more durable than Z Grills.

Cooking Space

The Z Grills line starts at approximately 450 square inches and gets as large as 1,000 square inches.

Their range is so extensive that most people will find something they like, with most opting for the 700 Series, which gives you enough space to smoke leftovers or entertain guests.

On the other hand, Pit Boss offers a more extensive selection of sizes —you must have guessed this.

Smaller, portable models offer around 250 square inches of cooking space, mid-size grills with 700 square inches or more, and mammoth models with over 2,000 cooking spaces.

Pit Boss captures the upper hand even in the cooking space, as they ensure you have everything you need, from portable micro grills to extra large pellet smokers.

Temperature Range

Z Grill smokers can be set to temperatures ranging from 180-450°F, which allows you to smoke low and slow or bake, roast, or grill in a pinch.

Whereas Pit Boss, depending on your chosen model, ranges from 180-500°F with 25-degree increments. Sadly, their vertical smokers don’t get quite as hot (and can’t be used for grilling)

However, most Pit Boss horizontal pellet smokers, including the Plate models, come with a Slide Flame Boiler that lets you open up the heat deflector plate so you can grill over an open flame.

But Z Grills has one rare series—the 600 model—that can get up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit with direct flame grilling. Unfortunately, they are more limited in size and features than the rest of Z Grill’s range. 

Temperature Control

When relying on a pellet smoker to maintain an optimal temperature range, having consistent control over that temperature is more important than the actual range.

Not only is consistent temperature control necessary for perfect results, but it also guarantees that your meals cook at the same rate.

And this is where the Z Grills bask in triumph.

In 2021, Z Grills updated most of its temperature controllers to PID-style models. As a result, you can expect your grill’s internal temperature to stay within about 5°F of where it is set.

One major drawback we’ve observed with Pit Boss is that its temperature fluctuations are more significant than those of comparable pellet smokers.

None of the models manufactured by this company include PID controllers, which tend to minimize such deviations from set temperatures.

The worst-case scenario is that they are smoky.


A 3-year warranty covers Z Grills’ pellet smokers and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee —something rare in the industry.

They are confident enough in their product to offer something better than the standard fare.

However, Pit Boss has made an insane commitment to customer satisfaction, offering a 5-year warranty on all their pellet smokers. This is the longest of any brand in its class—you can’t argue with that!

Again, Z Grills is good; but Pit Boss is better.


When it comes to grilling, you can’t go wrong with either the Z Grill or the Pit Boss. However, we didn’t mention the price and WiFi connection.

That is because both brands are affordable, and neither has a WiFi feature.

And even though they’re both built to do one thing well, each one’s defining feature makes it unique.

The Z Grills’ compact, flat design means it’s effortless to store, while the Pit Boss’ solid heavy-duty steel build makes it a barbecue chef’s dream machine.

No matter which one you choose, either grill would handily come on top in a head-to-head showdown. Although most people are convinced, Pit Boss is worth considering.


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