What to Serve With Nachos (15 Perfect Side Dishes)

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Searching for what to serve with nachos? Don’t look any further because I have ensured that this article gives you some amazing ideas!

Some of the best side dishes for nachos include tacos, quesadillas, burritos, Spanish rice, refried beans, easy beef tacos. Mexican street corn, black bean soup, chili con carne, cilantro lime chicken, halloumi fajitas, etc.

Excitedly, there are plenty side dishes that goes with nachos, you just have to pick what suits your taste and roll with it.

Now, let’s learn more about these nachos side dishes!

What to Serve With Nachos

1. Tacos

Tacos and nachos work hand-in-hand because many identical toppings can be utilized to put on top of both, which implies that your grocery store roster just got slightly shorter.

A win-win!

Tacos are terrific with beef, chicken, or pork.

When it’s barbecuing season, I even like to make tacos with delicate shrimp or barbecued mahi-mahi.

Select whatever meat is your choice, though, or better yet, request a few varied choices and erect a taco bar so everyone can take them with their own choice fillings.

2. Quesadillas

Who says appetizers can’t be the central occasion of the meal?

Quesadillas carry all the melted cheese excellence to the subsequent level, and they’re difficult to withstand when plunged into salsa and sour cream.

For a little handful of extra crunch, you can warm up the tortillas for an additional minute or two before putting the fillings.

Nachos and quesadillas certainly are a mighty dynamic team, too.

They’re both finger sustenances as an extra, which implies cleanup will be a waft. The less time used working dishes in the kitchen, the better, right?

3. Burritos

If you’re searching for a spirited dish to pair with your nachos, you certainly can’t be mistaken for burritos.

Stuff them up with meat, rice, beans, veggies, and cheese, and drape them in a cozy flour tortilla.

Or, if you possess any carb-conscious meal guests, ensure to keep an extra bag of sliced lettuce on hand so they can prepare their own burrito bowls.

4. Spanish Rice

Spanish rice functions well as a side dish for nachos, particularly if you have nachos as the major entrée.

With the spices of garlic, tomato sauce, cumin, and others running around in it, Spanish rice has just the proper level of bang to it without being excessively spicy, so even those who possess softer tastes will consume it right up.

5. Chili con Carne

You can take this simple, remarkable Chili con Carne along with your nachos OR utilize it as a topping. This chili doesn’t have any beans, rendering it an exact pairing with nachos.

6. Refried Beans

If you want to really grasp the occasion of eating at a Mexican restaurant, then put refried beans on the menu.

They frequently appear as a side dish, whether you ask for enchiladas, burritos, or tacos.

They’re so tasty when topped with a small amount of melted cheese, and you can actually utilize them as an additional topping for your nachos if the mood should hit you.

7. Easy Beef Tacos

Another beloved taco recipe to couple with nachos is this one with a delightful beef mince stuffing spiced up with Chipotle Paste, tamari, and a dash of beer.

8. Black Bean Soup

For chillier months, put up some heat in your dinner guests’ bellies with a heaping container of black bean soup.

It’s refreshing, assuring, and when coupled with nachos, it’s a comfort-food crammed meal that is certain for everyone to enjoy.

Top it off with sliced red onion, green cilantro, salsa, and a big dollop of sour cream for an additional bang.

9. Mexican Street Corn (Elote)

Mexican street corn, also recognized as elote, is a gourmet edition of corn on the cob like a flavor eruption.

It is prepared on the grill, it has that smoky, scorched flavor that you obtain with grilled vegetables, but then it’s finished with a combination of cotija cheese, chili powder, and lime juice.

Grant this corn an attempt, and you may never return to traditional old corn on the cob ever again.

Believe me, it’s that nice!

10. Halloumi Fajitas

If you’re taking Nachos for your meal, I admire you a lot!

Fajitas are a tremendous addition to your Mexican meal; they are fast and simple to formulate together, but they are more delicious when you lay out plenty of toppings from your nachos to finish the fajita wraps.

An elegant and fabulous dish.

Corn nachos smothered in lentil-tomato sauce and topped with crispy, golden halloumi, pistachios, and tangy cranberries are giving traditional nachos a run for their money!

11. Cilantro Lime Chicken

This crispy cilantro lime chicken is super flavorful and will go great if you need a main dish for your nachos! This is also simple to make. Just Cut chicken into tiny cuts.

Mix lime juice, pepper, chili powder, and olive oil and use it to coat the chicken. Marinate chicken for about half an hour.

While that is going on, slice your onions and cooked corn. Toss these with a tablespoon of lime juice.

Grill or pan-fry the marinated chicken slices. When you’re done, add them to the salsa mixture.

Serve over tortilla chips. Add cheese if you like.

12. Crack DipDip

Smoked bacon, corn, and cheese are mixed to formulate the most authentic cold DipDip for parties or to watch sports.

And along with your nachos!

13. Mexican Roll-Ups

This is wonderful finger food with nachos if you want to remain with the Tex Mex idea!

14. Jalapeño popper

Jalapeño popper nachos resemble deconstructed jalapeño poppers covered in cheese baked in the oven rather than fried.

They create a delightful party snack or Super Bowl delicacy.

15. Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe Nachos are a coating of Fritos Scoops corn chips decorated in a homemade sloppy joe mix and finished with cheddar cheese, sour cream, and green veggies.

It’s really easy to make; I’ll show you!

You begin by cooking the ground beef with the minced onions.

After the beef has cooked properly, drain it. After dripping the beef, put some garlic powder, mustard, ketchup, brown sugar, and water into the pot.

When the sloppy joe blend has been prepared, it’s time to gather the nachos and start eating!

First, position a single coating of Fritos Scoops on a baking paper.

Put some shredded cheese on it.

Then, position the Fritos and cheese in the oven and fix them on a broil.

Cook for 2-3 minutes, or sufficient time for the cheese to dissolve and bubble.

After the cheese has dissolved, put some sour cream on the nachos and green onions, tomatoes, and jalapeno peppers.

I personally feel that the nachos are excellent with just the sloppy joe and cheese. But, you can put in all the fixings that you crave.

One recommendation is to plop the toppings in small dishes by the side. People can load up the components they prefer and avoid the ones they don’t.

The goodness of the sauce is such a tremendous addition to the salty crunch of nachos, with a tinge of nostalgia tossed into the mix for a nice quantity.

Related Questions

Can nachos be a meal?

Yes, nachos can be served as a meal! Even though nachos have often been made a terrific appetizer, don’t flinch from swerving them into a full meal!

How are nachos traditionally served?

Nachos are normally taken as appetizers at bars or eateries in the United States.

Are nachos an entree or appetizer?

Nachos are America’s beloved appetizers.

How to make nachos not soggy?

To deter the chips from getting soggy, saturate grated or mashed cheese on top and bake them in the oven for some minutes.

What does nachos mean in English?

Nachos mean Mexican tortilla chip with cheese in English.


There are so many delightful choices when it comes to what to serve with nachos.

I’ve assembled some beautiful recommendations from basic courses to appetizers and side dishes, so what are you waiting for? Try some today, not tomorrow!


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