What To Serve with Chicken Piccata: 5 Juicy Side Dishes

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What To Serve with Chicken Piccata

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Chicken piccata is a satisfying dish that you can eat for dinner. This dish is made with seasoned cutlets of the chicken breasts that are then pan-seared in butter.

Chicken piccata is a very popular dish in Italy and American restaurants, but it is easy to prepare at home.

There are many amazing side dishes that you can accompany this dish with, such as rice pilaf, vegetables, corn on a cob, or even portions of pasta.

In this article, we will discuss what to serve with chicken piccata; please stick with us as we proceed.

What is Chicken Piccata?

The main idea of the chicken piccata dish is simply meat or fish that has been coated with flour and lightly sauteed in butter.

The word piccata comes from the Italian word picture, which means “to chop,” as the chicken or fish have to be chopped into smaller pieces before cooking them.

Since side dishes are a major component of this Italian-styled dish, I advise you to pair them with dishes with similar qualities as the piccata and complement them nicely without overpowering the power of the main dish.

What To Serve with Chicken Piccata

Some amazing side dishes to have with chicken piccata include;

1. Corn On a Cob

Corn on the cob is a healthy and popular side dish that you can eat alongside the chicken piccata.

An important benefit of the corn on a cob is that it contains certain antioxidants that help reduce inflammation after your meal, either due to high amounts of unsaturated fats or other unhealthy ingredients.

If you are dieting on low-carb, the corn on a cob can also be an excellent substitute for side dishes like pasta or potatoes.

You can serve corn on a cob alongside your chicken piccata by serving it on the side of the plates after sticking in some cloves of garlic before roasting them; grill the corn off of the cob until they are covered with caramelized sugar, or you can mix sweet cob corn into your favorite salsa recipe before serving to add more nutrition and flavor.

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2. Tagliatelle Pasta

Tagliatelle pasta is often considered an amazing side dish for any dish that involves the quick absorption of sauce and needs to be cooked fast.

You can prepare this pasta with any ingredient you feel could jazz up the taste, but when cooking it as a side dish for the chicken piccata, it calls for the addition of lemon juice and butter in the sauce.

Long noodles are very easy to cook as they absorb dishes well without becoming too mushy, unlike other portions of pasta after being cooked for too long.

It would be better for you if you didn’t worry about the availability of this pasta as they are available in a lot of grocery stores and specialty stores. This type of pasta is usually perfect for busy nights as there is no time wasted in preparing them.

3. Gratin Dauphinoise Potatoes

The gratin dauphinoise potatoes have existed for a while now and are very suitable for main dishes at your party.

These potatoes are usually made with creamy elements or milk, but there is also an amazing vegan substitute like soy creamer or almond milk.

This dish is usually served with breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, or ground black peppers until they turn golden black.

After this has been done, the top of the dish is also sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese again to create that crunchy top feeling that we all love.

So, if you’re having a party at home or some of your friends and family come over, the gratin dauphinoise potatoes are great dishes to serve.

4. Simple Salad and Creamy Lemon Dressing

Salads are always excellent ways to up your dishes, get more nutrients, and add a nice crunch to your meal. The salad is a great dish, but what makes it even better is serving it alongside the chicken piccata.

Making a salad is much easier than you think as you can with up something nice with just your lettuce, romaine, or arugula preferably, and then any mixed greens of your choice.

It is often better to make your salad dish very colorful, as it looks more attractive if you have a guest and even if you have it alone.

Some vegetables you could add to your salad bowl include peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes, and sometimes, top them with avocado and cheese for extra healthy fats.

Just a bit of salt and pepper is what you’ll need to spice up your salad before serving it on top of your chicken piccata.

5. Crispy Fried Onion Rings

Things could never go wrong with the crispy onion rings. These onions add flavor and a nice texture to your piccata dish, which enhances the taste of your piccata dish and gives a savory feel to your dish.

Either fried or baked, the onion rings are always delicious and can also be used to enhance the taste of a lot of dishes.

Crispy fried onion rings can be served in several ways and several dishes, but they are mostly served in chicken piccata dishes and salads.

Related Questions

What Is the Difference Between Chicken Francese and Chicken Piccata?

The difference between these two is quite clear; for francese, the chicken is first dipped in flour before being beaten in egg and then cooked, but for piccata, the chicken is first dipped in egg before it is then dipped in flour.

They are both simmered in the lemony and buttery sauce before being simmered, but the piccata includes capers.

Do Italians Eat Chicken Piccata?

Yes, they do, but, in this case, they make use of veal, therefore, making it a veal piccata. However, the chicken piccata is best eaten in the US as chicken is used to prepare this dish instead.

What Is the Difference Between Chicken Milanese and Chicken Piccata?

The major difference is that chicken Milanese is made with thinly sliced chicken breasts that are then pan-fried in oil, while the chicken piccata, on the other hand, is also made with thinly sliced chicken breasts, but in this case, it is slightly dredged with seasoned flour before sauteed in the pan.


The chicken piccata is a dish that is perfect for date nights, and what makes your night perfect is serving it with a variety of side dishes to create a new dinner recipe. 


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