Is Grana Padano Vegetarian? (Complete Overview)

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Can Vegetarians Eat Grana Padano

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From a universal view, not all cheese is vegetarian. Veganism which prohibits the consumption or use of anything produced from animals, is quite stricter. These include dairy products, eggs, honey, and leather goods. Vegetarians, on the other hand, are at more liberty.

They can eat various dairy products, eggs, honey, and other products that do not necessitate the killing of animals but, then, not Grana Padano. But is grana Padano vegetarian?

Although it is a dairy product, Grana Padano is not vegetarian. Its primary source, which is cow milk gives the impression that it is vegan friendly but, a closer look at other ingredients that it is made with will tell that it is not vegetarian in any way.

What is Grana Padano?

It was granted the DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) on the 12 of June 1996.

Grana Padano is one of the very few cheeses out there that can compete with the King of all Cheeses; the Parmigiano-Reggiano.

It was first developed in Chiaravalle by the Cisternian monks in the 12th century; it is still widely produced in the Po River Valley in northeastern Italy due to its popularity and the high demand for it.

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It is similar to Parmigiano Reggiano, but the Grana Padano is inexpensive because its producers are bigger (Number wise). Also, the Grana Padano is firm, mild on the teeth when chewed, and less complex than its older sibling.

What is Grana Panado Made of?

The sweetened Grana Padano cheese is made with a few exceptional ingredients. We will discuss them briefly.

  • Milk: Made from the raw milk milked from cows; these cows are treated to a specific kind of diet, hence the distinct taste and flavor.
  • Salt: It gives the cheese flavor, and it also aids in forming the rind. The molds of the Grana Panado are dipped into the saline solution and left that way for about 30 days.
  • Rennet: It aids the milk in curdling. It is gotten from a calf’s stomach.
  • Lysozyme: It aids in the prevention of fermentation. It is a protein that abounds in large quantities in the human breast milk, tears, and even saliva, but no, it is not gotten from humans.

Is Grana Padano Vegetarian?

This question is quite tricky, right? Because it is almost a dismissable point about the sweet cheese.

The Grana Padano is free from artificial improvers, fillers, and chemical compounds, which makes it unpasteurized and cheese-free from gluten.

But for the presence of rennet, this cheese would have been great for vegetarians because the rennet is obtained after the animal is killed. Therefore, as I mentioned earlier, Grana Padano cheese is not vegetarian-friendly.

Does Grana Padano Cheese Contain Egg?

Is Grana Padano Vegetarian

Although it doesn’t contain eggs per se, a particular ingredient called the Lysozyme, which is gotten from white hen eggs, is used. During the Grana Padano production process, it is added to control the effects of unwanted fermentation.

It is not found in all kinds of Grana Padano cheese.

Is Grana Padano a Cow?

This assumption, though, is highly ridiculous! Grana Padano is not a cow, but it is made from cow’s milk. These cows are mainly fed with fresh fodder or silage.

The cows are milked twice a day or are milked with an automatic milking system.

Is Grana Padano same as Parmesan?

The Parmesan cheese is the most similar cheese to the Grana Padano, but they are not the same. The Parmesan is slightly saltier, even nuttier than the Grana Padano.

The cows they are both made from feed on different kinds of pasture, hence the difference in their flavors.

Can you substitute Grana Padano for Parmesan?

Absolutely! The Parmesan cheese is an excellent replacement option for the Grana Padano. They are made through very similar processes, they are both produced in the Northern region of Italy, and they give almost the same nutrient base.


The Grana Padano cheese is packed full of dozens of nutrients. Amino acids that relax your blood vessels are found in Grana Panado cheese; these acids reduce your risk of hypertension.

It is also filled with milk nutrients yet lactose-free due to the long aging and production method. It is rather sad for our vegetarian friends that Grana Padano is not a vegetarian food.

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