How To Make Spicy Mayo For Burgers (3-Step Guide)

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How To Make Spicy Mayo For Burgers

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So you’re looking for a new way to spice up your burgers, and you’ve decided that’s going to come in the form of spicy mayo. My guess is you are tired of eating bland burgers, and you’re right!

Spicy mayo is a great way to add a little extra zing to already fun food. But first, you need to know how to make it.

Fortunately, making spicy mayo is simple, easy, and takes less than 10 minutes. Here’s how to make spicy mayo for burgers!

What Is Spicy Mayo?

Spicy mayo is a condiment that combines the heat of your favorite hot sauce with the creamy goodness of mayonnaise. It can look either like a thin, red sauce or like a white sauce flecked with red pieces of hot pepper.

Spicy mayo tastes like both heaven and hell — the sinfully sweet flavor of mayonnaise combined with the fiery heat of your favorite spicy pepper.

It can be used in regular mayo in any recipe or as a dipping sauce for home-cooked fries, chicken nuggets, sushi rolls, and other foods.

You should eat spicy mayo because it’s delicious, and you deserve to treat yourself!

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Why Should You Eat Spicy Mayo?

First and foremost, it tastes great. That’s right, it tastes good, but it’s also good for you. Spicy mayo is the perfect blend of deliciousness and spice.

The smooth creaminess of mayonnaise combines with the tangy kick of hot sauce to create a condiment that will kick your food up a notch. You can use it on burgers, sandwiches, or even as the base for homemade spicy mayo macaroni salad.

Once you try it, there’s no going back — you’ll be hooked for life!

Secondly, spicy mayo is a healthy alternative to traditional mayonnaise and other salad dressings because it contains no artificial preservatives or flavors.

Plus, if you’re going to eat spicy mayo, why not make sure it’s not loaded with calories?

How To Make Spicy Mayo For Burgers (Step-By-Step)

Spicy mayo is the perfect addition to a burger, but it can be hard to find in stores. Luckily, it’s easy to make at home, and you can adjust the recipe, so it’s as spicy as you want.

Here are the ingredients and steps you’ll need to get it done (and only one of them involves a blender):

Step 1: Get ready

Collect 4 egg yolks, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard, ¼ cup lemon juice, ½ teaspoon salt, 1 cup olive oil, and 1 tablespoon sriracha.

You’ll also need a whisk, blender, food processor, or a jar with a lid to shake ingredients.

Don’t worry if you don’t have exactly these ingredients; you can use apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice and whatever type of oil you have on hand!

Step 2: Separate the egg yolk

Separate the egg yolks into a bowl and whisk them together with the mustard and lemon juice until they are combined.

If your eggs are extra fresh, this will take less time than if they’re older.

Step 3: Add olive oil

Slowly add the olive oil while continuing to whisk. The mixture will start to thicken as you whisk in the oil.

Once all the oil is added, add the sriracha.

Whisk until well-mixed and smooth.

Serve and enjoy!


As you can see, making spicy mayo is a relatively straightforward process, but it does take some planning.

The secret tip is you will have to let the mixture sit for several hours so that the flavors can come together.

Once that’s done, put the spicy mayo on top of your favorite burger, wrap it up in a tortilla, or drizzle it over a pile of creamy mashed potatoes.


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