6 Best Chile Caribe Substitutes

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Best Chile Caribe Substitutes



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Chile caribe is a Mexican red chile that adds a distinctive flavor to your rubs, salsas, and soups. These chiles are also known as the Chile Guero in some parts of Mexico.

Caribes are part of the wax chiles, ranging from mild flavors to scorching hot flavors. The caribe variety is hot and has a Scoville heat unit of about 5000-8000 SHU. So, what if you need the chile caribe pepper and none is available?

We have put together some of the most common chile caribe substitutes, including jalapeno peppers, ancho chile, poblano peppers, jalapeno peppers, chipotle peppers, cherry bombs, etc.

Please stick with us as we go through these amazing substitutes for chile caribe so you can learn how to use them!

Best Chile Caribe Substitutes

Below are some fantastic chile caribe substitutes that you should really check out:

1. Pasilla Chile

Pasilla Chile is a Mexican chili popular in many Mexican cuisines. These chiles are usually black and very long and can be found in groceries or supermarkets, as they are quite popular.

Pasilla chilies have a Scoville heat of about 1000-2500 SHU, and you should be careful when adding them to your dishes. You should note that excess pasilla Chile can make your meal too spicy and completely inedible.

The pasilla Chile is not as hot as the chile caribe, so when substituting them in your dish, you should do it in a ratio of 3:1 (pasilla: caribe) to bring out the exact taste.

2. Cascabel Chilies

The cascabel chilies look like the pasilla pepper but are much hotter with a Scoville heat unit of 1500-2500 SHU. They are shorter and rounder than the Chile caribe pepper with a dark brown-red-like color.

It is advisable that when using cascabel as a substitute, you should be mindful of how much of it you should use in your dish because just a slight mistake in the amount can make your dish a lot hotter. Cascabel Chile is nutty and smokey, giving them the ability to enrich any food.

3. Jalapeno Peppers

Like the other two peppers mentioned, the jalapeno peppers originate from Mexico, but now they can be found in almost every grocery store worldwide.

It has a distinct flavor and texture, making it a perfect substitute for jalapeno peppers. Jalapeno peppers have a mild heat level. When they are green, they possess a hotter taste, but you can taste a tinge of sweetness when they age and turn red.

You can use jalapeno peppers in basically every dish that you use the jalapeno peppers. The jalapeno peppers have a Scoville heat unit of 2500- 8000; however, they can blend well in many dishes, just like the Chile caribe.

These peppers are super versatile as you can either roast them, add them to your soups, stews, and salads, or even use them in your lemonade.

4. Chipotle Chili Powder

The chipotle chili powder is a smoked and dried version of jalapeno peppers. They have a Scoville heat unit of from 2500-8000. They are perfect substitutes for the Chile caribe because their relative heat unit is similar to the chipotle powder.

These peppers are usually sold green, but they begin to turn red as their vine fully ripens and eventually dry off as they age.

They are often reduced to powder using a grinder, making them a good substitute for the Chile caribe in soups, stews, salads, and even salsas. These jalapeno peppers are plucked and smoked for days before turning into chipotle peppers.

5. Poblano Peppers

The poblano pepper is said to have originated from Puebla in Mexico, and is an extremely popular pepper in Mexico.

These peppers are dark green when raw, and when they start ripening, they become dark red or brown, which is the standard color for most peppers. These peppers have a Scoville heat unit of about 15000-2500, which makes them a milder substitute for the Chile caribes.

The poblano peppers usually have a thick skin, making them suitable for stuffing as they can stay perfectly in the oven. They are extremely easy to roast, fry, and even dry.

You can use the poblano peppers to prepare your sauces, soups, and even salads, and if you want to preserve them so you can use them later, you should remove the waxy texture to last longer.

6. Cherry Bomb Peppers

These cherry bomb peppers should be the best substitute you should consider. They are perfect substitutes with a Scoville heat unit of 5000-8000 and a similar smoky taste as the Chile caribe.

These round peppers mature quickly and have a thick wall, making them the perfect fir for pickling and stuffing. Whether large or tiny, they can add the necessary flavor and spice to your dish without it tasting off.

These peppers are mostly found in America and Mexico, and for small peppers, they perform quite the job. You’ll be able to find two types of cherry peppers; one with a crispy outer layer and the other with a softer layer.

 Whichever type you go for doesn’t make much of a difference s. They both deliver quite the heat and flavor you’ll be needing in your dish.

Related Questions

What Is Chile Caribe?

The Chile caribe, pronounced as cah-ree-bay, is a small and light-yellow colored Chile from the Caribbean. Its name, caribe, was named after one of the native tribes of the Caribbean islands and was popular throughout Central America for a while.

Are California Chili Pods Spicy?

The California Chile is similar to the dried Anaheim chiles and new Mexican chili. These California chiles are not considered as spicy at all with a Scoville heat unit of 500 and are also not good substitutes for the Chile caribe, and even if you have to use them as substitutes, you would need to add a whole lot of this pepper to achieve the taste and texture you need.

 What Are Chile Caribe Peppers Used For?

These peppers are used as a spice for soup and stews. You can even use them while marinating and in your salads; they would make a colorful salad due to their vibrant yellow color. Like every other pepper, Chile caribe can generally be used as a spice.


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